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Entrevista con Summertop (4. Mayo 2009)

How did you find about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
I used to play at IYT. Nothing but problems there. Started looking, found this site. Fencer does a nice job of keeping it fresh. He is always adding new features to it. Why would anyone leave?

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (if any)
Probably the Poker tables. I think the graphics there need some serious help. I would also make some sort of action for shooting that dragon down as he flies across the screen.

What's your favourite ice cream topping?
"Magic Chocolate"
It is a chocolate syrup, that hardens when it gets cold.

Who is your favourite dwarf?

He is a family member's World of Warcraft character. As for Snow White's dwarfs, I would have to say Grumpy. Fits me, by the time I've dealt with my own 5 kids.

Tea or coffee?
Would you believe I don't drink either one. I'm a "Hot Chocolate" man. But, I would have to say Tea, because I can't stand the smell of coffee.

How strange is that?

What's the best book you read the last year?
I really enjoy reading Clive Cussler novels. It's hard to pick a favorite one, but I prefer the "Dirk Pitt" novels. I was excited when they made a movie out of Sahara. I hope they make more.

Does Buddy talk?
Oh, sad...several questions about Buddy. I miss him. He's been gone less than a year. But, no he never talked. My new bird doesn't talk, yet, either. Check my web page in about a week or so, and I will post pictures of my two new birds.

What part of the world are you from?
I live in Sandy, Utah. Which is in the same valley as Salt Lake City. We moved to the Salt Lake Valley when I was 4 and I've lived here ever since.

What is your favorite game on Brainking?
Loop Chess. followed closely by backgammon. I actually spent all day, this last Saturday, playing chess (on real chess boards) with Boy Scouts. There is a big expo once a year with thousands of scouts. Last year, I got beat by a 10 year old. I had the advantage, then made a stupid move (lots of distractions). He wouldn't play me again. Of course, this kid was ranked 4th in the nation, if you believe his dad.

Do you think there is a cure for LADIESMANINNY32's (I Love Vanda's) mental disorder?
I'm still trying to find a cure for my own mental problems.

does your parrot chatter much?
Well, no. It is still sad for me, "Buddy" died. I now have a Galah (Rose Breasted Cockatoo). I amtrying to get him to speak, but so far, nothing. But, he can be VERY loud. Painfully loud every evening around 9:30. He will lay on his back in the cage, with a toy in each claw, and one in his mouth.

His favorite toy is a 4"x4" leather strip with leather straps coming off it. He will hang upside down on it, shake it like CRAZY, and screaming so loud my neighbors hear him.

If you watched any movies in 2008, what was your favorite?
I would have to say Indiana Jones. Dark Knight was OK, how many different "Jokers" do we need. I haven't seen Iron Man yet. Even though I have the DVD.

What's your fav foods?
Well, its hard to pick just one favorite. Some of them are, Sushi (Tako is easily my favorite there), pot-stickers (Chinese appetiser), and Crab (most seafood). I love shrimp, but have developed an allergy to it. I also love Tacos.

Do you have any secrets? Will you share them with us?
I can't
If I shared them, they wouldn't be secret anymore. Then what would I have?

What game would you like Fencer to add?
There are several. Multi-player games like Risk. And real-time card games, like hearts and pinochle.

What is your favourite finger food?
Is sushi considered "Finger Food"? Probably only for those can't cant figure out the chop-sticks.

Another one I like is breads. We often slice up some french bread. Then dip it in some Spinach/artichoke dip. We also like to dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Mmmm, going to have to pick some up on the way home from work!

Do you think the world needs more trains?
Actually, YES! There are some cool new commuter trains out there. They can get you to your destination almost as fast as taking a small commuter flight.

When playing monopoly, which figurine you you want to use?
The cool ones always seemed to get lost. Somehow I end up with the thimble...I always wanted the Horse.

How would you prepare the Easter bunny for dinner?
I would probably give it a nice pleasant bath, polish up is front teeth, and give it a nice new suit.

Do I ask too many questions?
Nope, if people didn't ask questions, the whole "interview" concept would die off, on BrainKing.

How often do you fire your rockets?
Usually one or two times. Then its time to go home.

OK, OK, I used to go every month and fire my big ones off (have to get clearance from Air Traffic Control). the small "Park Fliers", I used to go every week. But, I haven't launched a rocket for several months.

What would you do to achieve an achievement?
Probably, just what is required.
I don't much follow the achievements. If they come, fine, if not fine. I think they are cool, for a nice diversion. I just don't get into them.

I suppose, if I knew I was close to earning one, I would try to finish it off.

If a Koala bear and a Sloth got into a fight, who would win? (and why)
The had to get tired of all those animals hanging on it's branches...eating it's leaves.

If a goat and a bass fish got into a fight, who would win? (And why)
Bass, because the goat is afraid of water. But did the bass get out of the water?

Last question from me - why do you think so much about peaceful animals fighting each other?
Guess I'm just a mean spirited person. I DO cut animals up into small pieces and glue them to rocks! Really I do!

OK, corals (you know, from the ocean) are considered animals. It is common to cut a small piece off and glue it to a rock. That small piece will grow into a full colony.

Have you seen the film "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" ?
I had to look it up. I don't think I ever saw it. If I did, as politicians say, "I have no recollection of that".

Tell us about the first fish you ever owned
I went to a carnival, paid my dime to throw a ping pong ball into a fish bowl...won a gold fish. Had a freshwater tank in my office for several years. Started with an Oscar and Clown knife. Then I went with Saltwater. Started with a Gold-Striped Maroon Clown (the very one pictured in my avatar) and a Vlamingii tang.

Do you have a rocket launcher?
Yes, I have several. But for my favorite rockets, I have to borrow a launcher, because mine aren't big enough.

I have a rocket that is 5 feet tall, goes 9000 feet high, and reaches speeds just short of mach 1.
I have another rocket that is 7 feet tall, but only flies 1200 feet.
Yet another that is 1.5 feet, but flies 4000 feet high.
..and another...and another...Its fun to do with mu family.

How old is your cute parrot?
I see you went to my web page and saw a picture of "Buddy",my Black Headed Caique. He was 4 years old. And, like most parrots they bond to one person. He tolerated most of my immediate family. But he hated my dad. He would actually fly over to my dad and attack him. He bites hard.

These birds are fascinating, playful little animals. He loved hanging upside-down. Many times, I would be holding him, and he would "fall" so he was hanging upside down. He loved to lay on his back, in my hand, and have his belly rubbed.

It was very sad, I said "hi" to him one morning before work. When I came home, he had died. Well, my dad wasn't upset, but I and my family were. Still are.

What games brought you to Brainking?
That's easy. I came for the Chess. I used to play at IYT. People there started getting rather offensive. So I started looking for another place.

What does make backgammon so fun, because its my favorite also?
Backgammon as one of my two favorites because...With backgammon, some think it's just the luck of the roll. It's not. There is skill involved and I'm pretty good at it. I think most people like playing games they are good at.

Or is it, they get good at games they like?

What is your next big plan, which would change your future?
I suppose retirement...but that is a long way in the future. I invest a lot of my time in helping others change their future. Like trying to get my kids to graduate from high school (and hopefully college). that way, they can support "Old Dad" in his retirement.

what is your all time favorite tv show, movie, and song?
This is a hard one. I don't watch hardly any tv shows. In fact, there are only three that I watch: Mash, Hogan's Heroes, and Simpsons. There are lots of movies I like. I have about 500 DVD's in my collection. I would have to say, Princess Bride is my favorites. I can quote almost the whole movie. As for songs, I don't have a favorites. It depends on my mood. I prefer songs from the 80's (and a few 70's). My favorite group is Depeche Mode.

What is your favourite country apart from where you live?
I've done very little traveling outside of the USA. I've been to Mexico and Canada. I really liked Mexico. I've always wanted to go to Italy. Not the typical tourist spots. I want to travel/explore the rest of the country.

What is your favourite game on this site?
Easy one. My favorite game is Loop Chess. It was a very popular game, when I first started playing on BrainKing. Now, it seems to be easier to get a game of backgammon going. Good thing I like that game to.

Why did you choose that username
It was my nickname all through school. OK, my last name is Winterbottom...figure it out.

How did you get picked for an interview?
I have no idea. Maybe he was stuck for a name and just grabbed one. But, its kinda cool.

When do you think Fencer will get round to getting Dominoes on Brainking?
August 28th
I like dominoes and that would be a good birthday present.

Do you like to play ponds ?
No, not at all. I've tried a few times and have always looked forward to jumping in the pond. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I'm not very good at it...Hmmm.

What is your opinion about poker place on BrainKing ?
Well, I don't want to offend...but, I don't like it. Having poker on BrainKing is fine. I think the implementation is very lacking. Especially compared to the rest of the site. I think a lot of work still needs to be done with the "display". I will go there every once in a while during the day and play a few hands, but I quickly get bored with it. The one nice thing,is it is not blocked by my company's firewall, so it is the ONLY poker I can play at work. Only during lunch time, of course.

What feature would you like to be added on BrainKing ?
I would like to see more multi-player games. I would hope that as Fencer builds up poker, he adds other card games. I like Hearts and Pinochle. I would also like to see games like Risk and Settlers of Catan added to the site.

Your profile says that you're a good player at backgammon. Do you play it in club as well ?
Nope. I've never been in a game club of any kind. In fact, It's been years since I've played backgammon on an actual board. I only play backgammon here on BrainKing.

Why don't you play more tournaments on BrainKing ?
Well, I recently signed up for a few loop chess tournaments. I like to stick to about 30 games. The majority of time, I make my moves from my office. Any more than that, and it tends to interfere with my work. Maybe I should readjust my priorities.

Do you spend lot of time on MSN ?
Well, there is the MSN web site...I never visit.
There is MSN Messenger. The only time I use it is if I need to ask a co-worker or family a quick question. But, I prefer talking to people face-to-face. I'm not a big "texter". I think too many people spend too much time sending text messages. It's important to actually "SEE" family and friends.

What game do you like to play with your friends or family ?
My family is big into World of Warcraft. My parents, wife, kids, brother, sisters, their kids all play together. We also like to pull out old fashioned board games. We play Settlers of Catan, Risk, Carcassonne, and others. We also play card games, dominoes, etc.

As you like saltwater aquariums, do you like to scuba dive to see some of the wonderful sea life up close in their natural habitat?
I've been snorkeling in Cancun and Cozumel, but I've never scuba dived. I really want to. Seeing a few animals (coral are animals) in my aquarium can't even come close to seeing them in their natural environment...Alas, my wife doesn't want me to scuba dive. So I haven't. "Happy Wife, Happy Life"

What do you do for a living?
I'm a software developer.

Aren't you afraid people ask you questions just so they can get another achievement?
There's an achievement for asking questions? I wonder if there is one for answering them.

how long do you think Brainking will be around?
A long time. I don't see BrainKing going away. There may come a day when Fencer is tired of it, but I doubt he would close it. More likely he would sell it.

What games would you like to see added to Brainking?
Well, I would like to see more Multi-player games. Team Chess would be cool. It is similar to Loop Chess, but played with 4 players. I would also like to see more card games.

How do you think auto-pass should work on the site (mutual agreement, each player decides, etc)?
I remember when there wasn't auto-pass. Fencer was against it. But because of the outcry for it...we now have it. I don't use it. I agree with the current implementation, it should be a decision for each player. Each player can choose to use it or not.

What do you do for fun when you aren't playing on here?
I like spending time with family and friends. We play a lot of games together. We have BBQ's. We go camping/fishing. We go to our cabin. One of the favorite places to go is the Uintah Nation Forest and camp for the weekend. When we get together and do that as an extended family, we can have about 70 people. there are not many places where you can camp with that many people. But there are a few. We all bring our travel trailers or tents...spend the weekend fishing.

If U don't mind telling us, where is your cabin at and is it buy a lake? If so, whats the name of the lake?
My cabin is in north-eastern Utah (USA for those not familiar). It is 30 minutes from a reservoir "Starvation" that is a very popular water-skiing and fishing place. It is also about 30 minutes from a couple of rivers where you can catch some nice rainbow, brook, and brown trout. It is surrounded by hundreds of miles of dirt roads for those that like to go exploring on ATV's. I have enough property that I can sit all day on my deck and shoot trap.

You have any cats? or other pets?
Lets see...pets...No cats. I am allergic to them. But, I do have:
-Golden Retriever
-Shih'poo (mix between a Shi'tsu and a poodle)
-Rose-breasted Cockatoo
-Green Cheeked Conure
-Red ear slider (turtle)
-Bearded Dragon (lizard)
-Lots of fish and coral (4 Saltwater aquariums=370gallons)

u like summer or winter?
I like them both. I love waking up to fresh snow. I even like camping in snow. Yes, in a tent, in the snow, in sub-freezing temperatures. However, I don't do snow sports. I've only skied once. Loved it. but, spent 6 weeks in a knee brace. Apparently, the first time skiing, isn't the time to "Tuck" and race your brother down the mountain. I also, love summer time. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors, camping, fishing, boating, etc. My family loves to go to our cabin for the weekend. Its great to get away.

Did you hear that?
What? Did you say something?

I have "selective" hearing loss. When my wife asks me to do something...sorry, didn't hear you. I wonder if that explains why I am always in trouble.

What is your favourite game here in Brainking?
I love Chess and its variations.. Typically, I like games based on strategy, not luck. Chess is a game where you can capitalize on a players "mistake". Unfortunately, I'm usually the one that makes the mistake. My favorite variation is "Loop Chess". It helps me mitigate the damage from those frequent mistakes. There is a 4-person variation to loop chess, that would be cool to have implemented on BrainKing.

Do you do special things for a better achievement?
BrainKing has recently introduced an achievement system. I haven't changed my playing style to earn any. If they come, they come. However, I am a little competitive. So I do like to earn them.

How do you feel about being the subject of the BIGGEST INTERVIEW on BK so far?
Biggest, as in the most questions? Must be a fluke. I have been active on BrainKing for a long time. It's nice to know people are curious about me. I was actually a bit nervous that people wouldn't ask many questions.

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