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Knight Relay Chess

Also known as N-Relay Chess, this interesting chess variant was invented by Mannis Charosh around 1972.
The standard Chess rules are used in this game, with the following important exceptions:
  • Any piece (except a king or a knight) which is guarded by a knight of the same colour can add knight moves to its own moving abilities. This extra feature is in effect as long as the piece is guarded by a knight. The following picture shows all possible moves of the E2 pawn, which is guarded by the G1 knight in the start position:

  • A pawn powered by the previous point does not extend its moving options to the 1st or 8th row. For example, a pawn on C6 which is guarded by a knight on E7, cannot jump to B8 or D8.
  • If a pawn moves back to its initial row, it can do the two-step standard move again.
  • Knights cannot capture enemy pieces and cannot be captured by them. It also means that a knight cannot give a check or a checkmate. This rule applies to the promoted knights as well.
  • There is no en passant capture.

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