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Froglet and variants.

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1. Septiembre 2004, 14:15:25
On my first game, first move, it looks half played! Shouldn't there only be one frog gone from the board?

1. Septiembre 2004, 14:30:08
Yes, you just clicked one to remove, rather than move it

1. Septiembre 2004, 14:31:24
Yeah but my board has loads missing! Hang on, I'll get a link...

1. Septiembre 2004, 14:32:26
huh?! I went on it again and they're all back now! Fencer, your frogs need more training to stay on the board!

1. Septiembre 2004, 14:34:18
Give them some flies then :-)

1. Septiembre 2004, 14:35:13
ROFL! Perfect solution!! Why didn't I think of that!

1. Septiembre 2004, 19:39:15
Asunto: First green frog to remove.
Is there a more advantageous frog to remove? I know it's random placement, but is it better remove one from the middle? from the edge? One that's all alone? one that's surrounded by certain colors?
I'm completely new to this game.. Looks fun..

1. Septiembre 2004, 19:43:50
Allways You need to check 2+ possible future moves, i.e. if You take green and the only one opponents chooise will be capture green one, check, maybe Your opponent will capture that one that leave You with moves that caputre only green, and in next move he will go ahead You... : )

2. Septiembre 2004, 00:54:37
Asunto: Last move?
I think I'd like to see the last move... those blue squares tracing the frog's path like in all the other games would be nice.

2. Septiembre 2004, 01:02:34
I get that in my games....

2. Septiembre 2004, 01:52:59
Asunto: Re:
Never mind... Now I see them too 8-)

2. Septiembre 2004, 06:38:25
My longest move so far (8 jumps). Who will beat me? :-)

2. Septiembre 2004, 13:22:00
Thats not fair, you must have had the Olympic frog!!

2. Septiembre 2004, 16:50:14 
Looking for more Froglet?

If you are a paid member, check out THIS FELLOWSHIP - It use to be just dedicated to Amazons, but has expanded to include Alquerqu, Jarmo, and FROGLET!

Includes a Froglet Team PLUS a Froglet Fellowship tournament starting soon! So if you want more Froglet, "hop" on over to THIS FELLOWSHIP for some fun. (Name of fellowship still being worked on.) :-)

2. Septiembre 2004, 16:52:00
Fencer: Do your frogs use steroids? lol

2. Septiembre 2004, 16:57:39 
Probable still a little early to talk about variants, but just to throw some very early idea out there:

Steroid Froglet - Have 2-3 "Steroid" frogs which will be able to jump over 2 frogs at a time. (To be used once then converts self to regular frog)

Fat Froglet: 3-4 "Fat Frogs" which can not jump another piece, but are worth more points when you jump them

3. Septiembre 2004, 10:26:05
Asunto: smaller board
Would there be any significant difference between 8x8- and 12x12-Froglet-strategy?

On a turn-based server like BK I prefer games which can be finished within about 50 half-moves or within about 3 weeks. Thus I suggest to introduce a smaller 8x8 Froglet board to speed up Froglet games a little.

3. Septiembre 2004, 10:33:22
most games that have been finished take between 30 and 40 moves to complete a game

3. Septiembre 2004, 16:00:17 
Fencer, where did the rules for this game come from?

Why I ask is that I think there should be some sort of rule the the first from removed from the game must be at least 3 rows from the edge, that way the 2nd player will have at least 4 possible jumps the next time.

Otherwise, a person can just take the from from the corner leaving the 2nd person with only 2 possible moves. And if a "high" value frog is 1 space diagnal from the corner, it now belongs to player 1.

3. Septiembre 2004, 18:58:11
Cudos on adding Froglet to the site - different and much fun :o)

3. Septiembre 2004, 23:34:06
Asunto: Re: smaller board
12 x 12 = 144 frogs
if every player removed a frog in turn and since each move is actually two turns (one for each player) then it would take 144 / 2 = 72 moves to remove the frogs

Of course some frogs are left behind at the end of the game... and there are also multiple jumps where more than one frog is removed... Sp the present version, will most likely be finished before 50 moves...

4. Septiembre 2004, 00:23:41
Asunto: Re: smaller board
The request was for 50 *half*-moves. Your calculation proves frs' point.

4. Septiembre 2004, 00:25:05
right... must by a pair of reading glasses, sorry frs O:-)

4. Septiembre 2004, 01:01:17
Asunto: Re: smaller board
I appreciate and acknowledge applying math on the game of Froglet. :-)

But nevertheless: I prefer and suggest a smaller BK Froglet default board.

Watching and considering about 140 frogs is just too much: For me and at a non-real-time game sever. Thus I suggest to reduce BK's default Froglet board size ...

Until now there hasn't been any posting to explain, how "Froglet strategy" will change, if the default board size would be reduced to a smaller size ...

4. Septiembre 2004, 01:03:02
Asunto: Re: smaller board
first we must understand the strategy with the current board size :)

4. Septiembre 2004, 01:15:31
Looking at the history suggests about 35-40 turns each, which is in line with many other games. This game seems like a more tactical game, keeping the lead seems important. But then again I have just started playing ;)

4. Septiembre 2004, 19:36:35
I think the game length is fine, a lot shorter than the likes of anti gammon and gothic checkers etc

6. Septiembre 2004, 23:28:02
BBW: See the rules, it should be based on an old English game.

9. Septiembre 2004, 19:27:25
2007 Lady 
Asunto: question...
I'm about to play Froglet for the 1st time but I have a question & sorry if it sounds a little lame.
Are the green frogs the only color that both players move 1st, in order to jump other frogs?

9. Septiembre 2004, 19:34:59
Asunto: Re: question...
The game starts with White removing a green frog from the board. After that, players take turns jumping a frog (of any color) over another, so as to land in an empty square. Multiple jumps are allowed.

9. Septiembre 2004, 19:35:03
I think that is true :o)

9. Septiembre 2004, 20:05:58
2007 Lady 
Asunto: Thanks ArnieTxx
I did read the rules just in case you wondered...
I was aware about the green frog vrs the 1st move, I just didn't know if each player had a designated color frog throughout the game or not.

Okay!! I'm now ready to go hopping ... lol

Thanks ArnieTxx, I appreciate your help.

17. Septiembre 2004, 02:17:01
Asunto: 1
i think it the best game on the makes u look and has none of this must suff.

17. Septiembre 2004, 12:12:07
It's very different. Not the best game on the site by any means, but it certainly does make you think.

17. Septiembre 2004, 20:32:32
Asunto: Re:
thats a good one least we got u thinking lol:)

18. Septiembre 2004, 12:51:56
Big H 
Asunto: Re: smaller board
I agree with frs--a smaller board would be better
I am getting down to the end of some games and all we have left is green frogs to jump--so for the next 20-30 moves we will get one point per move

but I like the game

18. Septiembre 2004, 13:59:48
Asunto: Re: smaller board
I feel the size is just right

18. Septiembre 2004, 16:00:17
i think 8x8 would be about the best size. The tactics are the same and the game would be over quicker.

18. Septiembre 2004, 16:43:01 
I think there could be a good variant - Small Froglet

18. Septiembre 2004, 16:56:15
Asunto: Re:
good one bad

19. Septiembre 2004, 10:11:51
Still not sure I like this game. It's somewhat abstract, fairly random, and very silly.

I'm also thinking a slightly smaller board would be good, though.

19. Septiembre 2004, 13:10:16
it seems all right to me..requires planning, experience, sacrifices...all the elements of more complicated games. It's about as silly as checkers, which may be good or bad, depending on your point of view. Hard to say what the ideal board size is...what is for reversi?

19. Septiembre 2004, 15:51:52
In my opinion, the current board size small enough to make the game length acceptable [compared to the original 18x18 board] and big enough to eliminate the random factor reasonably.

19. Septiembre 2004, 19:07:41
I agree that the size is probably good. (I thought it was too big at first.)
I think 8x8 would really be too small.. Maybe 10x10 would still be good. But I actually like the 12x12...
18x18 would be WAY too long!..

I would like to read about people's strategies.. Because it seems to me, there has to be strategies more complicated than my own. Mine seems rather simple. (Not sure if it works yet, as I haven't completely finished a game yet! lol)

19. Septiembre 2004, 21:39:23
Asunto: Re:
My current strategy is: allways capture the most points as long as the opponent doesn't get more points than I do in the following move... it's been working fairly good this far :)

19. Septiembre 2004, 21:51:52
Asunto: Re: Re:
thats what i'am findly finding out to.LOL

19. Septiembre 2004, 22:29:29
Well, that's my basic strategy too..
Maybe there really isn't more to it..

19. Septiembre 2004, 23:51:31
i think you should look a few more than one turn in the future though, but other than that it's pretty sound. ;)

20. Septiembre 2004, 00:18:04
My strategy is to try and get more points than my opponent :-)

20. Septiembre 2004, 00:47:20
Asunto: Re:
mine to kevin.but i seem to have a game going now.that only plays fast when it is i wonder WHY

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