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A place to learn about new interviews, suggest someone for one and ask questions about the interview process.

You can find more about how the interview process is conducted here

New interview with Good Luck :)FLR here. Ask your questions until August 31st 2018

Please ask questions only in the language that the person being interviewed can speak, so they are able to answer all questions. Thanks!

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8. април 2012, 00:30:20
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re:
Gabriel Almeida:

2. април 2012, 00:45:27
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re:
Hannelore: YOu could interview me but I'd have to plead the 5th!

30. юни 2010, 19:12:28
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: ?
Hannelore: I don't know how the process works so I may be suggesting things that are already in place.

Instead of people asking questions, a set series of questions should be posed. These questions should be of general interest to all. They would cover the basics.

Next, people are free to submit up to three questions. NOT ALL questions could get asked, "What is your favorite color" isn't an interesting question. It tells you nothing about the person. Questions of substance are far more interesting. AND since people know which questions would be posed from the initial set of questions (a pre-determined set) they can avoid asking those general questions.

All this may be moot since with BK 3 there will be no more public boards.

12. септември 2008, 06:38:43
Papa Zoom 
Относно: I volunteer
to act as a proxy and answer question on behalf of any interviewee that might be lacking in time.  I should mention that I have a random-answers-generator so there could be some confusion on some of  the questions.  But I can answer most 100 questions questionnaire in less than 30 minutes.  

11. септември 2008, 02:55:00
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: Would it be fair to place a 5 month maximum on interview submissions?
Jim Dandy

28. август 2008, 05:22:29
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: my interview
Jim Dandy

19. август 2008, 17:23:20
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: my interview
Jim Dandy:

9. април 2008, 06:46:12
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re:
Jim Dandy

1. април 2008, 05:10:03
Papa Zoom 
Относно: Re: It's a record!!!
Foxy Lady:

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