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Swap Five in Line

"Swap" variant became very popular thanks to the option of side and colour swapping (taken from Renju and slightly modified). The first moves are the following:
  • Starting player places two own (crosses) and one opponent's (circle) piece to the board. These moves can be done anywhere, it is not mandatory to begin at the board centre.
  • The opponent (black, circles) chooses either to continue in the game in a standard way (places a circle) or swaps the colours. The latter choice means that the black becomes the white (and vice versa) and the former white (current black) performs a normal move placing a circle.
  • After the sides and colours are definitely set, the game continues with classic Five in Line rules (except one detail, see the next point).
  • Important: A player must place exactly five pieces in a solid line to win! Making a row of six, seven or more pieces does not finish a game.

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