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Computers (BIG BAD WOLF, 2007-03-12 20:16:01)

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16. Juni 2019, 12:17:47
Emne: Re: question??
BadBoy7: Off the top of my head, try the detaching and reconnecting cable from your PC to the monitor, that is often the answer...maybe replace it if you have a spare, especially if it looks knackered

The same with the monitor, try a different one if possible.

If neither of those rectify the problem then it points to your PC itself..... take the side of your PC and try removing & putting the Video card back in.

After that, you are running out of possibility's, either the power supply or motherboard

17. Juni 2019, 00:56:24
Emne: Re: question??
Tilpasset af BadBoy7 (17. Juni 2019, 00:56:52)
MadMonkey: I disconnected at the pc 1st then at the monitor and it still comes on and says no signal then the monitor goes to sleep

17. Juni 2019, 01:04:09
Emne: Re: question??
MadMonkey: dont think its the power supply as the pc comes on when the button is pushed and u can feel it running

17. Juni 2019, 02:17:04
Emne: Re: question??
BadBoy7: do a virus check....some of them are strange these days...

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