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    10. October 2011, 16:06:29
    Subject: fencer reprogram poker
    i saw a msg stating that now you know how to set up the game properly . inferior players are winning on set ups . calling hands& big bets with a 38 & ending up with a flush .too many pairs on board & open end straights. but worst of all are the setups you programmed in . giving a guy 3 fours & a guy who stayed in with nothing a gut river straight. this happens far too often .i suggest you watch some poker on TV & see the cards that come out in real life. the best card players are not winning as much as they should ...maybe that's the handicap you set up??????????????/anyhow its time you modernized the game even if you have to shut down for a day or 2. i've heard this lament from many a player. this isn't personal of course .just read where you say you know how to properly program the game now . please do ASAP mook53lhd PS or when you can of course tyvm

    2. October 2011, 14:37:53
    cool, I will be anxious to see the changes, and maybe a few full tables. Hopefully it happens this winter, cuz thats usually when I play the most!

    25. September 2011, 14:59:26
    Subject: Re:
    Fencer: yes do that little thing now that you know. tyvm too .even if you have to shut down a day to do it. guys staying in with 37 pulling straights ,or 4 same suit on flops too often,also way too many pairs . try to make pulling hands indicative to the odds of getting them . i mean forget about filling open end straights .it just don't happen more than 1% of time. the way the cards are coming out players are staying in with terrible cards knowing they still might beat anybody thats in.maybe the stakes on the little tables should be 25-50 to keep out pretenders who go in with garbage .even pre flop bet with same. perhaps your fixing rng & the stakes will create truer to life games. i'm not in any way criticizing just saw the post & wrote what i was thinking early on a sun. morning. i think it was great that you even figured out what we have .so i know you can improve on it mook53lhd

    25. September 2011, 14:47:59
    Subject: Re:
    beadle: sounds good to me .also they need to change the random hand generator . the patterns of the board cards needs fixing. also i think you should be able to hold your chair if nature calls etc say 10 min marker. otherwise you come back & you've lost your seat. yes beadle eliminate all but the no limit games ,which is what holdem is all about. maybe more players would gravitate over. who knows? what else you got? mookster

    25. September 2011, 14:42:28
    Subject: Re:
    beadle: I will probably rewrite poker from scratch because it is not well coded anyway. I didn't know too much about online poker when I had created it. Now I do.

    25. September 2011, 14:20:48
    Why doesn't BK just get rid of the limit tables, and advertise the no limit tables a little more, then maybe we could fill up some tables? Just a suggestion.

    15. July 2011, 05:46:43

    19. June 2011, 15:11:35
    Is what certain of you want to play?
    If you interested, specify me the day and the hour (hour of Paris).

    21. January 2011, 07:20:52
    joshi tm 

    25. December 2010, 17:01:45

    24. December 2010, 17:09:43
    there's no way most people got all that money without cheating against a fake identity

    23. December 2010, 09:24:38
    Maybe someone can ask Fencer to encrease the highest bets in the highest table. Now it is 5000/10000 chips table. I guess a number of players would be pleased to see a table with 50000/100 000 chips table...

    22. December 2010, 08:37:15
    poker anyone???

    5. December 2010, 17:39:29

    8. October 2010, 05:21:36

    23. September 2010, 18:56:59
    Subject: lets play!

    18. September 2010, 13:45:32

    9. September 2010, 14:11:40

    11. August 2010, 06:19:53
    Subject: chippies anyone?

    8. August 2010, 21:36:27
    Subject: lets play!

    5. July 2010, 17:17:28
    Subject: Re:
    rabbitoid: your a few hours ahead of me.

    5. July 2010, 06:55:02
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: at 4AM? I'm jumping out of my dreams and snoring you out of all your $'s :)

    5. July 2010, 04:47:24

    5. July 2010, 04:47:12
    come on and play if you dare!!

    29. June 2010, 21:03:15
    Subject: Re:
    Dreda: Why should it be a problem?

    29. June 2010, 17:29:46
    I think there is a problem! Sometimes there is a visitor while there was 0!

    24. June 2010, 22:10:41
    Subject: Re: Anyone care to play?
    Bwild: And?

    24. June 2010, 21:59:31
    Subject: Re: Anyone care to play?
    Fencer: yes...we had that conversation last November.

    24. June 2010, 08:58:32
    Subject: Re: Anyone care to play?
    Bwild: I am sure there will be much more interest in BrainKing poker when I add multi-table tournaments with interesting prizes. However, it won't happen until the next version of BrainKing is done. Anyway, it is definitely planned to do.

    24. June 2010, 03:31:23
    Subject: Anyone care to play?

    22. June 2010, 03:01:45
    Subject: lets play

    13. April 2010, 12:08:35
    Subject: Re: rules question
    Brainwave: Thanks!

    13. April 2010, 11:54:14
    Subject: Re: rules question
    yes 5-4-3-2-A is a straight
    no 3-2-A-K-Q is not a straight

    "A" can be seen as the highest as well as the lowest card ( "1" ) , but there isn't such a thing as a loop.

    13. April 2010, 11:29:31
    Subject: rules question
    In the rules here at brainking I read
    "Straight (e.g. K-Q-J-10-9)"

    Question: Is " 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - A " or " 3 - 2 - A - K - Q " also a straight? Or can't I 'connect' 2 and A ?

    12. February 2010, 04:20:27
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: well.. any active player sould be able to pass an inactive player no problem......

    11. February 2010, 20:58:24
    I think there should be an activity deadline to stay on the chip count list

    28. January 2010, 14:44:26
    joshi tm 
    Subject: Re: new way for fencer to make money
    BadBoy7: Fencer post last that Poker on BK never involved money, so that will never happen I think.

    I wish to play Omaha Holem as well here ;)

    28. January 2010, 07:23:06
    Subject: new way for fencer to make money
    sell chips to players that wanna buy them 4 example 10,000 chips for $10.00 etc etc

    28. January 2010, 03:22:03
    Subject: also how about
    a 50,000 /100,000 table with 4 seats

    27. January 2010, 19:01:18
    how about a 15000 to 20000 chip table with 6 seats?

    17. December 2009, 02:15:44
    Subject: why
    isnt there anyone playing poker anymore hardly in the early EST evenings??

    26. November 2009, 17:11:28

    24. November 2009, 03:30:26 
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Yea, I would guess the Poker board was in the general area when it was first made (can't recall myself), but at some point Fencer made a "Card game" area and placed it there.

    In my opinion, I would like to see the "Expand All Groups" be the default when someone visits the discussion board area... that way when someone is looking for a board, it would be easier to find.

    24. November 2009, 03:17:44
    Subject: Re: I even though a complete stranger can locate and read this board, it not part of the "(General Discussion) "?
    it didnt used to be this way.

    24. November 2009, 02:27:10 
    If I go to the Discussion Board Link - - then the latest post of the open group of boards (General Discussion) will show at the top (just happens to be on the Tournament Board. (Almost 2 hours ago from this post)

    If I click on "Expand all groups", then your post below (Poker board) will show up.

    Also, If I scroll down and expand the Card Game boards, then again your post below will show up as the latest post.

    24. November 2009, 02:02:22
    Subject: Re: did you look at the latest post on the discussion boards link?

    23. November 2009, 17:12:12 
    Subject: Re:
    Bwild: Where are you talking about it not appearing?

    I have this board on my favourite's so I usually see things here - I go into the Discussion boards link, and click on the card game sub menu and can see this board along with the last post. So with a quick look, it looks OK.

    Found the alquerque board also in the checkers sub-menu, but no recent posts in there.

    23. November 2009, 15:50:26
    Pedro Martínez 
    Subject: Re:
    Modified by Pedro Martínez (23. November 2009, 15:50:49)
    Bwild: Yes, and posts from the Alquerque board do not appear there either.

    23. November 2009, 15:45:31
    anyone notice that posts on this board do not appear on the discussion boards link?

    23. November 2009, 15:31:51
    on june 5th fencer said"Subject: Re: Poker tournaments
    nodnarbo: A couple of issues must be resolved first. But I didn't forget about it."
    now 5 monthes later he says"Bwild: Because it's my site and my decision. I have very good reasons.
    If you are not happy here, you are free to play elsewhere, instead of useless posting about "crap"."

    I will constantly remind everyone of fencers sound advice!
    Abigailll: your right on 2 things for doent cost us much to play here as contributing members on a yearly level....there are however, people paying a sizeable amount to be lifetime members, ans these people reciev the same retoric from a non-apprecieative webmaster,who,not oly once but several times now has acted as if he has come up with a better way to put his pants on!
    but hey...its your 40 bucks, and I'm paid up up for 2 more years...after that...if it isnt danged near free to stay in touch with the many people who I have gotten to know and have become friends with, then its just not going to happen.

    I dont expect special treatment...just some common courtesy

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