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 Checkers variants (8x8)

Checkers variants (8x8).

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25. September 2018, 20:35:54
Emne: Re: Can not to nothing
Jaak: try to isolate the problem: make a position with possible jump like d4-d6-d8-b8 but without a pawn on e8, and without a continued jump from b8. Would that work?

Again, this is all just curiosity. There is a bug, yes, but there is no one on brainking to correct bugs.

22. September 2018, 07:48:03
You can try to contact Fencer. If he's in a good mood he may do something about it. Otherwise just resign. So Dameo is one more game with an unsolved bug. Too bad.

15. September 2018, 13:41:47
Emne: Re:
takjas: Try something: move d4-d6-d8, then move your cursor over each square on the board to see if the arrow becomes a hand. It could be a square which doesn't make sense. If it becomes a hand just go there.

Anyway it's probably just a bug in the game, which is too bad because Fencer no longer corrects them. You'd better resign, otherwise this game will just eat away your vacation days.

13. September 2018, 13:25:01
Tilpasset af rabbitoid (13. September 2018, 13:28:25)
Maybe the pawn is promoted directly to queen? then yon can move d8-g8-g6-....

No other ideas, sorry

12. September 2018, 14:21:25
Look at the rules, section Dameo:
When a pawn reaches the last row, it promotes to a queen. However, if a pawn reaches the last row while jumping and can jump more pieces backwards, it does not promote and continues jumping as a pawn.

So no d8-f8 or d8-b8.

7. Juli 2013, 13:36:53
Emne: Re:
Justaminute: Game rules -> Dameo. The page lists all the quirks for particular variants of checkers. For Dameo (the last) "Pawns can jump backwards" is checked, so yes, for this particular variant they do.

8. Oktober 2011, 22:44:23
Emne: Re: Anti checkers Article
Gabriel Almeida: Unfortunately the graphics are invisible :(

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