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 BrainKing for Android

Discuss the development of our Android application.

Find it on Google Play here: BrainKing for Android
Warning! The application is far from being finished, so please do not rate it yet. It is published for testing purposes at the moment.

Try it out and get 50 free Brains. :-) Find details here (bottom).

Currently supported games: Chess and "normal" variants (without start position editing, behemoths etc.), Checkers and variants (although white starts all games, it's just a visual issue), Backgammon and variants (except Fevga and I am not quite sure about Plakoto), Froglet and variants, Breakthrough, Lines of Action and variants, Line4 and variants, Halma, Knight Fight, Tablut, Five in Line, Ludo, Run around the Pond.
Please note that opening an unsupported game will show a blank page (yes, I will improve it soon). If it happens, just click the back button to get the game list.

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23. January 2013, 20:14:35
Subject: Re:
Fencer: Thanks...something that may interest you (I hope lol) is this i just got through about the new Ubuntu Phone being released.

They are looking for developers to help design the default apps for the Ubuntu Phone.....

So far, as part of this specific project, 12 applications are currently being sought. These will ship as default apps in the Ubuntu Phone.

They include 8 “traditional” apps:

File Manager
E-Mail Client
Document Viewer

And 4 “social” apps:

RSS Reader

When i saw that one was the Clock / Alarm and the Calculator i thought of you

As they are already written for Android, would it take much to convert them to run on Ubuntu as the both use the Linux kernel ??

I have not looked into it, so could not tell you, but may be worth an investigation.

12 Default Ubuntu Phone Apps to be ‘Community Created’

23. January 2013, 18:55:10
Fencer......I know this is about BrainKing for Android, but thought i would share this (if you havent seen it)

Its about the first Mozilla Firefox Operating System Phones...and writing Apps for them

Develop an app for Firefox OS

4. January 2013, 11:02:37
Subject: Re:

3. January 2013, 21:03:49
MadMonkey have just released 'Beginner's guide to Android programming (Part 2)'

I missed Part 1.....but have found it

2. December 2012, 12:51:49
Subject: Re:
Fencer: me complain ??? .................. I am an idea conveyor

Funny that I only just noticed when i was going to move 2 pieces 6 spots as i thought they would plug a gap between others, BUT they didnt only because i was looking at the point colours rather than counting

I have Google+ account anyway.....

2. December 2012, 10:49:52
Subject: Re:
Modified by MadMonkey (2. December 2012, 10:53:39)
Fencer: Thanks

Also, i just noticed your other Apps I knew bout BrainCalc, but not the others, will have a look through them later

And being as blind as i am lol...i have just noticed something...
Is there something odd about the points on the Gammon game board ??
I thought if you were on a certain colour (Pink for example) and you through a even number, you end up on the same colour. Depending where you are on the board, this does not always happen on here ...well, not on my phone anyway

30. November 2012, 12:12:42
Subject: Re:
Fencer: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious as Mary Poppins would say

29. November 2012, 21:02:06
Fencer.....Until you manage to have all games up & running on Android, would it be possible to have a send move (and goto next game of this type button) do you think.

It can be a right pain just playing one game, then getting the blank screen and then going back to main page, just so you have to look for next one.

Just a thought

Oh....P.S. Love the way Dice Chess works

29. November 2012, 12:43:34
Subject: Re:
Hrqls: Company i worked for here (Waitrose) use XP for everything in all there distribution warehouses etc.... now they have real problems with support for it finishing in 2014

(at home i have : 1x Android, 1xLinux & 2x Dual boot Linux / XP ) but there is only me lol ...and at present i have 1 Desktop & 8 Laptops i am repairing, all running some version of Windows)

28. November 2012, 15:07:14
Subject: Re:
furbster & Hrqls: See, now your getting used to Android, you will soon be throwing Windows out the window and using a Linux based PC or Laptop

(unless you are already of course lol)

23. October 2012, 15:23:31
madmonkey thinks its broke........every game i play on it i lose

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