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 World of Arts

Please come in and share your passions.. whether it be drawing, sculpting, painting, working with clay or photography, just to name a few.

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6. July 2006, 00:51:13

5. May 2006, 17:21:29
Subject: nice art work
technically,this artwork is bodypainting.
but it is very nice work.
and it shows nothing revealing enought to offend anyone.
I am very cautious about getting anywhere near or crossing the line between art & nudity.
these days it is a very complex subject,many gray areas.
what is art to some,is offensive to others.
personally,I think the human form is beautiful.but there is so much abuse & perversion in the world.

4. October 2005, 04:48:30

4. October 2005, 04:45:25
Subject: I need art help
what do you call a diorama vuild into a little frame & hung on a wall? my aunt had an old one.

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