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mal4inara (Jo van Berkel) - Ajuvanker, 19 Ajusid, 2355 saavutuspunkte
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Gouwe gozer
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Jo family pics - Sept 2009

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I am a mum of 4, granny of 3, 52 yrs old, living in Nelson, New Zealand with my wonderful partner Nigel.

I play in order of least time left.

11.1.2024  Reducing games, so please, no invites for games.  

13.1.2022 another woohoo, top mover 100 times, took a fair bit of effort but I got there.  Now to complete the games I started so I would have plenty of moves to make.

25.7.2021 Not many signed up for tourneys so not bothering at the moment.  Also, the level of troll accounts,  and cheats and liars using Brainking is a huge problem. It's getting harder to know who is trustworthy. 

2.8.2020 woohoo, 1 million moves!! 
I am planning on creating tournaments/ponds in the near future titled The Impossible Dream. I have been slowly working towards several achievements, and will create tourneys to try and get closer to completing more achievements. I know there are some not calculating correctly, as there are two I should have, but haven't been awarded. But I'm not going to let that stop me. Besides, it's fun!! Watch this space..........

25.12.2019 congrats to Francesco on most moves in a day  and I "piggy-backed" off this by achieving 5000 moves, a huge achievement for me as I usually can only manage an hour at the computer, and my tablet is too slow. Now to play out all those extra games started......


Was diagnosed with heart failure in July 2017, caused by a viral infection.  I was very sick, but slowly improved, then went downhill again. Pacemaker implanted 7th Nov 2018, CRT-D.  All went well, have a bit more energy though still tired all the time. Doing the dishes wipes me out for hours!!!


Please remember I am in New Zealand, different time zone to most!!!



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