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    23. June 2009, 01:29:42
    Subject: Fencer?
    We havent heard from Fencer yet, on his view regarding people "selling" poker chips?

    22. June 2009, 22:47:15
    Subject: Re: End of public conversation
    Vikings: What conversation are you talking about? The trading??

    21. June 2009, 21:10:58
    Subject: End of public conversation
    I have deleted the recent thread since the global moderators and fencer is aware of the situation. Please post nothing more on it on the public boards as we don't need it to expand further

    20. June 2009, 19:26:44
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re: paid membership
    evgen: I can give you a dollar. And you can keep your chips.

    20. June 2009, 10:20:05
    5000 poker anyone?

    20. June 2009, 10:05:19
    Subject: Re: I will share 50 000 poker chips in change of any paid membership status for me
    Czuch: yes, i meant right that

    20. June 2009, 10:00:29
    Subject: paid membership
    After thinking a little I would share 88 000 chips for 1 year knight. It may be done by folding of course...

    20. June 2009, 03:59:38
    I would give up the whole 100K for a paid membership!!

    (1 year knight or 6 month rook, of course...)

    Then I'd get you another 100K... ;-)

    19. June 2009, 15:34:46
    Subject: Re: I will share 50 000 poker chips in change of any paid membership status for me
    Czuch: he's bluffing

    19. June 2009, 15:13:00
    Subject: Re: I will share 50 000 poker chips in change of any paid membership status for me
    evgen: What, lose a 50k all in hand by folding on purpose, in exchange for a paid membership?

    19. June 2009, 09:16:56
    Universal Eyes 
    Subject: Paid membership board
    Modified by Universal Eyes (19. June 2009, 09:21:48)
    Pawn registry
    This page contains the list of users who wish to have a higher level of membership but cannot (for any reason) buy it themselves. If you feel like you would sponsor someone today, choose one player from the list and click "select" to proceed.
    This is a better alternative or approach.

    19. June 2009, 09:00:31
    Subject: I will share 50 000 poker chips in change of any paid membership status for me
    Please contact me for more details :)))))))))

    15. June 2009, 23:29:01
    Anyone got 5000 chips or more to spare.. You know what table to go to

    6. June 2009, 18:29:55
    Subject: Re:
    Universal Eyes: yes, that is why it might be better to play where players are seated by luck of the draw.

    6. June 2009, 09:44:08
    Universal Eyes 
    by sign up order would be the seeding of the tournament then,so if that happened here everyone could pick who they play.

    6. June 2009, 07:17:46
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    Universal Eyes: no, there's never any kind of seeding or ranking in poker at the beginning of the game. seating is always luck of the draw, or by sign up order. Everyone always starts with the same number of chips, and thus the same chance to win, no ranking or seeding.

    6. June 2009, 07:12:20
    Universal Eyes 
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: My point exactly there has to be a seeding to route the tournament.

    6. June 2009, 07:00:21
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    Universal Eyes: I'm assuming the entry fee will be from our chips.

    and, people are just randomly assigned seats.

    6. June 2009, 06:06:45
    Universal Eyes 
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: Usually people enter with an entry fee,how it will be is yet to be determined although any discussions of the matter I'm sure Fencer will look at with anticipation.

    6. June 2009, 05:43:21
    Universal Eyes 
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo:Are the people automatically put there?

    6. June 2009, 05:41:27
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    Modified by nodnarbo (6. June 2009, 05:41:52)
    Universal Eyes: usually in a poker tournament you have 6-10 people at a table, and multiple tables depending on how many people are in the tournament. After people lose all their chips the other people are usually moved around to balance the tables out, and tables are removed as the number of players decreases. there is no seeding, or byes

    6. June 2009, 05:36:58
    Universal Eyes 
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: Do you know how he's going to put people in it?

    6. June 2009, 05:34:24
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    Universal Eyes: seeding? byes? have you played in a poker tournament before?

    6. June 2009, 05:31:32
    Universal Eyes 
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    Fencer: Some people will get upset about seeding and how some players get byes to the next round a good thought would be,must have been active in so many days to participate.

    5. June 2009, 17:52:19
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    Fencer: glad to hear it

    5. June 2009, 10:28:53
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: A couple of issues must be resolved first. But I didn't forget about it.

    5. June 2009, 10:22:30
    Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: I second that (especially if Fencer donates some Brains for the winner lol)

    5. June 2009, 02:10:15
    Subject: Poker tournaments
    any sign yet of poker tournaments? I for one know i would actually play if these were implemented.

    20. May 2009, 11:44:53
    Subject: yes yes ..
    folding option would be a great addition...
    and a check/fold would be great too....

    20. May 2009, 05:22:53
    any nolimit players out there?

    20. May 2009, 04:20:34
    Universal Eyes 
    I agree it would be great to see a fold on next turn button.

    19. May 2009, 23:39:05
    Subject: Improvements
    Apart from fixing bugs and introducing tournament play, here is a couple of things that might make the poker experience here more enjoyable.

    The pace of the play is sometimes quite low. To improve that you should be able to choose your action before it's your turn. There should be buttons to check, fold, check/fold and maybe call also. Then when your turn comes, if the action you chose before is still suitable you'll do that. You can always fold so thats easy. If you chose check you'll only check if that is still possible. If you chose check/fold, you'd check if its possible and fold otherwise. Calliing before your turn is a bit problematic, because there might be raises after your decision to call.. But theres plenty of solutions for that also..

    Another thing to help speed up the play is to fold timed out players. Now they will check if that's possible and that really should not happen.

    Another thing that really needs some improvement is the showdown phase. It goes so fast that sometimes there are people asking "why did i lose?" Even if you are paying close attention to the game, you might have hard time noticing what hands everyone had. I think it would be a good idea to post the hands to the chat area after showdown.

    And one more UI thing. I'd like to see somekind of slider and/or +/- buttons to adjust the betting amount without needing to type in the numbers.

    19. May 2009, 18:48:06
    Subject: poker anyone...?
    I'm ready to play...

    16. May 2009, 02:02:58
    Subject: Strategy
    Here's couple of very basic pieces of advice, which many of the players here don't seem to get.

    1) Don't be afraid to fold. There's no reason to play crappy cards.

    2) If you think you're winning, don't just call or check. Bet or raise instead to make others think if they really have good enough hand.

    With just these two simple steps many players in here could improve their game.

    8. May 2009, 03:47:07
    poker anyone?

    7. May 2009, 16:59:11
    Subject: Re:
    Gordon Shumway: I play at poker stars alot...both play money and cash money.
    you'll see the occasional rathole...but most bank their money and move to another table, buying in with fewer chips.
    Theres not enough tables playing at once here yet,so coming back to the same table is the only option.
    Tournament play would increase the number of players, imo , and increase the current influx of new members who go straight to the poker tables.

    7. May 2009, 15:42:22
    Subject: Re:
    puupia: to the ratholing: I know PartyPoker introduced a period you have to waight too and on the iPoker network this is implemented also. As well as the rooms Stars and FT that you mentioned. IDK about Ongame or some obscure networks, but rules against ratholing are pretty much the norm nowadays. It used to be different a few years ago though.

    And you have a fair point about BK ring games being a little bit like long term tournaments!

    6. May 2009, 23:36:01
    Subject: Re:
    Gordon Shumway: 1) I've played at completely different sites then. I know Pokerstars and Full Tilt have timeouts before you can join with lower stacks.. but those are the only sites i know to have such rules. I've playd more tournaments than ring-games so i might be mistaken.

    2) With players who can manage their bankroll in cash games what you and Mr. Miller say might be true.

    But at BK the games are like "long term tournaments". Every entrant has limited amount of chips to spend. And we have very limited amount of players, and players can't really choose which kind of games to play at. You have to play whoever has joined the table. HIghrollers who would rather play with higher stakes have to play with beginners, because there just is not enough players for higher stakes game.

    6. May 2009, 22:17:49
    Subject: Re:
    Gordon Shumway: Thanks for that link... it does make sense, I knew someone would find that my theory was wrong!

    I guess its more tournament play where a big stack can bully, although he did admit that there might be a psychological advantage at the very least.

    But one thing his theory doesnt address is the act of "banking"... if I have 10k and you have 1k, and we both play correctly, over time you will have to buy back in 10 times for every one time I have to buy back in..... so, you cant really "bank" under this concept, its just temporarily taking money off of the table

    6. May 2009, 18:49:47
    1) At no online poker room I have played, you can rathole. You have to usually wait some time before you return with a shorter stack than what you left with, typically about 30 minutes or so.

    2) There is no bullying in cash games. If I have 10k and you have 1k at the table, we only play for 1k each hand. The 9k I have behind don't help me in any way, shape or form. Big stack bullying is a concept of tournament poker, useless in cash games. Absolutely useless. I have stated this several times. If you don't believe me, maybe you'll believe a "noted poker authority" Ed Miller.

    5. May 2009, 02:58:54
    Subject: Re: buy in
    puupia: one night, one stack" rule.

    I havent heard of that one... but I dont have much live casino poker play either, that sounds like a good rule to me

    But like I said before, I would rather not have just sat down at some table, then see some other guy come in with some huge amount of chips and basically start buying pots left and right.

    Again, to me, the person trying to bank money is really doing himself a disservice at a table, and even though it is frustrating to see someone win a big pot with all your cash and then take it off the table, at least he is coming back and at a disadvantage as well, at least in my opinion.

    5. May 2009, 00:08:45
    Subject: Re: buy in
    puupia: but most eveywher you play online..there is a buy-in...everywhere I play does.

    4. May 2009, 22:02:19
    Subject: Re: buy in
    Modified by puupia (4. May 2009, 22:03:22)
    At least Grand Casino Helsinki which i have mostly played at has "one night, one stack" rule. It states that if you return to a table where you played before you must begin with same stack that you had when you left (or min buy-in, if its less than that). But of course its not very strictly enforced.

    Anyways i don't really see why this rule should be used at BK. Its not used anywhere i've played at online.

    4. May 2009, 21:24:47
    Subject: Re: buy in
    puupia: I am not sure casinos do have such rules? You sure cannot take money off of a table as you stay and play, but you can get up and leave and come back, and when you do that, you are not even allowed to start with more than the table limit for buy ins.

    Problem with most casinos for people trying to bank, is that once they stand up from a table, there is someone waiting to take their seat, so they cannoit just bank and come straight back like they can in here.

    Yes, with play money there will always be some donkey who will take his 1K and try to get a lucky double up, or more, and they will play like that in tournaments as well... over the long term, you will take more of their money than they will from you, just play with patience and dont play their style until you have a monster hand.

    4. May 2009, 21:14:20
    Subject: Re: buy in
    Bwild: Most casinos, at least the ones i've played at, do have rules for not "banking" your winnings.You're supposed to play with same stack all night, at least if you don't move to different kind of table.

    But mostly onlinepoker ring-games don't have such rules. Its usual to see people go with their winnings and return with lower buy-in. I haven't played any high stakes games, so i'm not sure if its frowned upon there. But atleast with lower stakes online play it's very common thing to do and nobody seems to be bothered.

    4. May 2009, 20:35:39
    Subject: Re: buy in
    Czuch: no rule says leaving is wrong....but it is frustrating when some donk stays whith crapola..then catches on the river and banks your chips.
    when fencer finally figures out how to do'll hardly ever see me on the open tables.

    4. May 2009, 19:56:12
    Subject: Re: buy in
    Modified by Czuch (4. May 2009, 19:57:11)
    Bwild: I agree if someone is leaving and then coming back and somehow getting around the blinds, that is not right.

    But I have a different take on "banking".... On one hand, I see an advantage to "banking" after doubling up or whatever, and then coming back with less to risk if someone wants to put you all in.

    But to me if someone wants to "bank", I feel I get an advantage over them. To me, it is easier to win if you outstack everyone else at the table. So, for example, I have 20K at a 2K table, I can now buy a lot more pots with losing hands than I can if I am short stacked, or conversly, I can make the "banker" (who has now just 2K) fold more winning hands when I push them all in, with a lot less risk to my stack if they call me, than if they had 5K or 10K.

    Or another example.... I have just come in with 2K, or lost a hand and have 1K, and the "banker" has just turned in his 10K and come back with 2K. Now he lost his advantage to bully me around with his big stack and make me fold a winning hand when he puts me all in.

    I see how it can seem frustrating when someone takes you in a big pot, and then takes "your" money off the table. But in my opinion, he has really just done you and everyone else at the table a big favor

    But I am sure that someone can prove how my theory is wrong

    2. May 2009, 14:40:22
    Subject: buy in
    you know...its plain bs when you have players win one hand...leave bank their money then sit back in for free. its bad poker etiquette....but here at brain king its done on a regular basis.
    the deal order is still messed up....and its not uncommon to see your last 2 hole cards,instead of what your actually dealt.
    no answer..(not even a sarcastic one) on the status of any I guess I will continually complain until something is done.

    2. May 2009, 05:12:51
    5k poker anyone?

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