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27. October 2002, 21:53:14
Subject: refresh ?
What is meant by this term located under players name on main page?

28. October 2002, 20:28:02
Subject: Re: refresh ?
It specifies the automatic refresh period of main page and game pages. Some people wanted me to add this feature because they didn't want to press "Refresh" button in their browsers to see if it is their turn.
I am not sure if it works with WebTV.

30. October 2002, 18:05:01
Subject: Number of games playing
would it be possible to have a number displayed on our game sheet to let us know how many games we have going, so we don't have to count to see if we are at our limit.

30. October 2002, 20:40:21
Subject: Re: Number of games playing
So you want to see something like "Total number of my started games is xxx"? Okay, I'll do it ASAP, no problem.

31. October 2002, 21:36:06
Subject: Thank You
That was fast. Now I know how many games I've got going without over doing it. Thanks :)

3. November 2002, 04:09:01
Subject: 5 In a line!
The board for the game should be squared and not such as it is, its hard to line up your moves when you can't tell whats adjacent. Its very difficult as it is.

3. November 2002, 06:48:16
Subject: Re: 5 In a line!
That's right. I just didn't know that WebTV shrinks tables and doesn't support vertical screen scroller.
The next update should offer another layout to fix it for WebTV users.

3. November 2002, 10:53:56
Subject: WebTV users
Please try to switch to Row Layout in Settings if you use WebTV. The boards should be squared now, as my WebTV emulator shows ;-)

3. November 2002, 14:46:26
Subject: Re: WebTV users
Thanks for doing that, the boad looks alot better now!!!! Is it possible to have colored pieces, black and white, for men instead of x's and o's?

3. November 2002, 18:03:45
Subject: Thank You
Thanks so much, the way it was before really messed me up. It cost me a game before but thats okay. Good work on being so attentive :-)

3. November 2002, 19:03:09
Sandman: Currently it's not possible but I'll add this possibility ASAP.

3. November 2002, 19:03:34
Subject: Re: Thank You
Gamester: Thanks :-) Anytime.

4. November 2002, 18:50:56
Subject: New features
I read that you plan to add new features like chat, tourneys and such using Java. That may mess up webtv users as it can't support it. Thats just one of the limitations of the system. I like this site a lot and glad i found it and plan to be here a lot and as soon as able become a paid member. I would hate if there were things i could not do like enter a tourney..

4. November 2002, 19:17:40
Subject: Re: New features
Don't worry about that. All "extra" features like Java applets and similar ones will be optional. WebTV users don't have to turn them on. I have a WebTV emulator so I can test what works with that and what does not.
And I think you'll be able to enter tournaments :-)

4. November 2002, 20:19:02
Subject: Re: New features
Ok, that would be great. You should be commended on doing a great job with this site. :-)

5. November 2002, 00:55:03
Subject: Re: refresh ?
OK, Thanks

5. November 2002, 23:21:27
Fencer ,this site looks promising, looking forward to play a lot of good stack games here..:)

6. November 2002, 11:20:17
Subject: Re:
Thanks Aurora :-) Lots of games are planned to be added soon.

6. November 2002, 20:05:12
Subject: Resign or delete?
Question? Am i right that if you resign it will cost you the game? Say i decided i didn't want to play someone who hasn't even made a move after several days or play in a long match that was setup. Shouldn't there be an option to delete if the game has not progressed too far?

6. November 2002, 20:12:49
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
I can add a Delete option if no player made more than one move. Otherwise I'm not sure how to determine conditions for deleting a game. What if your opponent is on two-week vacation and he set this vacation in his Settings, would you take it as "not progressed too far"?

6. November 2002, 20:23:45
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
No if there was notification the player was on vacation that would be cool, at least you would know. What i was getting at was if say you decided you didn't want to play a 5 game match and the game hasn't started you could opt out. Being new and not knowing the conditions of the match ie highest score at the end determines winner. I prefer the certain # wins myself. I am not trying to weasel out of a game its just i like more normal games.

6. November 2002, 20:29:01
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
Okay, it can be done by this way: If you start a game [normal or match] and your opponent doesn't make any moves, you can delete the game and nobody's the winner. Would that be acceptable?

6. November 2002, 20:40:03
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
There should be that option. I do know that people start games and because of real life can not come online and move frequently, thats not the issue. If you change your mind about a game you should be able to opt out as long as no moves were made. I am continuing the game i have and thats not why i brought all this up. Sometimes people just change their minds.

6. November 2002, 20:41:31
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
I've just added it to my TODO list. To the very top :-)

6. November 2002, 22:57:27
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
you should make it within the first 4 moves like iyt & gt :-)

7. November 2002, 06:36:28
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
It will be made within first two moves of both players. So the result is first 4 moves, isn't it ;-)

8. November 2002, 03:03:08
eddie spaghetti 
Subject: nice site...
this site was posted on goldtokens db..i will always like gold token but this seems nice..i plan on stayin and playin daily....anyone wanna play invite me..thanx..

8. November 2002, 06:41:07
Subject: Re: nice site...
Nice to read it Eddie :-)

8. November 2002, 08:26:51
it's a great site, and fun to see all the gt players here.

8. November 2002, 08:35:50
Subject: Re:
yes it is and from amny other sites :-))))))

8. November 2002, 13:03:07
Subject: BKR rating
Hi Fencer .. really enjoying the site thankyou .. it's really come on in the last couple of weeks :)
Quick question about the rating system please .. having just won another game, my rating did not change .. though it has been doing up until now .. any ideas ?
Thanks for now ... :)

8. November 2002, 14:22:28
Subject: Re: BKR rating
Niki: You probably won with very low rated opponent or the game was defined as "unrated". The next server update [tommorow] will contain FAQ entry for this subject :-)

8. November 2002, 20:20:48
Subject: hello
to all my GT friends,had to shorten my nic to renegade nite owl,instead of night owl,nice site,send invites.good luck with site

8. November 2002, 23:18:47
Subject: Great Site.
Hi. Visited the site for the 1st time today & i must say that i'm extremely impressed by the layout & features. :)

8. November 2002, 23:39:13
Subject: NTL
hi,any other NTL users having problems with 5 in a line? i cant even get the game to load,i have had the new upgrade.....

9. November 2002, 00:23:47
Subject: Re: NTL
I am a NTL user with the browser update. I have seen a few problems like graphics not loading fully. Too resolve this i had to fully exit the site & return via ntldtv.! Is this a similer problem to yours.?

9. November 2002, 00:40:24
eddie spaghetti 
Subject: it is me?
on the page where you can set the time zone your in..wheres the eastern standard time at?..i see all the others but i dont see the eastern time zone can ya help?

9. November 2002, 01:23:21
eddie spaghetti 
Subject: i found it..
thanx to a nice helper...i found it thanx

9. November 2002, 07:44:22
Subject: Checkers
Well i can't see the black pips in chechers unless i brighten my screen to the max and thats annoying , i'm usin IE .

9. November 2002, 12:18:27
Subject: Re: Checkers
NightEagle1: I'll probably add more color schemes.

9. November 2002, 17:27:13
Subject: Changing Password
That was some trip I had to take to change my password. Good thing I saved my activation code or would never got back in. When I changed my password - I got a flashing screen that wouldn't do anything. My IE bar kept flashing, log-in, do-login. yet there wasn't anyway to log-in.

9. November 2002, 17:43:23
Subject: Re: Checkers
Ty Fencer , wish u all the luck.

9. November 2002, 21:48:50
Subject: Re: i found it..
where is that eastern time eddie?

9. November 2002, 21:51:42
Subject: missing a move
i'm a move short in spider with my game with alexlee, i don't see a game#. and also, is there a way to darken the pink, there's hardly any contrast. i'm on web and this is my first problem.
thx. ellie

9. November 2002, 22:10:43
Subject: Re: missing a move
I had no problem with the game, I kinda like the extra move I got, lol

9. November 2002, 22:17:46
Subject: Re: missing a move
very funny. LOL..

9. November 2002, 23:24:01
Subject: how to find a player
on the player list, my name or some of my friends are not listed there. where do I find them?

9. November 2002, 23:29:58
Subject: Re: NTL
the only problem i have found so far is 5 in a line just wont load...there must be some ntl users on here,any one else having this problem?

9. November 2002, 23:53:56
eddie spaghetti 
Subject: ellieoop...
eastern time on on this line
(gmt 05:00 ) bogoto,lima,quito,easterntime us&canada...i guess we are the foreigeners here...but thats cool..

10. November 2002, 00:19:13
Subject: A BIG HI

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