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    17. February 2009, 22:17:59
    joshi tm 
    I'ld like to see different colors for system messages, all that blue is not good readable.

    17. February 2009, 21:57:37
    Subject: Re:
    ellieoop: read the tells you who won and with what cards

    17. February 2009, 21:43:08
    Subject: Re:
    Fencer: it's called 6th st. omaha at pogo.
    the cards close too fast when the game is over, and it's hard to see the winning hand.

    17. February 2009, 21:23:26
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re:
    Fencer: Yup, I believe you've learned that by clicking my smiley below...

    17. February 2009, 21:22:22
    Subject: Re:
    Pedro Martínez:
    It says "Omaha hold 'em (or Omaha holdem or simply Omaha)".

    17. February 2009, 21:19:41
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re:

    17. February 2009, 21:17:26
    Subject: Re:
    joshi tm: I think it's just Omaha, not Omaha Hold'em, right?

    17. February 2009, 20:56:08
    joshi tm 
    Is Omaha Hold em coming too?

    Anyone fancy a game of limited now?

    17. February 2009, 19:31:30 
    Subject: Re: beta site
    ellieoop: There are a few playing on a no-limit table right now

    (even thought I have to leave now..... I'm sure Fencer would love to see a full table to see how it handles)

    17. February 2009, 19:31:20
    I'm on table 1

    17. February 2009, 19:30:16
    Subject: Re: beta site
    ellieoop:well lets play!

    17. February 2009, 19:29:35
    Subject: beta site
    i play this game all the time, if you need more testers, i'll be happy to help. i can't wait for it to get here.

    17. February 2009, 19:25:46
    will there be any tourny's soon?

    17. February 2009, 16:10:42
    Subject: Re: Flush
    Fencer:its the best 5 cards

    17. February 2009, 15:40:26
    Subject: Re:
    MadMonkey: Yes! sometimes I'm also watching TV, and it would be nice to not have to stare at the computer screen to make sure it's not my turn!

    17. February 2009, 15:37:32
    First reaction is i like it a lot, its clean & simple to use.

    Would it be possible to have some sound.

    e.g. when its our bet, and when we get down to 10 seconds ? Just so we can play our other games or make a cup of tea at the same time and not miss our go

    Many Poker sites use it, and it certainly help

    (of course it would need to be optional)

    17. February 2009, 15:16:32
    Subject: Re: Flush
    emelin: Thanks emelin. So I have to implement this rule. I've been thinking that only the highest card counts in a flush.

    17. February 2009, 15:09:24
    Subject: Re: Flush
    Modified by emelin (17. February 2009, 15:27:00)
    Fencer: Qd wins, the 5 higher cards are taken for each flush.

    (see )

    17. February 2009, 14:44:05
    Subject: Re: Flush
    joshi tm: Yes, I would like to know the correct answer too. I was the one with Q.

    17. February 2009, 14:24:27
    joshi tm 
    Subject: Flush
    Is one of the games I played here, my opponent had Q of diamonds and I had 7d. All community cards are diamonds, among them Ace of Diamonds. Should there be split or wins my opponent the pot for having a better Flush?

    17. February 2009, 09:16:38
    Subject: Beta test
    The first wave of bugs has been fixed. Keep testing.

    16. February 2009, 23:36:30
    Subject: Re:
    joshi tm: I'd call it a full boat, coan.nets over joshi tms

    16. February 2009, 22:06:20 
    Subject: Re:
    joshi tm: I think there is a short delay in it showing - it is showing for me now.

    16. February 2009, 22:05:17
    joshi tm 
    Subject: Re: Fifth! That makes a straight ;)

    Thanks, normally the entries pop on top of my Main page, not this time :(

    16. February 2009, 21:55:07 
    Subject: Re:
    joshi tm: Check out

    Oh, and forth!

    16. February 2009, 21:53:06
    joshi tm 

    Is there already a release date?

    16. February 2009, 16:48:59
    Subject: Re: Second!
    Public beta test will start later today.

    16. February 2009, 16:47:21 
    You know how some people run all over the internet and when a new article is posted, they then put a post just saying "First" like it's something special to have the first post in a new place?

    so... FIRST!

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