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Board for everybody who is interested in BrainKing itself, its structure, features and future.

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1. May 2016, 08:50:34
Subject: Re: Brainking
Gabriel Almeida: Hey, I was just thinking about posting some kind of announcement. But I am not at home now and it is not easy to type long posts on iPad, so I will do it tonight or tomorrow.

18. March 2016, 14:01:24
Subject: Re: Yo
furbster: Nope.

31. December 2015, 16:57:29
Subject: Re: A short note
If you do not respect your customers they will not respect you with their money and will tell others ...
Who says I do not respect customers? I keep the site up and running and everybody gets exactly who pays for. I don't remember that the Paid Membership page would ever contain anything about a guaranteed implementation of all suggestions. If somebody does not feel respected only because his idea of respecting customers is different, well, it's not my fault. Sorry.

perhaps you should sellout or hand the responsibilities over to someone who would enthusiastically make the site all it can be
Great idea, I could not agree more. Do you know someone who would take over and meant it seriously this time? It would be quite a change to negotiate with a normal and communicative person who is interested in purchasing the site.

Fencer is just collecting the money taken in and not willing to do what he can to please his customers
BrainKing is my site and I do everything related to it. Nobody is obliged to pay for anything. Whatever I collect, it is only my business what I do with that. If it is bad for business, it is only my problem. Period.

he doesn't need my paying membership to be profitable, I will not be renewing my membership
Everybody has this right. No hard feelings.

31. December 2015, 13:50:13
Subject: A short note
Hi guys,

My original intention was to post quite a comprehensive response to most of the questions, which could, hopefully, be helpful to at least some people. However, I didn't feel well during past days, so this is just a short summary:

As it was correctly mentioned there, BrainKing is no longer my top interest. Many things changed in my life since 2002 and I had to adapt to certain aspects that are not directly related to the site but still affect my free time. Furthermore, after 13 years, I am not as enthusiastic about board games as I used to be. But nobody needs to worry about turning off or deleting the site, unless some kind of really bad disaster happens, which is very unlikely in this part of the world. Membership fees are just a small portion of the income that BrainKing generates, so even if those who never stop complaining would finally decide to stop supporting us, the site would still remain profitable.

More info later. And Happy New Year.

3. December 2015, 16:14:00
Subject: Re: Is the site slow...
ketchuplover: Looks OK to me from one network and a little slower from another one. Could be a network issue somewhere.

14. November 2015, 16:08:15
Subject: Re: website paid membership idea...
ketchuplover: How would you measure an hour of access? This is not a real time site, you can open a game, spend 2 hours thinking of the next move, then click Submit and log out. Was it 2 hours of access or just 2 minutes of server time?

27. September 2015, 23:48:30
Subject: Re: Time control
speachless: Actually, I sent you a response (about 3 hours ago). Please check your mailbox for details.

18. July 2015, 13:34:49
Hey guys, I suppose it is solved now, right? Sorry for the delay, I've just returned from holidays.
Actually, it's fun to try to restart BrainKing from iPad on a hotel WiFi that goes down every 5 minutes.

9. July 2015, 10:12:25
Subject: Re:
TomsWife4Life: I've deleted your games. But next time, it might not be wise to start over 100 ten-win matches with the same person.

21. June 2015, 18:11:13
Subject: Re: Timeout Demon is dead...
alexlee: Nope, the daemon has really died itself. It should be OK soon (auto-sync).

27. May 2015, 10:09:12
Subject: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Hrqls: Yes, this is what happens when I do it manually in the database.
Btw, there was really an issue with cron jobs and they were stuck for 16 hours. Timeouts should be slowly resolved (as I restarted the server several hours ago).

26. May 2015, 19:59:35
Subject: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
furbster: A misclick. It should be gone now.

26. May 2015, 19:14:27
Subject: Re: Fencer can you fix this ?
Hrqls: Hey guys, I've never seen anything like this before too, so I have no idea how it could happen.
So, to fix it, I must create missing 9 games manually, one by one. I can take some time because all parameters must be correct.

21. December 2014, 13:17:18
Can you check it now?

21. December 2014, 13:13:34
Subject: Re: Disappearing games.
crosseyed: Oops! Due to a misclick in the latest update, some games were incorrectly moved to a database that is reserved for year 2015.
A fix in progress.

20. December 2014, 18:49:21
Subject: Re:
BGBedlam: Well, I didn't plan to create any action at all this year, so this one was started without any preparation or detailed rules. Ergo, I would like to keep it simple.
Maybe next time I will define more sophisticated rules, along with an automatic system that would prevent any possible exploits.
I guess that some people won't take it as a real membership promotion because of a "what's in it for me?" problem. It's their prerogative, of course. As I say, this is just a simple "let's try it and see where it goes" action, nothing more. For the time being, I would like to keep it as it is.

20. December 2014, 17:22:35
I've updated the action description, regarding this issue.

20. December 2014, 17:04:04
Subject: Re: Action
Aganju: Yes, I know that no matter how good a system is, some people will always try to exploit it. However, until it becomes a large scale problem (and I hope it won't), everything can be solved on an individual basis.
But of course, if someone is given a friendly hint "please do not do it" and refuses to cooperate, his vouchers can be cancelled, passed to other people of my choice, etc. But it would be applied only if everything else fails.

20. December 2014, 08:53:56
Subject: Action
Very well, it's been posted.

19. December 2014, 16:50:16
Subject: Re:
Gabriel Almeida: Vouchers sound good. I don't have time to code an automatic system for it, though, so they would be handled manually. It's not a big issue, I guess.

19. December 2014, 13:15:08
Hmmm. I don't know. What kind of action? Any suggestions?

3. June 2014, 19:19:49
Subject: Re: issue with Fischer's clock
speachless: I don't think we have a general problem. Mostly because:

1) Fischer's Clock had been introduced many years ago and nobody ever complained about any suspicious behaviour. Yes, there were some complaints but they had been caused by misunderstanding the concept of this feature.

2) No problem of this kind ever happened to me, not even during the test phase. I am sure that a serious anomaly would have been discovered a long time ago.

3) Although I don't have time for a serious and thorough investigation, I've had a quick look at the source code. Everything seems to be normal and as it should be.

So, my best guess is that aaru was unlucky to find a specific combination of parameters that causes the issue he described. Unfortunatelly I cannot provide more information at this moment.

3. April 2014, 19:50:31
Subject: Re: is Brain Pawn better as Brain Rook
speachless: Hmm, it's kind of sensitive part of the code and I still didn't have time to make any safe modifications to it.
However, I've just removed all tournament signups of the mentioned users (for tournaments that were not started yet). Please let me know if they manage to sign up for more and I'll try to find time for a more effective solution.

6. March 2014, 10:00:47
Subject: Re: Anything else?
The Col: It's there.

6. March 2014, 07:34:50
Subject: Re: Anything else?
The Col: I've just tried some YouTube link to ensure that nothing is broken. So if you send me the correct link to post to your profile, I'll do it.

5. March 2014, 10:26:24
Subject: Re: Anything else?
The Col: I've just added a YouTube link to your profile, so it obviously works.

5. March 2014, 09:46:10
Subject: Re: Anything else?
The Col: I don't see any changes at your profile. Are you sure you have submitted them? What exactly have you tried to change?

5. March 2014, 07:20:34
Hmmm, it's really sad (but not too surprising) to see that some people will always try to exploit the system. Very well, it can be fixed this way:

1) A user cannot have more than, say, 100 tournaments in the "open" section of the Tournaments page. Do you want to create more? OK but wait until some of your tournaments start.

2) If a user membership expires, tournaments created by them (in the "open" status) will be automatically deleted, except the prize ones with prizes already provided.

3) Regarding the single eliminations tourneys, that might be a bug because pawns should not be allowed to sign up for another tournament if they are already playing (or signed up) another one. But the code is really old (8 years?) so I am not sure about that. I'll look at it.

Anything else? Sorry, I am totally consumed by other projects so I could easily miss other issues mentioned in this conversation.

4. January 2014, 18:56:55
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: No, nothing. Perhaps something was changed on YouTube.

20. December 2013, 13:36:33
Subject: Re: My opponent just rolled a 1-9 (in Backgammon)
Aganju: Only Chuck Norris could roll a nine on a 6-side die. Nobody else.
I've fixed it.

12. December 2013, 08:20:59
Subject: Re: Bonus Achievement question
Aganju: You can buy then for anybody. The achievement is applied to the one who places an order and makes the payment.

7. December 2013, 09:14:33

19. November 2013, 13:59:15
Subject: Re: Rook Membership Deals
♥♫βaβyĢіґŁŁє♫♥: I am not sure. Should I? But not before December.

16. November 2013, 10:29:39
Subject: Re:
DeaD man WalkiN: BrainKing is 100% popup free (have you seen any ads here, except plain text ones?). It sounds like an adware/malware/spyware/whateverware installed on your browser or computer.

10. November 2013, 07:30:19
Thanks everybody.

9. November 2013, 12:38:40
Subject: Re:
MadMonkey: No idea. Was there a BrainKing Facebook page? I don't remember creating one.

9. November 2013, 08:45:38

6. September 2013, 09:17:41
Subject: Re: no emails
_Road Runner___: The server log says that 6469 emails were sent in last 2 days. Are you sure that yours are not blocked by an anti spam filter or something?
Anyway, BrainKing just sends emails, it cannot guarantee that they are actually delivered.

11. June 2013, 07:11:53
Subject: Re:It's not dependent on it, it just uses it for statistics.
(V): Both, if you put it this way.

10. June 2013, 07:35:32
Subject: Re:
rabbitoid: It's not dependent on it, it just uses it for statistics. A small JavaScript should be loaded and executed after the page content is fully loaded.

2. May 2013, 09:50:49
Subject: Re:Goldtoken
Snoopy: Perhaps the DoS attack guys decided to change the target.

27. April 2013, 17:46:53
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez: I could not express it better.

27. April 2013, 17:46:01
Subject: Re: Problem with site.
crosseyed: "The customer is always right" - if you want to believe that, it's your right, of course.
Give me some time and I'll try to elaborate a little.

27. April 2013, 14:56:09
Subject: Re: Problem with site.
crosseyed: You clearly have no intention to understand what I say all the time (well, not a big surprise because you are not the first one). I see no point to make any more attempts to explain.

27. April 2013, 14:11:04
Subject: Re: Problem with site.
crosseyed: Let me quote from the Paid Membership page:

"The player is not limited by number of started games at once nor number of moves per day nor number of joined tournaments and team tournaments, is limited by 35 vacation days per year."

That's what you are guaranteed to get. Everything else is "maybe, but maybe not, depends on the situation". Please try to deal with it.

Regarding your comment "If Brainking is no longer your top priority you should hand it over to someone else" - if you are interested, give me a good offer and we can discuss it.

27. April 2013, 13:50:24
Subject: Re: Problem with site.
crosseyed: Maybe you should have read more carefully what you paid for. You have a right to play more games, create fellowships, tournaments etc. There is nothing about "you will be guaranteed to have a site running without any problems ever" or "you will never have connection problems", and it's not there for a very good reason.
I could also say that I find your response (and permanent complaining) very insulting. Then we can insult each other on and on, if it makes you more happy. I prefer not to discuss it with people who only see their own problems and nothing else.
Anyway, I am the one who decides what my priorities are. If you don't like it here, you can always play elsewhere.

27. April 2013, 09:57:59
Hello guys,

It is true that some people can have problems to access BrainKing. BrainKing itself is OK and running fast, but for some strange reason the server occasionally fails to provide new connections, so the generated page never reaches your web browser. When I have time, I'll try to do some tuning, but since I am very busy with many other things (you might have noticed that, after 10 years, BrainKing is not my top priority any longer), it's hard to make any estimate, especially when I have no idea what could went wrong.

When I know more, I'll post it here.

18. April 2013, 09:29:44
Subject: Re: Weekend Days
thechosen0ne: It is always the server time - GMT+01:00 (or 02:00 when daylight saving time is active).

20. February 2013, 19:02:51
Subject: Re: Longest match
Roberto Silva: Well, I certainly hadn't supposed that someone would find it worth hacking to pass a number greater than 9 there.

17. February 2013, 11:18:37
Subject: Re: Connectivity
crosseyed: Since the site itself is fast and running without any problems, it seems that only some routes are affected. It usually means that there are problems with certain network nodes which is out of our reach (so we can only wait).

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