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6. October 2005, 02:46:06
Subject: if u r blocked

1. October 2005, 04:03:16
oh god not another ranter,dont people have anything more constructive to do?

24. September 2005, 23:44:32
oh rose..geez ,I though we were in the general board

24. September 2005, 23:36:14
get a life bud,the though police thing is a little dated don't you think?

24. September 2005, 23:30:04
Subject: Re: I have a question about the BKR: How is it calculated?

28. June 2005, 03:42:27
Subject: Re: Hunks

15. April 2005, 01:27:33
If we make the effort to be more aware of the social/polictical differences in many countries.we would have many more flags.

10. April 2005, 21:57:57
Subject: Re: a solution?
bumble: don't be saucy or ScarletRose will lend harley "the big pink whip" wait a minute,you might like that.

20. September 2004, 05:10:29
Subject: I looked in help,FAQ,message boards,server news but...
..cant seem to find out where you upload a photo to your profile.can anyone advise please?

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