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Advertising on BrainKing
BrainKing, as one of the most popular and frequently visited game site, offers a unique and low-cost advertising opportunity, targeting more than 80,000 unique visitors every month. The partners can choose from the list of standard advertising options or negotiate a specific advertising campaign to fit their needs as much as possible.
Text link
Text link advertisement is one of the most popular types of advertising, regarding its low price and various options of placing it to the selected page. It is usually used by advertisers who want to make their site better indexed by Google and other search engines, but it is also capable of getting a visitor's attention if it is included in an article, highlighted by a border or background color, etc.

Time periodEnglish homepageEnglish inner pageNon-English home or inner page
1 kuu100 EUR--
6 kuud600 EUR300 EUR300 EUR
1 aasta900 EUR550 EUR550 EUR

If you are interested in advertising on our site, please contact us at fencer@brainking.com.
Please note that 6 months and 1 year subscriptions are offered with a discount price, thus the particular payments are not refundable after the campaign is activated.
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