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Board for everybody who is interested in BrainKing itself, its structure, features and future.

If you experience connection or speed problems with BrainKing, please visit Host Tracker and check "" accessibility from various sites around the world. It may answer whether an issue is caused by BrainKing itself or your local network (or ISP provider).

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15. Mayo 2011, 12:28:36
Asunto: very very slow here
tried 4 computers, three browsers and did all the usual things like empty cache etc. Took me 42 minutes from entering brainking to finally come here. Not nice indeed!

15. Mayo 2011, 12:27:04
Asunto: Re: Faulty site.
Modificado por crosseyed_uk (15. Mayo 2011, 12:38:56)

crosseyed: Fencer my friend still cannot get into this site to play games. When he can sign in he can't do anything. I sent you two messages and you have not responded to them. Did you get them? I suspect there are lots of other people who can't get into this site.



15. Mayo 2011, 11:11:58
Asunto: Re: brand new computer as of yesterday and this site is very slow loading
Bernice: Probably your computer then, unless you've cleaned it up.

15. Mayo 2011, 11:06:52
BK seems fine... though any difference I can't say is BK as I've just upgrading to Firefox 4.

15. Mayo 2011, 09:04:40
Asunto: Re:
rod03801: me too, it's very fast.

15. Mayo 2011, 07:06:17
Asunto: Re: Completely normal and fast for me as well.

15. Mayo 2011, 04:30:01
I just couldnt get in thru log in...had to go to guest log in and get in that way...not happy Jan :(

15. Mayo 2011, 02:20:04 
For me, I haven't seen any slowness.

15. Mayo 2011, 01:04:05
Asunto: slow
Ok, I'll chime in too. The site has been unusually slow for me today too.

15. Mayo 2011, 01:03:32
For me, it's different : when I use my laptop,it's rather slow but when I use my familial pc, it's very fast. I think it comes from the pc. On my familial pc, I've put a very powerful graphic card and that helps, I think.

15. Mayo 2011, 00:56:03
Modificado por Bernice (15. Mayo 2011, 00:56:32)
well I have a brand new computer as of yesterday and this site is very slow loading...first I get a plain white page and then only half the page comes up and very slowly the rest decides to appear

14. Mayo 2011, 19:04:32
Modificado por crosseyed_uk (14. Mayo 2011, 21:33:36)

Ok thanks Fencer I will pass that on. Thanks for the quick response. I have not had any problems and have been in the site several times today. The only thing I have noticed sometimes is the pages goes white and slow when I click to make my moves.

I have sent you a message with his reply to what you told me to tell them, to keep away from this board.

PS. My friend can sign in but can't do anything else.

14. Mayo 2011, 18:58:37
Asunto: Re: No access for some players.
crosseyed: From a user's point of view, nothing has actually changed, even the server's IP address is still the same. Host tracker confirms that BrainKing is accessible from everywhere.
As temporary workaround, ask them to try another domain, e.g., etc., just in case it is a local DNS problem.

14. Mayo 2011, 18:51:01
Asunto: No access for some players.
Some people are having problems getting to the site. Is there anything I can suggest to the player I know that can't get in?

13. Mayo 2011, 21:22:30
Asunto: Re: New Players
Thank you!

13. Mayo 2011, 21:19:09
Asunto: Re: New Players
Deb4858: The points are not really for anything...they are more of a personal challenge. Fencer (who owns BrainKing) has come up with a lot of different challenges (or goals if you like) that you can try and reach. For everyone you reach you get a certain amount of points.

Here is the page that tells you who has the most ----> Achievements

If you go to your profile, and click on the last Tab, you can look through all the achievements, and see which ones you would like to aim for

13. Mayo 2011, 21:10:02
Asunto: Re: New Players
I am a member of your fellowship. Actually, alot of fellowships invited me. What are achievment points used for?

13. Mayo 2011, 21:04:29
Asunto: Re: New Players
Deb4858: Well, not exactly Deb

Feel free to chat on any of the Public ones -----> Discussion Boards

If you have any particular game questions, every game here has its own Discussion Board. Anything to do with BrainKing itself can be asked here (or the General or Members boards).

Also you are in a few fellowships (including my Madhouse lol), someone will always reply to you in those

13. Mayo 2011, 20:55:17
Asunto: New Players
Is there a Discussion Board for new players?

10. Mayo 2011, 20:40:33
Asunto: Re: Sniff
rabbitoid: Maybe next time

10. Mayo 2011, 09:29:16
She's probably allergic to rabbits

10. Mayo 2011, 09:05:43
Asunto: Sniff
I didn't receive any mail from linda. What did I do to deserve this cruel treatment? buuuuuh

10. Mayo 2011, 00:56:03
Asunto: Re: linda1
*Bright Eyes*:It was taken care of days ago.

7. Mayo 2011, 13:20:44
Asunto: Re: Championship world BK 2011
hoky: Great!
But what is the difference between England and Great Britain? And where are my wins for Scotland?

6. Mayo 2011, 19:31:29
Asunto: Championship world BK 2011
Mistrovství světa BK 2011

Medails sequence nation after 16 games:

1. Czech Republic 7 - 8 - 9
2. England 2 - 0 - 0
3. Netherlands 1 - 2 - 0
4. Italy 1 - 1 - 0
5. USA 1 - 0 - 1
6. - 7. Bavaria and Russia 1 - 0 - 0
8. Germany 0 - 2 - 1
9. Brunei Darussalam 0 - 1 - 1
10. Slovakia 0 - 1 - 0
11. Great Britain 0 - 0 - 4
12. - 13. Finland and Spain 0 - 0 - 1
without nationality 2 - 1 - 0

6. Mayo 2011, 01:41:58
El Cid 
Asunto: Re:
Modificado por El Cid (6. Mayo 2011, 01:42:27)
Fencer: Now that were ate it, Hogfather didn't show up as a "Tugas" won tournament (and maybe some others...)

5. Mayo 2011, 15:26:46
Asunto: Re:
Fencer: No worries, i like to let you know these things, best stamp on him before it happens again lol

Saying that, i am sure a small script could run through all finished Team Tournaments and check

5. Mayo 2011, 14:55:20
Asunto: Re:
MadMonkey: A small bug, most likely. I'll check it.

5. Mayo 2011, 14:50:32
Fencer....I do not know if this is a Bug, or something has stopped working or maybe BarinKing just had a moment

Just going through all running Team Tournaments, so i can keep all Madhouse players up-to-date, and came across a Tournament that must have finished recently (well, since i last went through them all)

10-09-15 Hyper backgammnon is now over. We were 8 :4 up in the Final last time i checked. Anyway, now it has finished, i am wondering why it does not show up in Madhouse Team Tournaments Won ?

Did you disable something the other week, when you were testing other stuff or do we have a BUG .......

5. Mayo 2011, 11:43:31
Asunto: Re:now if I knew that it would have been put on here..............I don't obviously
Bernice: I do.. it was part of the message when I got sent one.. as in the user name.

linda1 (linda yomie) - [linda1, United States, Brain Pawn, Female] Brain Pawn.

5. Mayo 2011, 02:54:38
Asunto: Re:
Bernice: Well, if you PM me the name here on BK, I can Since others have said they got it too, I will be happy to block it from sending PM's

5. Mayo 2011, 01:35:22
Asunto: Re:
Modificado por happyjuggler0 (5. Mayo 2011, 01:36:25)
Bernice said: I don't obviously

I try not to assume....

Edit* I am curious though, was there *no* user name in your inbox, or what?

5. Mayo 2011, 01:32:26
Asunto: Re:
happyjuggler0: now if I knew that it would have been put on here..............I don't obviously

5. Mayo 2011, 01:01:59
Asunto: Re:
Bernice: What is this person's BK user name, the one who sent you the message here at BK? Surely they can't use a yahoo address to send you a BK message?

5. Mayo 2011, 00:50:59
Asunto: Re:
MadMonkey: yeah in message box....she is spamming...get onto it Rod you go getter you hahahaha

5. Mayo 2011, 00:47:55
I got one too. Gee I thought it was cuz I was so sexy. Oh well, too old to open it anyway.

5. Mayo 2011, 00:37:51
Asunto: Re:
Bernice: Well if you received that in a PM here on Brainking, why not just block them? Or if they are spamming many people on here, we can certainly block them from sending messages to anyone.

5. Mayo 2011, 00:36:19
Asunto: Re:
Bernice: Where did that arrive ? In your Message box ?

5. Mayo 2011, 00:31:31
WHO IS THIS, and can she do this?


How are you doing?
I hope all is well
my name is miss linda i want to be your good friend
please send me your email at my private box
so i will give you my picture
have a nice day
Yours linda.

4. Mayo 2011, 19:22:33
Asunto: Re:
Fencer: Great stuff, Thanks

4. Mayo 2011, 14:38:24
Asunto: Re:
MadMonkey: Yes, sure. I was doing some urgent things but I hope I will find time for this one.

4. Mayo 2011, 12:10:18
Fencer ..... Any idea when any of the Broken (or disabled) Move and goto.... functions will be made available again ?

(Team game, No Vacation game & Non-paying member games were so useful)

27. Abril 2011, 11:16:27
move that chat to a fellowship please ... the subject it is about now has nothing to do with brainking itself

27. Abril 2011, 09:09:39
Asunto: Re: Gross distortion of the "KM Business."
Purple: I don't think so from what was said about the activities of that club you use to be in, you did get banned because of it for a while as did many people involved in the running of KM.

27. Abril 2011, 01:36:19
Asunto: Re: My 2 cents
Purple: bless his little beating heart....he always over re-acts...:)

27. Abril 2011, 01:10:59
Asunto: Re: My 2 cents
(V): Gross distortion of the "KM Business." But will not defend us any further.

26. Abril 2011, 23:30:24
Asunto: Re: My 2 cents
(V): OMG I hope that does not happen to them lol.

26. Abril 2011, 23:28:57
Asunto: Re: My 2 cents
crosseyed: True to a degree, but those caught...

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