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1. August 2006, 00:31:09

1. August 2006, 00:24:41

1. August 2006, 00:21:46
LOL even shorter than I imagined!

Ah well!!


1. August 2006, 00:20:36
I could go on getting loads of point too, but I think Fencer will remove them, so why bother??


Still it is nice to be on the leader board if only for a short time!

1. August 2006, 00:17:04
I am sure this is a bug like happened last time, and it will be fixed shortly.

1. August 2006, 00:15:14
I can.

1. July 2006, 03:10:31
Subject: Re:
BIG BAD WOLF: oh I am sure he will, but now I am trying to figure out how to do it, not to gain an advantage, but because that sort of thing bugs me until I find the answer!

1. July 2006, 03:06:55
Subject: Re:
Luisifer: no! he must not have!!

1. July 2006, 03:02:11
by the time Fencer wakes up, he will have 1,000,000,000 points!!!!
(insert Dr. Evil laugh here)

1. July 2006, 02:59:04

1. July 2006, 02:56:57
LOL Tell us!!!!!


1. July 2006, 02:55:35
Subject: Re:
Luisifer: LOL tell us the secret!

1. July 2006, 02:55:02
go through all the pages maybe?

1. July 2006, 02:52:28
Subject: Re:
Czuch Czuckers: has to be a scam there are not enough messasges to read to get that many points!!

1. July 2006, 02:48:40
lol he is pushing it a bit!

1. July 2006, 02:34:27

1. July 2006, 00:43:14
so everyone is off reading all the boards yes??


1. July 2006, 00:25:34
LOL :)

2. March 2006, 02:28:28
I got a 50% bonus.

16. February 2006, 19:20:35

14. September 2005, 21:57:32
Subject: Re: Brains referral
WhiteTower: Thanks, I will sleep better tonight knowing that will be dealt with.

2. September 2005, 01:17:27
you can't delete Tourney games as far as I know.

15. March 2005, 19:59:59
as a percentage?

15. November 2004, 18:28:29
no Pedro, mad at him, not you.

15. November 2004, 18:13:01
good job.

15. November 2004, 18:11:39
Modified by Goonerg (15. November 2004, 18:11:53)
What a Scum bucket.

11. November 2004, 15:28:01
Subject: Re:
Modified by Goonerg (11. November 2004, 15:28:17)
"Oh dear, even Arsenal fans have delusions of grandeur now! :Þ"

:) no, just a kinda smugness! do you remember 1961?

10. November 2004, 03:23:47
Hey Rose!! I asked you you cheater!!!!

LOL!! I didn't think I had won 10 v you!


23. October 2004, 17:10:40
Subject: Re: Trax
:) yep!

21. October 2004, 21:34:05
the KM did it to massage your ego.

3. October 2004, 01:57:52
Subject: Prize Backgammon Tourney - Not Long to Go!
Last Chance to sign up - Prize Tourney

The prize will be a 1 Year Brainrook membership for first place and 1 ezboard membership for second place. For an invite, go to The Games Centre and post in the relevent thread. Good Luck to everyone!

12. September 2004, 20:57:28
I will be running a prize BG Tourney for members of my board, the prize will be a minimum of a 1 year Brainrook membership, with a possible second prize being added to. It will be an invite only Tourney, and you need to post in the relevent thread on the board to get an invite.

pop along to The Games Centre
if you want to play.

thanks for reading,


10. September 2004, 00:50:28
Subject: Thx Harley!
Modified by Goonerg (10. September 2004, 01:10:18)
edit for link test....

The Games Centre

THanks Harley!


10. September 2004, 00:28:36
Subject: The Game Centre
Modified by Goonerg (10. September 2004, 00:55:59)
Is an ezboard set up for game chat, arranging Tourneys, and meeting new players (and making new players too I hope!)

We also will have quizzes, jokes and other misc things going on too. Pop over and say hello!

the site is found at the following url...

The Games Centre

See you there!


29. July 2004, 00:06:31

28. July 2004, 23:49:53
Subject: Bobby Fischer
Japan Rejects Bobby Fischer's Deportation Appeal, AP Reports
July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Japanese immigration officials today rejected former chess champion Bobby Fischer's appeal of a decision to deport him for trying to travel on an invalid U.S. passport, the Associated Press reported.

Fischer is wanted in the U.S. on charges of violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act by flying to Yugoslavia to play Boris Spassky in a chess match in 1992. U.S. citizens at that time were forbidden from involvement in business or commercial activities in Yugoslavia because of the violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fischer, the only American to hold the world chess title, was detained by officials at the Narita airport outside Tokyo two weeks ago. Fischer considers the detention a ``kidnapping,'' AP cited John Bosnitch, an adviser to Fischer, as saying.

Fischer, 61, has until Friday to take the appeal to Japan's justice minister, and can also seek a court injunction. Japanese immigration officials refused to comment on the case, AP said.

(AP, 7-28)

20. November 2003, 16:30:38
Close them down then. This is a games site, not a flame site.

20. November 2003, 16:18:45

20. November 2003, 16:01:02
Subject: Harley
Harley, You do a wonderful job.

:) Keep up the good work, there are alot of us out here who appreicate the work you do, and the time you give up to do it.

Thank you.

18. March 2003, 20:32:08
Subject: Re: Spider
yep, spider is off for me too.

26. January 2003, 20:39:13
Subject: Re: Concerning, move on next game button
"linda theres a drop down box under each game ........" - only if you are a brain Knight, or rook..

18. January 2003, 18:42:55
Subject: FAO Fencer - Define Tournament
Can You define a torney to be of just one game type? or will all games be included? And also, If if set one up and want to change it Can I do that before anyone signs up. Sorry to bother you, But I don't want to start something wrongly!

13. January 2003, 20:17:04
Subject: Great Job Fencer!
I think this site has come through it's first major test. With the large number of extra games that the tourney's have generated, I have not noticed a sign of the site slowing down! I hope as the number of people playing at this site increases, Which it certainly will, the site reamains as fast.

Well done again Fencer!

8. January 2003, 19:16:27
Subject: hrlqns
Are you sorted yet, if not drop me a line.....

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