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    24. November 2009, 02:02:22
    Subject: Re: did you look at the latest post on the discussion boards link?

    23. November 2009, 17:12:12 
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Where are you talking about it not appearing?

    I have this board on my favourite's so I usually see things here - I go into the Discussion boards link, and click on the card game sub menu and can see this board along with the last post. So with a quick look, it looks OK.

    Found the alquerque board also in the checkers sub-menu, but no recent posts in there.

    23. November 2009, 15:50:26
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re:
    Modified by Pedro Martínez (23. November 2009, 15:50:49)
    Bwild: Yes, and posts from the Alquerque board do not appear there either.

    23. November 2009, 15:45:31
    anyone notice that posts on this board do not appear on the discussion boards link?

    23. November 2009, 15:31:51
    on june 5th fencer said"Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: A couple of issues must be resolved first. But I didn't forget about it."
    now 5 monthes later he says"Bwild: Because it's my site and my decision. I have very good reasons.
    If you are not happy here, you are free to play elsewhere, instead of useless posting about "crap"."

    I will constantly remind everyone of fencers sound advice!
    Abigailll: your right on 2 things for doent cost us much to play here as contributing members on a yearly level....there are however, people paying a sizeable amount to be lifetime members, ans these people reciev the same retoric from a non-apprecieative webmaster,who,not oly once but several times now has acted as if he has come up with a better way to put his pants on!
    but hey...its your 40 bucks, and I'm paid up up for 2 more years...after that...if it isnt danged near free to stay in touch with the many people who I have gotten to know and have become friends with, then its just not going to happen.

    I dont expect special treatment...just some common courtesy

    20. November 2009, 22:46:51
    just an aside to what I posted below.....

    Flaming of members should be kept off the public boards.

    I'm sure if Bwild had of said the same things to Fencer, the moderator would have chastised him and/or deleted his post.

    I think our "illustrious" (being facetious here) leader would be surprised how people really think of his outbursts.

    20. November 2009, 19:50:12
    Subject: Re:
    Summertop: If you look at the number of members (paid or free) then compare that number to how many are playing poker, you will see that the poker tables are not well received. If you then look at the throngs of people playing on other poker sites (that do not offer real money tables)...well it doesn't paint a pretty picture.

    Well, one should take into account that this site is mostly visited by people wanting to play turn-based games. Poker is the odd-one out, as it's played real-time. The fact I seldomly play poker is that it requires my constant attention - if I play a chess or backgammon game, I can walk away at any moment.

    But I'm not claiming there aren't any bugs. Nor am I disagreeing with any of the points you're making. I've been here for several years as well. I've seen the site grow, and I've seen Fencers attitude change. But the site costs only a few bucks/month, and each year I can decide whether I will stay, or spend my money otherwise.

    20. November 2009, 17:28:51
    Modified by Summertop (20. November 2009, 17:30:20)
    Some long time paying members are quite upset about (Filip) Fencer's attitude and implementation of Poker on his site. If we were to go to another board (Features, etc.) and ask about Poker, we would be redirected here. So, its hard to swallow being told we are "off topic" discussing Poker and its future...ON the Poker forum.

    I've been a paying member for quite a while now. I don't have tons of games going, but I visit the site a couple of times a day 5-7 days a week....for years. I've learned a few things about Brainking.

    1. Fencer (Filip) really doesn't care about members, paying or otherwise. He has repeatedly said, "If you are not happy here, you are free to play elsewhere"...even to long time members. I suggest you take him up on his offer. Stay and play the games because you like them, or bail on this site.

    2. Fencer DOES care about this site. Which is why I am still here. He continually works on it, adds new games, etc. Albeit, very unprofessional with responses to questions from members. Fencer is not afraid of criticism. He will let people make "negative" posts that other sites would "moderate". But, don't expect a "friendly" reply.

    To tie this into this board's "topic"...Fencer's game site (Chess, Backgammon, etc.) is one of the best on the internet. But, his poker site is one of the worst. I check back every 3-4 months to see if he has "fixed" it. I will find where he has done a few "features" (toggling sound on/off, etc.), but has not fixed the bugs nor addressed the "responsiveness" of the site.

    I love playing poker (for fake money). But, to date, I don't play poker here because it is not worth the frustration. If you look at the number of members (paid or free) then compare that number to how many are playing poker, you will see that the poker tables are not well received. If you then look at the throngs of people playing on other poker sites (that do not offer real money tables)...well it doesn't paint a pretty picture.

    I'm not sure what Fencer's plans are for the poker tables...and he won't tell us. When the tables were new, I use to make polite suggestions on how to improve various aspects of Brainking (games, rules, poker, etc.) Usually, I was simply ignored. Once a suggestion was actually implemented. But other times I got shot down rather rudely, as some here just did recently. Which is why I don't really offer my suggestions anymore. Trust me, after playing here for many years, I DO have suggestions.

    I have seen Brainking go from a side project of Fencer's to a full blown site. With the addition of the Poker tables, I think Fencer has hit the limit of what one man can do...maybe it is time to get another developer to help out.

    So...Kill the poker tables or fix them...I don't care. I will still be playing the other games. In a few months, I will check back to see if the tables are still worthless...till then, anyone care for a game of chess?

    20. November 2009, 00:36:33
    Subject: Re:And I have a right to ignore them.
    Fencer: How rude you are to people who have supported you in one way or another either through buying Tshirts etc or buying memberships.

    19. November 2009, 18:36:27
    Subject: Re:And I have a right to ignore them.
    Fencer: And before I start to call you names you won't like,

    off topic? I ask about the status of your so called 3.0 version of bk,which according to your previous posts, will include no bugs in the poker program, and I'm off topic??
    Its quite obvious you have no intention on any immediate repairs, nor do you care about much of anything once you have taken our money.
    enjoy mine while you can.

    19. November 2009, 11:18:02
    Subject: Re:
    Brainwave: That's my point.

    19. November 2009, 11:03:34
    Wouldn't it have been more appropiate to post a pm to Fencer. And it seems to me that most members already were a paid member before the pokergame was introduced, so you got the poker game for free ?!?!

    19. November 2009, 08:47:50
    Subject: Re:And I have a right to ignore them.
    Bwild: Of course I do. And before I start to call you names you won't like, let me make one more attempt of, er, explanation:

    1) Paid membership is not mandatory, nobody is forced to pay here to play. Especially poker is (and always will be) free for all.
    2) The page of membership level benefits clearly specifies what you get when you decide to upgrade. It says nothing about our duty to fix all possible bugs, add new features or discuss with people who don't want to accept the site rules.

    I am sure it is clear enough for everyone, mostly because it is not the first time I post this kind of response. No more off topic responses here, please.

    19. November 2009, 08:29:27
    Subject: Re:And I have a right to ignore them.
    Fencer: no you do took my took a lot of peoples money.

    18. November 2009, 23:15:24
    Subject: Re:instead of useless posting about "crap".
    Bwild: So what? Can't you just live with it? Please don't take it THAT seriously, it's just a game.
    Yes, you have a right to voice your concerns. And I have a right to ignore them.

    18. November 2009, 23:02:38
    Subject: Re:instead of useless posting about "crap".
    Fencer: I do play elsewhere and for free!!
    I also have a paid membership at YOUR site. I have a right to voice my concerns about bugs in YOUR site.
    Is it so much to ask for a senseable response, as to when YOUR site is without these annoying bugs?
    Your site has many intros to Your poker section,and quite frankly, its deceiving because Your site is full of bugs!
    You know Filip, if you'd answer people when they ask, they'd not have to re-ask, and finally get upset.

    18. November 2009, 21:18:09
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Because it's my site and my decision. I have very good reasons.
    If you are not happy here, you are free to play elsewhere, instead of useless posting about "crap".

    18. November 2009, 18:44:05
    Subject: Re:
    gborland: you think?
    I mean come on...if the new version of BK suppossedly will have a new version...must mean it has to be fixed first!
    its been over 5 monthes since we first heard this crap, I'm just wondering how many more monthes will it take to get the poker program functioning properly so we can play this game bug free?
    and if its already fixed...why cant it be implemented before the entire site reboots to this 3.0 version?

    18. November 2009, 18:26:35
    BK's poker has bugs to do with caching and some players having out-of-date information. This could explain all the strange things you've been seeing.

    17. November 2009, 18:37:25
    5 monthes now....waiting for a total site re-write

    17. November 2009, 18:36:00
    1:31:42) Aknell calls 20.
    (11:31:42) Dealer calculates the winner(s).
    (11:31:43) Aknell wins the pot with a pair of jacks. The kicker card is ace.
    (11:31:43) Aknell wins 120 chips (main pot).

    17. November 2009, 18:35:01
    this is a load!
    I had a flush...but my opponent wins with a pair???

    13. November 2009, 16:31:59
    when will we see tournament play?

    13. November 2009, 16:30:30
    why does the big blind have to play double after an all in?

    13. November 2009, 16:29:41
    why does the dealer show me I have 2 pair, yet my opponent wins with a pair?

    13. November 2009, 14:48:22
    why on the list of tables does it show observers, but when you enter the room there's no one there?

    10. October 2009, 03:49:27

    8. October 2009, 19:13:39

    8. October 2009, 01:11:59
    Propirit use

    7. October 2009, 14:02:26
    Subject: Poker bugs
    Modified by gborland (7. October 2009, 14:07:22)
    I often find the poker page displays wrong or out-of-date stuff. For example, it shows me in Under-The-Gun position, but then skips right over me and the bet moves to the next person before I am given a chance to act.

    I do a full refresh of the page, and it then shows that I'm actually in the Dealer position for that hand, but by the time it's all reloaded, my hand has timed out.

    I just lost a hand with KK in the hole, because this stupid bug caused a time-out while I was waiting for the refresh.

    4. October 2009, 00:26:11

    27. September 2009, 23:03:31
    Thanks Fencer, the tables working now......bad timing for deluis nice to see he still received the achievement even if he only won 50 chips.
    (22:39:54) Dealer calculates the winner(s).
    (22:39:55) deluis wins the pot with four sevens. The kicker card is six.
    (22:39:55) deluis earns the achievement [Le Chiffre]!
    (22:39:55) deluis wins 50 chips (main pot).

    27. September 2009, 22:04:42
    Fencer: BrainKing No Limit Fast High Bets 5 Seats(21:19:52) Table has been frozen for several minutes & will not release us from the table. The other tables seem to be working fine, but not this table

    26. September 2009, 18:30:16

    26. September 2009, 05:31:20
    Subject: Re:
    wildrose: w're here..... on the big table...

    30. August 2009, 06:26:08
    Hello where is everyone

    29. August 2009, 06:06:56
    anyone care to try some no limit? table for 6

    17. August 2009, 02:34:40
    anyone care to try some no limit? table for 6

    16. August 2009, 02:06:09
    well...guess the system doesnt want any players.
    keeps disconnecting me.

    16. August 2009, 01:57:04
    no limit...table for 6??

    15. August 2009, 23:31:23
    Subject: playing poker
    thanks a lot for this game.

    I don't know why but I only played one time because There are no players in the tabels and I tryed several days and several hours.

    12. August 2009, 17:37:22
    Subject: Re: how many
    Fencer: thanks in advance :)

    12. August 2009, 16:16:14
    Subject: Re: how many
    Hrqls: After the site is rewritten.

    12. August 2009, 15:11:09
    Subject: Re: how many
    Fencer: from which 7 were won with a royal flush

    which means i have to play about 19000 more games to get one :)

    will there any statistics available about poker on this site ?

    12. August 2009, 14:59:04
    Subject: Re: how many
    Hrqls: 132416 and counting.

    12. August 2009, 13:26:10
    Subject: how many
    how many games of poker have been played until now ?

    12. August 2009, 12:18:13
    Subject: Re: a few questions
    puupia: thanks :) .. 15 minutes and i can play again .. lets find out if this knowledge improves my play :)

    12. August 2009, 12:14:52
    Subject: Re: a few questions
    Hrqls: Yes, you are correct. First is the lowest possible straight, second the highest straight. The third is not a straight at all, you cannot loop around like that.

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