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Five in Line

Start position and game object

I would say that almost everybody who ever had a checked paper and a pencil, knows Five in Line. You can play classic Five in Line on 15x15 board at The object of this game is to place five pieces in a solid row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The game starts on an empty board.

How to place pieces

Each player can place one piece on an empty square per move. The following picture displays how the white player placed the pieces marked by a blue square. supports the most common piece set - crosses and circles. Due to a request of several players, an other set (of white and black stones) has been made available. It is possible to switch between these piece sets in Settings page, Five in Line section.

How to finish the game

The game ends if one of the following conditions is fulfilled:
  • One player places five or more pieces in a solid row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This player wins the game.
  • All squares of the board are occupied and no player fulfills the previous condition to win. In this case the game ends as a draw.

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