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15. Juni 2019, 22:59:33
Emne: question??
what could be wrong when you turn on your pc and the monitor says no signal then goes on sleep???

16. Juni 2019, 16:39:57
Emne: Re: question??
BadBoy7: it coud be manually set to vga or dvi while the connected cable is the other type
try selecting all your input channels in your monitor settings

17. Juni 2019, 00:59:28
Emne: Re: question??
Hrqls: but thing is it worked perfectly then the day be4 yesterday is when it started saying and doing what i ask about

17. Juni 2019, 08:07:40
Emne: Re: question??
BadBoy7: it could be someone (or something like a cat) accidently touched the button on the monitor disabling the autoselect

another issue could be the graphics card : if thats broken then the monitor gets the power, but no signal from the pc and you get this message

19. Juni 2019, 04:07:17
Emne: Re: question??
Hrqls: nope checked the buttons and nothing was messed up

19. Juni 2019, 07:48:45
Emne: Re: question??
BadBoy7: then my guess would be the graphics card .. which is costly :-(

or maybe just the fan on the graphics card if you are lucky .. but then it would show some screen at first and lose it later

23. Juni 2019, 02:59:26
Emne: Re: question??
Hrqls: well when it comes on it does show the screen where it shows the beginning loading for it to show if the connection is on then it says no and goes to sleep

23. Juni 2019, 10:32:25
Emne: Re: question??
BadBoy7: hmm you could be lucky then and it might just be the fan ... but might still be the complete graphics card

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