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4. March 2011, 00:48:29
Subject: Re: Truely bizarre
thisbeme: But it is mentioned in the chess rules here that this kind of draws are not currently supported..

4. March 2011, 00:41:09
Subject: Re: Truely bizarre
thisbeme: Not having automated passes and forced moves has been hot topic of discussion as long i have been on this site. And from what i heard its been discussed long before that too, probably since the beginning of BK. I think those auto-moves would be the number one thing to improve this site. But for some shoddy reasoning it has never been implemented.

The other point you make is a valid one too. If your opponent has insufficient material to win you should be able to claim a draw in chess. Even if you time out.

18. May 2010, 14:56:59
Subject: Re:
There's an easy solution to making word games balanced and fun to everyone: artificial languages!

Bring on Klingon Scrabble!

17. October 2009, 22:11:49
Subject: Re: Byes
Fencer: I also thought i'd get more varied opposition in these games. Nothing against Sir Toby but i really would have liked to play against someone else also :)

I really think that if tourney is not sorted by BKR it should be random.. Not sorted by something unknown.

And as a followup, if it was sorted by BKR, would the hightest rated play the lowest in the first round? And if there is byes the highest ranked players get them?

18. May 2009, 00:50:07
Subject: Re: public friends
Thanks, that tiny lock icon was not something i was looking for :)

18. May 2009, 00:43:47
Subject: public friends
How does one add/request public friends? I just tried to find an option for that but it just does not seem to catch my eye..

2. March 2009, 19:33:56
Subject: Re: Tip of the day
Fencer: Why should you do something? Becouse the ad is obviously in completely wrong place. I don't see any reason to put ads into tips instead of annoying users. Why did you put that there in the first place?

2. March 2009, 17:22:10
Subject: Re: Tip of the day
Fencer: The tip of the day section has very nice hints and tips on playing games and using Brainking. When browsing through those tips no-one expects to get a "hint" that you should buy a software (almost) completely unrelated to BK. If that ad was somewhere else, like where the rest of the ads are, it would be fine. But putting ads within those tips is just outrageous.

2. March 2009, 12:17:39
Subject: Tip of the day
Isn't it a bit over the top to advertise a commercial product on the tip of the day? Ads should be put somewhere else. Tips of the day should be reserved for tips and hints about Brainking!

10. January 2008, 22:57:27
Subject: Re: Logik
Modified by puupia (10. January 2008, 22:57:58)
joshi tm: I wonder how this will work out as the red-green color blindness is supposedly quite common ;)

Well the numbers should work for everyone. And for most people the new colors must be better. Thanks Fencer, very good upgrade.

4. December 2007, 20:50:20
Subject: Re: Vacation
pauloaguia: Ok. Letting your opponents know about not playing seems like a good idea. I'll put some vacation in my calendar.

I thought my vacation days would not be reset to maximum when the year changes. There no reason to save the vacation then if they do reset..

4. December 2007, 20:00:09
Subject: Vacation
I'll be out of town for a few days starting thursday. Most likely i won't be able to make any moves then.

I have automatic vacation on. Is there any reason to set vacation days to my calendar also?

27. August 2007, 22:22:47
Subject: Upgrade membership?
What happens to the days that are left from my previous membership if i purchace another? I've been here for few weeks now and i've liked the site a lot. So i bought the bishop membership. I think i'd like to play even more games! But if i buy the rook membership, what happens to the rest of my bishop period? I know its only 2 euros and i've spent almost a week out of that.. But i'd still like to know how it goes if and when i upgrade my membership.

10. August 2007, 20:51:12
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: As a new user this suggestion of "have to log x times" seems very bad. To me waiting room seem like the easiest way to start games. And if i couldn't start games when i first log in, why would i ever log in again?

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