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23. Juni 2019, 02:59:26
Emne: Re: question??
Hrqls: well when it comes on it does show the screen where it shows the beginning loading for it to show if the connection is on then it says no and goes to sleep

19. Juni 2019, 04:07:17
Emne: Re: question??
Hrqls: nope checked the buttons and nothing was messed up

17. Juni 2019, 01:04:09
Emne: Re: question??
MadMonkey: dont think its the power supply as the pc comes on when the button is pushed and u can feel it running

17. Juni 2019, 00:59:28
Emne: Re: question??
Hrqls: but thing is it worked perfectly then the day be4 yesterday is when it started saying and doing what i ask about

17. Juni 2019, 00:56:24
Emne: Re: question??
Tilpasset af BadBoy7 (17. Juni 2019, 00:56:52)
MadMonkey: I disconnected at the pc 1st then at the monitor and it still comes on and says no signal then the monitor goes to sleep

15. Juni 2019, 22:59:33
Emne: question??
what could be wrong when you turn on your pc and the monitor says no signal then goes on sleep???

16. November 2011, 06:11:01
Emne: Re: question
MadMonkey: it don't have any internet connection...my pc mechanic told me he thinks it wiped win-sock out cause there's not even any sound audio in it now

13. November 2011, 07:35:50
Emne: Re: question
MadMonkey: when it got a trojan worm i ran Iobit malware Fighter and it found it and i quarentined it be4 that i had Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware but after the trojan it disabled it and wont let me run that 1...it also wont let me put up my firewall or any security..it even locked up and stopped my anti virus AVAST and not it is saying there is NO internet thingy so it wont conect to the internet to be able to re download any anti virus says something about the internet being disabled

11. November 2011, 03:27:49
Emne: question
my g/f has a little Mini HP laptop pc and the other night it went nuts and wouldnt do anything...so tday it says it has NO INTERNET CONNECTION...there is NOT even any internet icon at bottom...what does she have to do to get it so it will hook up??? also when it is loading other stuff like on the desk top it freezes and brings up numerious help pop ups and locks up and she has to keep re booting it and then same thing again and again

25. Juni 2008, 03:14:55
Emne: Re:
MadMonkey: sounds like either it's a problem in the mother board or possibly the processor is screwed up and shot

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