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Perfil: AbigailII

AbigailII - Brain Peón, 200 Brains, 470 puntos éxito
Marcador total: 4651 victorias, 252 empates, 3525 derrotas, 324 torneos ganados

Datos personales

Socio:Brain Peón
Primera conexión:14. Agosto 2004, 22:39:19
Última acción:14. Mayo 2010, 23:05:47 - viendo la página principal
Días festivos semanales:Sábado y Domingo
Días festivos anuales restantes:10 días - usando sistema de festivos automáticos

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AbigailII no desea ser invitado a ninguna tipo de partida.
Descripción:I'm a quick player - unless away for vacation, I move at least once a day in each game it's my turn. Often more if my opponent moves as well. With one exception: if I have to pass in a game that allows for autopass, and my opponent hasn't enabled autopass, then I wait as close to the timeout as possible before moving. If you don't want that to happen, turn on autopass before playing me.

Fellowships: I don't see the point of fellowships. Ok, you have to join them to be able to participate in a team match, but I've no interest in team matches. As for the fellowship tournaments, why bother? If you want a restrictive tournament, create a private one. So, please, don't bother inviting me for your fellowship. I'm here to play with everyone. I block everyone sending me fellowship invites.

Tournaments: if you've created one, great! And guess what, no need to tell me. I know that the word 'Tournaments' in the upper left corner is a link to all the tournaments you have created (and more), and I know what the Tournament board is for. I have no need to get a mail about your tournament, and I certainly don't want to read a message about your tournament copy and pasted across many boards. You will be blocked and hidden.
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