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    14. Januar 2018, 19:47:16
    Emne: 2018 needs to get people playing
    in the mood for a game or two :)

    23. Januar 2018, 20:21:33
    Emne: Re: 2018 needs to get people playing
    long: Mr long or mz
    long; you are so right . We used to have a pretty good crew. Sometimes you had to wait for a seat. But 1 guy started monopolizing the table .the other players of that time began losing interest,until it is what you see now ,no action,no games of any note. I wish you luck . If you don't mind playing heads up with the same guy ---you'll be ok mook53lhd

    26. Januar 2018, 04:54:32
    Emne: Re: 2018 needs to get people playing
    mook53lhd: Wow ... I thought this is just another way to have fun with your mind and interact with other.
    Just curious, what do you mean by 'monopolizing' the table?

    28. Januar 2018, 01:10:30
    Emne: Re: 2018 needs to get people playing
    long: I didn t mean you sir. But either I see the same player or no one when I check.i think a lot of players aren't keen to play heads up . Especially with only the same player there. I think that's why no one comes . You are right about wanting to play & socialize too,but it just isn't happening.

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