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6. November 2003, 13:12:39
Emne: Here is the answer for you Fencer....
The worlds best 'Wearable' computer, for administrating BK on the move :o)

PC that you WEAR

What will they think of next??

6. November 2003, 13:50:29
Emne: Re: Here is the answer for you Fencer....
Thats a great idea LOL - get a bit warm in the summer :o)

6. November 2003, 13:52:16
Wouldn't it just, and if you was in the cinema and the processor took a fit, you would get some strange looks with the faint drum and rapping sound from your chest LMAO

7. November 2003, 15:19:27
David S 
Emne: 2 monitors 1 pc
Was curious about adding a 2nd monitor to my computer. What I'd like to be able to do would say have Word open on one of them and a website on another so I could keep Word up while I copied and pasted, or is it possible to keep a site up on one and go to a link on the other. Can I run 2 video programs-memory shouldn't be a problem as I have plenty. Also would like to move the cursor back and forth between monitors-how does this work? I was told I would need a second video card and also told I might not depending if I connected them parallel or serial. After the hookup I presume it is basically the software that controls everything? If so, does anyone have any recommendations?

8. November 2003, 12:44:24
Hi David,

First of all YES it can be done. Although I must admit you are the first person I know willing to spen the sort of money required just for cut n past to word from a web page LOL

Most users of this feature are musicians (andmost tend to use MAC, which has been capable of this for years), they use the feature and have the mixers etc on one monitor and the song score or something on the other!!

Although in the last 2 years or so, they have became very popular witht he gaming world, this has driven the prices down. 19" monitors to around £300, 17" to around £170 & 15" to around £80 (you can even buy a reasonable multi-lcd array for under £1000.

I have assumed you are using Windows XP (if not let me know, as its a bit fifferent with the lesser operating systems) and you dont need two of them?? these cards support dual or multiple monitors:

Desktop Computer Display Adapters for Use with the Multiple Monitor Feature
3DFX Banshee
3DFX Voodoo3, Voodoo4, Voodoo5
3DLabs Permedia2, Permedia3
ATI Rage128, Rage128 AIW, Radeon
Intel I810
Matrox Millennium, Millennium II, Mystique, G100, G200, Productiva, G400, G450
Number Nine Imagine 128, Imagine128 v2, Revolution 3D, Revolution 4
Nvidia NV3 (Riva128)
Nvidia NV4, NV5 (TNT, TNT2, TNT2, TNT2 Ultra, TNT2 Vanta, TNT2 M64, Geforce, Geforce3)

Desktop Computer Display Adapters for Use with the Dualview Feature
Matrox G200, G400, G450

Laptop Computer Display Adapters for Use with the Dualview Feature
S3 Savage MX
Trident 3D, Trident XP

In work I use the Matrox G200 (although i just use it for databasing and spreadsheets etc, it is really good for databasing) the product info on it:

The Matrox G200 Multi-Monitor Series continues our long standing tradition of providing the multi-monitor market with the most flexible and highly advanced solutions in the industry. Matrox is the first company to offer a Quad-based PanelLink® digital flat panel output to support these higher quality flat panel monitors. With the TV tuner and video capture options included, the Matrox G200 MMS is the most comprehensive multi-display solution available. Matrox Graphics plans to make this product available until at least mid-2003.

Key features:
Matrox G200 graphics chip
Single PCI card for Dual or Quad output
Support for Dual or Quad Analog or Digital PanelLink® output
Optional Integrated TV tuner and video capture support
Up to 32 MB of memory
250 MHz RAMDAC for flicker-free displays
Maximum analog resolution per display: 1920x1200
Maximum digital resolution per display: 1280 x 1024
Support for up to 16 monitors (Quad board only)
Several multi-monitor software management features
Customizable unattended install

To set them up? You can use the customised control set-up that comes with the card or just use Windows XP itself (control panel and display)

Hope this helps ;o)

8. November 2003, 14:44:32
David S 
Emne: Thanks Aragon
But give me a minute to wipe the egg off my face, it looks like my video card is already set up to handle multiple displays. I have the "Asylum" NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra [Display adapter].
I reread the paperwork and it is made for this. Now I'm just wondering after I get another monitor if all I have to do is plug it in or reinstall the drivers etc?

8. November 2003, 14:49:08
I would reckon you just need to plug in the extra monitor or ten LMAO

9. November 2003, 07:53:30
Emne: WOW Aragon :)
the price of monitors is are talking POUNDS (dont have that symbol on keyboard) I assume you are talking UK...
are you talking flat monitors (17inch)because if you are you are being ripped off LOL...$209 here in Aus, but no brand name and from a reputable dealer as well. so???

9. November 2003, 13:20:42
Yeah im talking Pounds and yes we get ripped off here, its the same with everything here. I can give you an example or two.

I wanted a widescreen TV and DVD player combo. To buy here in Belfast would have been £680.00

If I drove 100 mile to the Irish Border and found a shop there I could get it for the equivalent price of £500.00

However from Europe on the internet I got the complete kit for £390 inc delivery LOL

So we do get ripped off BIG TIME :(

10. November 2003, 00:31:31
David S 
Emne: Re: Thanks Aragon
Well I did it, still trying to get everything right having to play with resolution, size etc. It's pretty cool though being able to have 2 browsers working on screen at once. Going to experiment with some video shortly. You were right, all the set up is done through the XP's display. Everything is pretty automatic.

10. November 2003, 00:33:37
its very cool, when work is closed i bring home two monitors and juice them into my pc so I have three for games, really cool to play certain games that way :o)

10. November 2003, 00:54:12
David S 
Emne: partitioning
Yesterday I was using some "clean up" software and I think I screwed up some windows files, to make a long story short I'm going to reinstall Windows (again, I must have a record, still haven't learned I gotta save lol). I'm also going to repartion my hard drives-I have 2 (120 GB each), I have partioned them before, don't know if it makes much of a difference sort of do it just because I can. I was going to partion one into 3 drives of 40 GB's each, one for the Operating system and related software (security programs etc.}, One for Web development related software (really wasting space here-doesn't need nearly that much I think) and the last for audio. I'm keeping the other drives 120 GB's for video. What I'm wondering is would you go differently? maybe more for audio? is there any point to setting space up for another operating system? I don't know anything about them.

10. November 2003, 01:01:52
There is no need these days to even bother with drive partitioning?? (sp) It was more for when windows could not handle a drive bigger than 80gb!! Although now I think XP can handle single drives of 270gb?? or close to it, so i would ask why bother? I know you think its is better managed? but a folder for web and a folder for audio will work just as well?
But thats just my opinion? LOL

What I have found is this, when you partition say about 40gb for O/S etc that is fine NOW!! I remmber when Windows and office took up 200mb LOL. Now they take up about 4.3gb, will we continue with BLOAT WARE? will and O/S get even bigger? YES, will it get ot 40gb? doubtful, but then four years ago we said it would never reach 1gb??

Just a thought :o)

10. November 2003, 01:06:55
David S 
Emne: Re: partitioning
Thanks again Darren, guess I got a busy night ahead lol. Catch you later.

10. November 2003, 01:10:03
Have fun :o)

16. November 2003, 23:55:53
cya peeps 
Emne: Way Cool Aragon
I didn't know we had a computer board. I'm glad as I am only a putzer (I do manage to get by tho but crash more than I fix). Now I can ask for help!

16. November 2003, 23:57:27
ask away? LMA I think we all crash and get that dreaded blue screen at times LOL

16. November 2003, 23:59:25
Emne: Re:
Blue screens are a thing of the past once you get Windows XP!

17. November 2003, 00:30:28 
Has anyone used the new Microsoft Office 2003 yet?

17. November 2003, 00:36:20
LongJohn GZ 
Emne: Re: Office 2003
Is that the one after XP?
I have only used as far as XP.
If anyone wants the full copy, I can send it to them for a fee of $1.00 LOL

+ shipping of course. The $1.00 only covers the Writable CD

17. November 2003, 00:41:41
I have 2003 .net and office 2003, and it is the best yet, I don't like Bill Gates, but you gotta hand it to him. he knows how to build O/S and Office software

17. November 2003, 00:45:37 
I actually have 3 copies of Office 2003 that should be shipped to me in the next month or so - actually a gift from Microsoft! (who says Microsoft is not a nice company)

.... Actually they gave a free copy of Office 2003 along with OneNotes 2003 to all the administrators who went to one of their recent seminars... and somehow I ended up with 3 certificates! [Microsoft's goal is for the administrator to take the copy back to work, and hopefully upgrade many computers after seeing the new full version work].... but I also did not mention I worked for a non-profit and we purchase our Full office Pro for about $17.50 each! :-)

17. November 2003, 00:50:26
Geez thats nice, i have to erm....acquire mine LOL

What do you think of it BBW?

17. November 2003, 00:53:30 
What was shown at the seminar that I went to, it looks pretty good... but the spent a lot of the time showing the OneNotes & SharePoint (?) - which are newer "office" products they are bringing out.

I got certificates for the Office 2003 + a copy of OneNotes 2003 - which will ship to me in about a month.

17. November 2003, 01:00:49
One Note is amazing, as is the new OutLook. hey really have surpassed themselves this time.

17. November 2003, 06:08:37
Emne: A M KM :)
I read all I can on computers in the hope that I might learn something :)
In our local paper today this jogged my memory of your query on 2 this could be the same info that you already have but here goes :)

Talk about wide screen. US start-up DoubleSight had introduced a specialised monitor fusing two 15inch LCD screens into one 24-inch-wide display.
Compared with two separate monitors, this device takes up less desk space, generates less heat and provides perfectly aligned viewing, though it has an annoying half-inch strip in the middle to cover the two screens share edge.
DoubleSight started selling the monitors on its website ( this month. The company is targeting people who already use two monitors - such as accountants who want to view a spreadsheet across two screens or researchers who use one screen to display research and the other to take notes.
"The primary benefit is productivity gain" say DoubleSight chief ec\xecutive Jay Muskovich.
"You dont have to resize the window you're working on"
More people prefers a larger screen on a single monitor instead of using two monitors, according to an IDC survey.
But, while the $US799 (AUS$1135) price for the DoubleSight DS-1500 is less that half the price of large LCD monitors, buying two 15inch displays can cost as little as $US600 (AUS$852)

This is word for word the article and really it means nothing to me, but some of you computer wizzes might get something out of this :)

17. November 2003, 13:08:23
David S 
Emne: Re: A M KM :)
Thanks Bernice, I had read that article and that's what actually got me thinking about doing it. I really think it's the way to go. I didn't get the monitor in the article but I ended up buying 2 new ones so they would match and am happy with it. My video card has some software for it and I found a site called ultramon that does too but other than that I have found very little else, I think it will become much more popular in the future as it makes things so much easier and it's fun too.

17. November 2003, 13:50:55
David S 
Emne: Missing Memory
I have a Gigabyte GA-81K1100 motherboard. It has dual channel memory which is working but it should be showing 3 gbs of memory and is only showing 2. (I have 6- 512 DDR's installed)

Here are the instructions that came with the motherboard:
GA-8IK1100 supports Dual Channel Technology. When Dual Channel Technology is activated, the bandwidth of memory bus will be double the original the fastest speed at 6.4GB/S DDR400. GA-8IK1100 includes six DIMM slots, and each Channel has 3 DIMMs as following:
» Channel A: DIMM 1,2, 3
» Channel B : DIMM 4, 5, 6
Below are the explanations:(I only put in what was applicable to my situation)

5. if six DDR memory modules are installed: To activate the Dual Channel Technology and to make the size of each DDR memory module detected, please use six DDR memory modules with identical size and type and insert them into the six DIMMs following the sequence below. DIMM 1: Double or Single Side DIMM 2: Single Side DIMM 3: Single Side DIMM 4: Double or Single Side (if DIMM1 is inserted a double-side module, then DI1MM4 must also be inserted a double-side one.) DIMM 5; Single Side DIMM 6; Single Side

That is what I did and I am sure they are in right, the DIMM number 3 and 6 are the ones that aren't showing.

I’ve looked through the bios and there is nothing there that I can see that might need to be changed.

I'm wondering if the problem could be my CPU as that's the only thing I haven't upgraded (a salesman recommended against it saying it would only improve my performance about 5%) My current processor is a 1.73 gb Pentium 4, could it be that it can’t handle the extra memory?

This is what it Gigabyte says about the CPU: Supports 800MHz FSB Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor with HT Technology-Leveraging the Intel® 875P chipset to support 3GHz+ P4 CPUs on 800MHz FSB, Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and advanced features, the GA-8IK1100 delivers a full-value, highest performance solution for today's most demanding tasks.

If the problem is the CPU, how can I be sure I get the right one? And if it’s not would a new processor be a good idea anyways?


17. November 2003, 14:01:54
I think David, that that is one of the motherboards that is supported for upto 2gb of RAM? If so then it wont register the rest, although I am not entirely sure. I had a similar problem but was able to download a bios fix, that cracked my motherboard to allow more, but I ended up with more problems, so reverted back :o)

One question? Why on earth do you need or want 3gb of RAM in a home machine? LOL

17. November 2003, 14:26:29
David S 
Emne: Re:
I just looked it up on the website and it's got a maximum memory of 4 gb so that shouldn't be the problem, I don't know what it could be though as I didn't have any problems going from 1 to 2 gbs.

As for why, I've seriously started to get into computers over the last few months and just really enjoy it. So I guess I'm doing it basically because I can lol.

17. November 2003, 14:32:16
Well there is no better reason LMAO

In the case of your memory though! Im stumped :( Sorry, hope someone else can help)

17. November 2003, 15:22:15
Emne: Tiny Problem ..I hope :(
When I start up my computer after being shut down, all my programs start up just fine. But then I get an Error message saying: Error loading 2ndsrch.dll. I know this has something to do with my direct link library, but what is it? If I click, ok ,on the message, everything runs normal that I have found so far. This is just a nuisance I would like to get rid of. Any ideas? Now do not get too technical as I am not that computer literate.

17. November 2003, 15:24:28
Go here, and get a new copy of the DLL file, it is most likey been corrupted. By copying the new on in to your machine may fix it :o))

19. November 2003, 02:42:28
Emne: Router
We are using a router for 4 computers. Saturday my wife couldnt access Internet from her Laptop, but after a while it worked again (from router). Sunday we both were on line at the same time but when i should access Internet on the 3rd computer it didnt work. Yesterday (monday) and today we can only access Internet if we connect direct to the cable modem.
Does anyone have an the router 'gone" or
could the problem be somewhere else?

19. November 2003, 20:37:05
Emne: Re: Router
Hmmmm, maybe people didnt understand my question LOL

19. November 2003, 20:52:55
At a guess I would say its the router Andersp, although have you installed ANY new software on the machines lately? Or was the Cable modem drivers updated or anything?

19. November 2003, 22:33:38
Thanks Aragon, yes thats my guess too only way to be sure is to buy a new router and test :)

19. November 2003, 23:03:13
or borrow one before spending the money? :o)

19. November 2003, 23:06:58
If it doesnt work ill return it :)

19. November 2003, 23:07:25
thta will work too LOL

19. November 2003, 23:10:11
Im sure Antje opens her checkbook, she is off tomorrow and she cant give Steve a fight about "most active user" if we must share this computer LOL

19. November 2003, 23:25:30
Andersp , did you say that you can acess more than one computor though the router some of the time ? but not all of the time .
have you been running with this set up for long ?

19. November 2003, 23:32:13
Jason, not anymore, saturday i could access through the router but Antje couldnt. She turned off and next time it worked. I suppose the router was going to "die" it doesnt work at all.
I think we had this setup for almost 2 years.

19. November 2003, 23:42:20
the thing that puzzles me is that if one worked through the router then the others should follow , i had this problem when i first set up my router (due to the mac address) i do loose the connection still sometimes but thats my isp going down , i have to unplug the modem and router for 20 secs then swich them back on this usually kicks it back in

19. November 2003, 23:45:56
First when it worked "now and then" i thought something else was wrong and not the router. Well i buy one and if it works then i know the answer ..thanks for advices :)

19. November 2003, 23:51:20
no problem , i think you will find some good ones on the market now that are much cheaper than they was a few years ago

20. November 2003, 00:14:57
Yes, cheapest ive seen is $40 at Walmart but Antje isnt too impressed of Wally's quality LOL
They are $50 at Best Buy..not too bad.

20. November 2003, 21:47:45
problem solved (i hope) new router and it works :)

20. November 2003, 21:55:10
Excellent Andersp :)

20. November 2003, 21:58:45

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