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 Feature requests

Do you miss something on and would you like to see it here? Post your request into this board!
If there is a more specific board for the request, (i.e. game rule changes etc) then it should be posted and discussed on that specific board.

For further information about Feature Requests, please visit this link on the Brainking.Info site :

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18. Januar 2020, 19:41:39
Emne: Re: Sound.

1. Make sure your device's volume is high enough
2. Try other browsers if you can
3. Update your sound driver/card
4. good luck

22. Marts 2019, 15:06:18
Emne: If possible...
I think BK should implement Memorial Tournaments in remembrance of those who've passed away.

8. Maj 2016, 10:41:42
allows you to choose who is blocked,what is blocked(game and or message)and length of blocking (1wk or 1mo. or 1yr)

11. April 2016, 14:59:12
Emne: Re: Conditional Moves
ScreaminMime: I agree.

6. Januar 2016, 12:53:41
Emne: I think...
we should be allowed to set rating limits on incoming and or outgoing challenges. Thank you for your consideration

8. December 2015, 15:51:18
Emne: Re: For All Games....
Brian1971: At least one chess site allows you to limit how many games you have with your opponents.

6. December 2015, 22:55:21
Emne: For All Games....
Limit Draw Requests To Three. Thank You

26. Februar 2015, 14:36:11
Emne: On at least one chess site...
tournament games start as soon as players join

28. Juni 2014, 05:49:06
Emne: Don't forget....
about the Easter Egg bonuses and other special deals-if any.

29. August 2013, 12:56:50
Emne: Please change the upper section bonuses in...
triple dice poker to 35-70-105 asap. tyia

27. April 2013, 23:22:03
Emne: Re: Flowers and butterflies...
April showers bring May flowers

10. Marts 2013, 19:45:57
Emne: Re: Forced Conditional Moves
thechosen0ne: I concur with this humanoid

23. Januar 2013, 08:13:54
Emne: In games with numerical scoring...
how about showing the potential highest score a player could receive after each move? If a player sees that (s)he is mathematically incapable of not losing they could resign a lost cause. And or have the system keep track and say (at the appropriate time) "You can only lose this game. Do you want to resign now? YES or NO?

Thank you for your consideration

23. September 2012, 18:43:41

22. Januar 2012, 09:29:39
Emne: mucho...

21. Januar 2012, 09:18:43
Emne: Amazons
Please replace the arrows with blue or green or yellow stones9filled in circles) Thank You :)

9. Januar 2012, 10:59:10
In triple dice poker I believe the bonuses should be doubled(70 in the middle column) and tripled(105 in the right most column) Also if a player is unable to tie or win with best play they should automatically lose. tia

28. December 2011, 17:28:51
Sometimes one doesn't see the errors of their ways until just after clicking on the move button.

28. December 2011, 01:18:57
Emne: Has anyone...
Tilpasset af ketchuplover (28. December 2011, 01:21:20)
ever asked to have the cancel button put above the move button? If so I apologize. If not then I humbly offer that as a suggestion. Thank you and goodnight.

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