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A place to learn about new interviews, suggest someone for one and ask questions about the interview process.

You can find more about how the interview process is conducted here

New interview with Good Luck :)FLR here. Ask your questions until August 31st 2018

Please ask questions only in the language that the person being interviewed can speak, so they are able to answer all questions. Thanks!

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18. август 2008, 12:58:01
Относно: my interview
i hope to finish the answers this week(end) ... vacation and preparations for it at work and at home took my time away from me last month .. i should have more time coming up :)

19. август 2008, 01:12:38
Относно: Re: my interview
Hrqls: take your time. My turn to go on vacations , I won't be able to approve it until the end of the month...

19. август 2008, 08:45:06
The Col 
Относно: Re: my interview
pauloaguia: I think the last time I felt this much anticipation was waiting for Boston to release their second album

19. август 2008, 17:23:20
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: my interview
Jim Dandy:

27. август 2008, 23:50:38
The Col 
Относно: Re: my interview
Artful Dodger: Age is creeping up on me,if I happen to go to my great reward prior to the release of the interview,please pass it on to my surviving family members

28. август 2008, 05:22:29
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: my interview
Jim Dandy

29. август 2008, 06:15:08
Foxy Lady 
Относно: Re: my interview
Jim Dandy:

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