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6. November 2002, 20:05:12
Subject: Resign or delete?
Question? Am i right that if you resign it will cost you the game? Say i decided i didn't want to play someone who hasn't even made a move after several days or play in a long match that was setup. Shouldn't there be an option to delete if the game has not progressed too far?

6. November 2002, 20:12:49
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
I can add a Delete option if no player made more than one move. Otherwise I'm not sure how to determine conditions for deleting a game. What if your opponent is on two-week vacation and he set this vacation in his Settings, would you take it as "not progressed too far"?

6. November 2002, 20:23:45
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
No if there was notification the player was on vacation that would be cool, at least you would know. What i was getting at was if say you decided you didn't want to play a 5 game match and the game hasn't started you could opt out. Being new and not knowing the conditions of the match ie highest score at the end determines winner. I prefer the certain # wins myself. I am not trying to weasel out of a game its just i like more normal games.

6. November 2002, 20:29:01
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
Okay, it can be done by this way: If you start a game [normal or match] and your opponent doesn't make any moves, you can delete the game and nobody's the winner. Would that be acceptable?

6. November 2002, 20:40:03
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
There should be that option. I do know that people start games and because of real life can not come online and move frequently, thats not the issue. If you change your mind about a game you should be able to opt out as long as no moves were made. I am continuing the game i have and thats not why i brought all this up. Sometimes people just change their minds.

6. November 2002, 20:41:31
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
I've just added it to my TODO list. To the very top :-)

6. November 2002, 22:57:27
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
you should make it within the first 4 moves like iyt & gt :-)

7. November 2002, 06:36:28
Subject: Re: Resign or delete?
It will be made within first two moves of both players. So the result is first 4 moves, isn't it ;-)

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