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    11. March 2009, 15:14:45
    Subject: Re: everyone fully understands the mechanics of the game imo..if you sit out before your next to put up the blind...big or dont get dealt.   maybe you sat out on pocket aces...or 7-3...but no one will ever know..because you sat out.

    11. March 2009, 14:57:37 
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Oh, sorry.

    The only issue I see is that some people apparently like to sit up when it is their turn to have a small/big blind, and then sit back down when/where they don't have the small/big blind..... well at least someone complained about that before. Would something like that cause issues like this?

    11. March 2009, 14:49:09
    Subject: Re: was referring to sitting out before your blind.

    11. March 2009, 14:36:24 
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Sometimes though it is nice to sit behind everyone where you have the last option to call or raise - and if you your put chips in out of order and decide to raise higher, those who might have called before might not now because they don't want to go higher... but if the order was correct, they would have called (so some money was already in), and then also be more willing to raise along with it to put even more money into the pot for you to win. If the order gets out of order - then that strategy will not work anymore.

    Agree - not a very big deal, but enough of a deal that would be nice to get fixed.

    11. March 2009, 04:41:46
    blinds come before the it really doesnt matter.

    11. March 2009, 03:25:01
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch:  I'm OK with the sit out one hand but remain on the table... but it shouldn't be applicable when you are on the big stack or the little stack...  It would get abused...

    10. March 2009, 19:24:44
    Subject: Re:
    nodnarbo: The way it is now, you can just check the sit out next hand and then open a new tab or whatever and move on.... but instead of it being sit out next hand it should say leave table...

    10. March 2009, 19:10:53
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: I agree, I think it would also be nice to be able to leave the table in the middle of the hand after folding, and not wait until the hand is completely finished

    10. March 2009, 18:08:39
    So.... the sit out next hand option should deal you out but leave you at the table, or you can have it so that you do get cards and take blinds, if you want to, and then auto check fold them....

    Then an option to leave the table as well

    10. March 2009, 17:24:19
    yeah, this is a real issue..... you have to be able to sit out some hands without losing your seat..... and we have to have tables where the buy in is much lower than the maximum chips we get... It wont really be an issue once our stacks get built up, but I just had over 2000 chips, and lost 1500 on a bad beat, and now I have 480 chips (or whatever under 500) and now I cant play for another 12 hours?

    10. March 2009, 17:17:52
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: LMAO!!! hahahah, I just sat out a hand to come here and make the last post, and I wasnt paying attention, now I have just under 500 chips and cant get back on the table!!!! and 12 hours to get more chips!

    We either need lower buy in tables or at least a way to sit out a hand or two without giving up our seats, or even better BOTH!

    10. March 2009, 17:14:46
    Thing is about only 500 minimum table limits, lets say I get a new stack, I play a hand and lose my blind, say 20 bucks, then I have a computer problem or something, or I just have to go to the head.... now I have 480 chips but cant get into any games?

    10. March 2009, 16:02:13 
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: You mean like this:

    I made the screen print and told Fencer about it - a bug that happens when someone is removed from the table I think. It then seems to do the bidding out of order - everyone still got a chance to bid, but of course not in the correct order, which the order & where you sit at a table is important part of the game.

    10. March 2009, 15:49:18
    Subject: Re: okay... now check game 22 on no limit 8 person table... i was next after big blind, but it skipped me and went around and I made my call after the big blind checked, this is a bug that needs to be looked at please.

    10. March 2009, 15:33:59 
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: I'm not 100% sure, but I think the max buy is is double the minimum buy-in. (So if the minimum is 500, 1000 is the max you can bring to the table). Again, not 100% sure that is the same on all the tables or not.

    10. March 2009, 15:20:30
    I have seen now that there are some upper limits when you sign on to a table, but they should be mentioned as part of the table description please?

    10. March 2009, 15:11:37
    Also, what happened to the idea of some upper buy in limits as well?

    10. March 2009, 15:10:22
    Since we are only given a 500 chip rebuy, couldnt we have some tables with less than 500 minimum buy in please?

    1. March 2009, 10:27:04
    Modified by solan109 (1. March 2009, 10:28:33)
    I had to try this poker game and it was fun but the 45sec "thinking time" is too long. 15 or at the most 30 sec is more than enough. Tables for only 5 players would be a good idea too. It would be nice if the graphics could be improved. Not only because of "the look" but people with eyesight problems will have problems playing for a longer time.

    28. February 2009, 00:41:52 
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: I've been busy myself... plus now need to try to catch up on my "regular" games before I jump back in a poker table.

    But actually - I'm not really into the "live" game - so even after it is out of "test" mode, I won't play too much - I personally come to the turn-based game sites to play turn-based games, which is usually something I do while watching TV or watching a Movie - sometimes I do other website development or other work while playing games in between.... and playing "live" poker is just hard for me to do while trying to do other stuff.

    So in short - I may jump in occasionally, but don't look at me to be a regular in the live poker tables.

    27. February 2009, 22:51:33
    Subject: Re:
    Bernice: I think some people are waiting for fencer to reset the chip count and start everyone over again.... but he wants to do it after its bug proof, but it wont be bug proof if nobody plays?

    Im not sure what I can do, I sometimes try to play like I dont have as much money, but that isnt how poker is played, if you have it you are supposed to use it to your advantage, even if it means stealing blinds all day long.

    I think a tournament structure could be utilized, then we would all have the same amount of starting chips, and no huge reserves to fall back on.

    Maybe, since fencer is going to reset everyone anyway, maybe he could simply give some people a big stack of chips so we could play a few higher no limit games and such.... I want to play, but like you said, I have too much money and its no fun for me to just play to lose on purpose either

    27. February 2009, 22:41:40
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: Ive been in and out over the last couple days...and no one playing:(....surely the "newness hasnt worn off already........but then you don't help either get on a no limit table and bet the little fella out of existance....we dont get a chance to play on a no limit table when you are around....

    27. February 2009, 22:35:45
    hard to work out the bugs with not much action..... more often than not I see nobody playing, and even then its one table with a few low limit people, even Mr seems to be laying low these days?

    26. February 2009, 17:46:28
    Subject: Kickers
    Very well, the "5 top cards" rule is enforced now, regarding flushes and kickers.

    26. February 2009, 17:45:25
    Subject: Re: Tournaments
    Czuch: Yes. But the plans must be synchronized with other plans, it is not just about tournaments.

    26. February 2009, 02:25:04
    Subject: Tournaments
    I think you might find that people enjoy a tournament format, I would suggest that before pot limit games, any plans in that direction fencer?

    25. February 2009, 23:45:48
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    nodnarbo: yes, thats all good, and thats how it should be

    25. February 2009, 23:15:05
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    Czuch: It can be player enforced to a certain extent, but you have to keep in mind that the max is only a max buy-in and a player may go over that amount after winning without any consequences.

    25. February 2009, 23:09:36
    Subject: Re: Kicker You know BBW, since you created the poker tables, you can easily go back in and add an upper limit in the description for each table, it doesnt actually have to be coded, it can be player enforced.

    Something like;

    min $1000 max $2000

    min $1000 max $5000

    min $5000 max $10000

    min $10000 max $20000

    Min $50000 max $100000

    25. February 2009, 23:07:56
    Subject: Re:
    Fencer: thanks

    25. February 2009, 22:51:19
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    ellieoop: If the card in hand is high enough :) If the board is AQJ97 and one player has 54 and another player 62 ( all of the cards same suite) the pot will be split. Only 8, 10 or K of that suite would improve on the flush already on the table.

    25. February 2009, 22:36:41
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    Czuch: yes, that's the way itfor best hands,i and if a flush is on the table, person with the next highest flush card in their hand wins.

    25. February 2009, 22:34:28
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    Fencer: It sounds correct to me as well.... just remember... flushes go through all 5 cards too.

    25. February 2009, 22:22:37
    Subject: Re: Kicker Yes thats exactly how it works. Every player makes best possible 5 card hand out of the 7 cards available to them. It does not matter if the cards are your private hole card or community cards on table.

    For example, player A has A2 and player B AJ

    Cards on board AK495 -> B wins, Both have pair of aces and King, J decides for B

    If board cards are A8992 -> B wins again, both have pairs of aces and nines, and fifth card is J vs. 8. The pair of deuces does not help playerA at all. There's no such thing as three pairs :)

    AQ299 -> split pot, both have same best hand, AA99Q. Deuces do not help A this time either.

    Of course the examples assume theres no flushes.

    25. February 2009, 22:07:41

    25. February 2009, 21:57:56
    "Error, unable to play a sound"

    has the sound still got bugs?

    25. February 2009, 21:24:35
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    Modified by MadMonkey (25. February 2009, 21:24:54) Well that is how we play our local league

    25. February 2009, 21:22:42 
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    Fencer: Well i hope someone can back me up on it. (since I'm pretty sure, but I know I'm not an expert card player and could be missing something)

    That is how I have always played - the cards of the table of "shared". So using those 5 cards, and the 2 in my hand - you make the best 5 card hand. (and each other player does the same)

    Best 5 card hand wins. So if you have a pair, you take the pair & the next 3 highest cards and ignore the other 2 to make the best 5 card hand........I've never worried about what it was called (kicker and such).

    25. February 2009, 21:08:42
    Subject: Re: Final notes
    Summertop: Later. I will not forget.

    25. February 2009, 21:08:24
    Subject: Re: Kicker If you are sure about it, it will be implemented this way.

    25. February 2009, 20:44:31
    Subject: No limit
    Need a all in button on the no limit games

    25. February 2009, 20:43:29
    Subject: Re: Final notes
    Fencer: I agree that playability is more important than pretty graphics. I'm just giving my impressions, suggestions, and ideas. I won't be offended or leave Brainking over them. For the price, this is a great site with or without the Poker tables.

    As for a more lengthy response, I would love to see it. But don't stress it. I know how much time running a site like this can take.

    25. February 2009, 20:43:12 
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    Fencer: It would be the best 5 cards.

    If two players "tie" with the same top 2 cards, then the 3rd card is looked at. (for example, both of a pair of Kings - if one has a queen high, the other a 10 - queen high wins.

    If two players "tie" with the same top 3 cards, then it looks at the forth.

    If two players "tie" with the same top 4 cards, then it looks at the fifth.

    If two players "tie" with all 5 cards - then it is tied (as I understand it, you should look no further then the top 5 cards)

    I think throwing the word "kicker" in there is just confusing. Out of the 7 cards (5 on the table, 2 in the hand) - BEST 5 cards out of those 7. Only those 5 cards each person makes a hand out of counts.

    Simple as that - best 5 card hand.

    25. February 2009, 20:29:42
    Subject: Re: Kicker
    emelin: Thank you, it's clear now. And what happens if two players share the same pair (as the winning combination) and the same kicker as well? Would the second and third kicker card come to a consideration?

    25. February 2009, 20:22:08
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: It works for limit games. There is no limit at no limit ones, of course.

    25. February 2009, 19:34:35
    thanks rod

    25. February 2009, 19:34:05
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: There was a problem with your link. Here is the corrected one.
    Poker Kings

    25. February 2009, 19:31:17
    fellowship for tips explinations and tournies when available

    25. February 2009, 18:21:30
    Subject: Re:
    Czuch: Here is what i found, I stand corrected...

    10. In limit hold em, there will be a max limit of a bet, a raise, a reraise, and another reraise. When only two players are involved in a hand this betting "cap" does not apply.

    It seems that these raise rules dont apply to no limit games though

    25. February 2009, 18:03:46
    oh yeah... one thing I just now remembered.....

    There should only be a max of three raises in any one betting round, I think I remember seeing people raise and re raise until nobody wanted to raise anymore.....

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