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 Checkers variants (8x8)

Checkers variants (8x8).

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30. Januar 2003, 02:43:11
eddie spaghetti 
Emne: rules
i have played a few of these now it seems that checkers get stuck at the top or bottom..if they cant get in the doesnt say that in the there a way to get them unstuck or are they no longer usuable once ya move them there...

30. Januar 2003, 10:44:26
No, the checkers at the top [bottom] are really stuck. Should I mention that in the rules?

4. April 2003, 23:34:01
Wizard from Oz 
Emne: Help please
Hi there can anybody tell me why I cant move my black piece from A3 to capture either F8 or A7 on game ID 48510 ?

6. April 2003, 04:03:23
Checkers only move diagonally which explains why you can't capture A7. To capture a piece, you must jump over it to the space beyond it, which is why you can't capture F8 (it is on the edge of the board).

6. April 2003, 04:06:20
Wizard from Oz 
Emne: Re:
thanks Kevin I feel like a real dill now.

6. April 2003, 04:07:21
lol. No problem :-)

26. April 2003, 09:00:24
Jays Girl 
Emne: Looking for players
Anyone want to play?

4. Juni 2003, 18:47:36
Emne: Re: Looking for players
Sure...I'm game.....only played once...and i'm winning so far.....if ya wanna try.....lemme know

5. Juni 2003, 07:57:43
cya peeps 
Emne: question
if a person queens a piece, can they on that same move capture a piece by continuing to move or is the move considered over once the piece queens? :)

5. Juni 2003, 13:37:09
Emne: Re: question
When you promote, the move is over.

12. Juni 2003, 11:45:10
Emne: Help mr
I want to make move Q-g7 in my game ID 122704.
Why it is not possible ?

1. Juli 2003, 07:43:51
Emne: Prize tournament
Sign up for Turkish Checkers prize tournament and win a free Brain Rook membership :-)

16. August 2003, 08:59:54
Emne: Starting from 2nd Rank
Could the 1st rank be left clear, as in Turkish Checkers? It would make the game that much faster!

16. August 2003, 21:40:55
It would also make the game incredibly different - in Turkish Checkers, you can't move out your third rank pieces necessarily, because your opponent can likely double jump. With the first rank not empty, you can safely move that piece out because you can jump your opponent back after a single jump. If you wanted to speed up the game, it would make MUCH more sense to make it 6 ranks high, rather than leaving the first and last empty.

17. August 2003, 06:20:31
Emne: Re:
Ok, 6 ranks high then; whatever!

23. August 2003, 04:58:29
Yes, this has been a problem with lots of players, it seems: you win a game, and the game continues anyways. I had one game that took a few minutes to realize i'd won, but did eventually. All we can do is hope Fencer does something about it :-)

2. September 2003, 14:03:55
David S 
Emne: Moving Kings
If a king has a jump available do they have to take it?

2. September 2003, 16:19:45

4. September 2003, 13:38:44
Emne: Re: Moving Kings
Just a note, its not a King, its a Queen! :-)

9. September 2003, 21:42:38
imad sleiman 
hi fencer,
when is the tournament scheduled to start?

9. September 2003, 21:55:30
Imad: It already started. But you can still sign up for my Tank Battle prize tournament. The prize is the same :-)

10. September 2003, 01:20:49
imad sleiman 
fencer:thank you for invitation, but sorry ,i dont know tank battle,but i very much like turkish chequers.

27. December 2003, 12:59:29
I have taken to this game, and would like to play some of the better players at it(Ie over 1400 bkr). Please send me invites :o)

6. April 2004, 19:41:09 
i'm currently in a game where I have about 3 white kings, plus able to get 1 or 2 more. My opponent has 1 black king, but he "controls" the main diagnal line. (Moving from 1 corner to the other corner) each move - leaving me unable to do anything!

What are the rules on draws - which i would hope this would not be.

8. April 2004, 07:13:29
thats one of the problems with the game. As long as you have the main diagnal the game will always be a draw, nothing you can do about it. The game could use some modification to it.

8. April 2004, 15:34:34 
... and now that I know that, i will always try to get my piece to the main diagnal early so if I can't win - I'll at least make it a draw.

(Maybe some sort of "After XX moves", the game ends and the person with the most pieces wins rule is needed?)

27. Maj 2004, 22:59:19 
Is there a rule somewhere like in chess, if the same move is made by both players 3 times or more in a row, the game can automaticly be called a draw?

10. Juli 2004, 10:31:56
Thats not a bad idea BBW. Might be more interesting playing on a 10x10 board or possibly only having two parachute pieces.

10. Juli 2004, 11:06:41
I will change the model for all variants with "long" king/queen moves soon. You will be forced to make as many jumps as possible.

11. Juli 2004, 05:15:31
Thats great to hear, will make a big difference in all the games.

1. August 2004, 16:14:47
Mr Survivor Man 
Emne: Greeting
Hello friends...

11. August 2004, 03:41:45
Wow this is the 4th post in one year!! lol
Bob,you must be worn out moderating this board lol

11. August 2004, 03:42:02
Yes...I'm bored LOL

11. August 2004, 05:55:27
Yeah it's a hard job but someones got to do it. You really must be bored.

21. August 2004, 11:13:15
Playing my first anti-checkers game tonight. I almost got confused and played an anti-checkersish move on a regular checkers game! That would have been embarassing.

Has anyone actually embarassed themselves like this?

21. August 2004, 12:04:56
Emne: Re:
More than once PowerPygmie lol...well,almost doing it :-)
Care for a game?

21. August 2004, 12:09:37
Emne: Sure
Although... this anti-stuff is kinda creepy...

22. August 2004, 00:42:32
Emne: Re: Sure
Depends on the lol

31. August 2004, 21:32:01
david upshaw 
Emne: question
Tilpasset af david upshaw (31. August 2004, 21:32:50)
I am new to Gothic Checkers. At the end of a game where I have 2 kings and my opponent has one, how can I pin him? It seems like a draw because he can always move side to side and escape capture.

1. September 2004, 09:53:18
I think it's a draw.

1. September 2004, 15:33:58
bubba duboise 
Emne: r u ready ?
anybody interested in a game ?

4. September 2004, 10:33:18
Games can be won like this, but when both are good players, its unlikely, So id agree with Fencer

6. September 2004, 11:28:57
Emne: Re: question
I may be wrong but i think it is almost impossible to force a win.

7. September 2004, 05:10:31
Emne: Re: question
It is possible to win in this situation. You need to have one of your kings against one of the sides, and if you can force your opponent towards one of the corners it's possible to position one of your kings so they would have to jump it and land in front of your other king for you to jump for the win. But a draw is easier since this could take a long time to do.

18. September 2004, 04:34:24
Its especially better to draw when the single king is towards the centre of the board

2. Oktober 2004, 13:05:01
Emne: to encourage more players
Do you think a 6 wide x 8 high small gothic checkers would work? So as to have a shorter game, also would mean that once down to 1 king v's 2 king, there is more chance of a win than have to draw.

10. Oktober 2004, 23:03:24
Hello big bad wolf
sorry for the late reply.
there is no such rule about draw in turkish checkers

15. Oktober 2004, 19:38:49
Hellooooooo does no-one read this board?

16. Oktober 2004, 18:01:30
I do.

16. Oktober 2004, 23:25:16
LMAO well comment then Filip ;oÞ

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