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    5. June 2009, 10:22:30
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: I second that (especially if Fencer donates some Brains for the winner lol)

    25. February 2009, 21:24:35
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    Modified by MadMonkey (25. February 2009, 21:24:54) Well that is how we play our local league

    22. February 2009, 13:35:30
    Subject: Re: Sound Not had chance to play yet with sound (been a bit of a busy weekend so far lol) and less time to go through all the 45 posts . If you get time let us know about the time countdown through css as thats what i think would be great. Could it be done through greasemonkey? If so i would imagine there would be lots greasemonkey could do (add advanced buttons for check, call, raise etc...)

    19. February 2009, 19:37:29
    Subject: Re: Current suggestions & ideas Just to mention your number 5. What is very serious is the chairs have an odd leg, i keep falling off lol

    18. February 2009, 13:31:31
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: I would imagine (well hope) that after the testing was done a Tournament would be great.

    Of course this means Fencer would have to write some more code and it could run like a proper Poker Tournament. The only difficulty is as Poker here is live EVERYONE playing at a certain table would have to be here at the same time (may not be easy).

    17. February 2009, 15:37:32
    First reaction is i like it a lot, its clean & simple to use.

    Would it be possible to have some sound.

    e.g. when its our bet, and when we get down to 10 seconds ? Just so we can play our other games or make a cup of tea at the same time and not miss our go

    Many Poker sites use it, and it certainly help

    (of course it would need to be optional)

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