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Short description of specific rules of Checkers variants

SpiltypeBoard sizeNumber of piecesLong moves of promoted piecePawns can jump backwardsQuantity rule (*)Quality rule (**)Preference rule (***)Special rules
Anti Dam8x812      
Tjekkisk Dam8x812x   x 
Hjørne Dam8x812x   xPawns promote in corner squares only.
En vejs Dam8x812x   xAll pawns move and jump in the same direction.
Faldskærms Dam8x812x   xParachutist does not have a jumping preference.
Gotisk Dam8x816      
Tyrkisk Dam8x816x x   
Alquerque5x512 x   Pawns do not promote.
Hawaii-dam8x832 x   Pawns do not promote and multiple jumps must be in the same direction.
International Checkers10x1020xxx   
Russian Checkers8x812xx   If pawn jumps to last row, it promotes and continues jumping immediately.
Canadian Checkers12x1230xxx   
Thai Checkers8x88x    Queen must jump to the first square after jumped piece.
Brazilian Checkers8x812xxx   
Portuguese Checkers8x812x xx  
Italian Checkers8x812  xx More complicated quality jumping rules.
Dameo8x818xxx  Pawns can make linear moves and all pieces can jump only orthogonally.
(*) It is mandatory to capture as many pieces (as one multi-jump) as possible.
(**) It is mandatory to capture the maximum possible amount of promoted pieces.
(***) It is mandatory to capture with a promoted piece if possible.

International Checkers

This game is one of the most widespread checkers variants in the world. The game is played on 10x10 board and each player has 20 pieces (see the next picture):

There are several specific rules, regarding piece moving and capturing:
  • Pawns move one space diagonally forward only, but can capture diagonally forward or backward. Queens (promoted pieces) move any number of spaces diagonally forward or backward, and can capture any number of spaces diagonally forward or backward as well.
  • Jumped pieces are removed from the board after the full move is performed and every enemy piece can be jumped over only once.
  • It is mandatory to capture as many pieces (as one multi-jump) as possible.
  • When a pawn reaches the last row, it promotes to a queen. However, if a pawn reaches the last row while jumping and can jump more pieces backwards, it does not promote and continues jumping as a pawn.

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