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Главный BrainKing.com форум
  •  BrainKing.com - 72 сообщений - Board for everybody who is interested in BrainKing itself, its structure, features and future. (модерировать Hrqls, coan.net, rod03801)

  •  Feature requests - 19 сообщений - Do you miss something on BrainKing.com and would you like to see it here? Post your request into this board!
    If there is a more specific board for the request, (i.e. game rule changes etc) then it should be posted and discussed on that specific board.

    For further information about Feature Requests, please visit this link on the Brainking.Info site : http://brainking.info/archives/20-About-feature-requests.html (модерировать rod03801)

  •  Tournaments - 125 сообщений - Please use this board to discuss Tournaments and Team Tournaments, ask questions and hopefully find the answers you are looking for. Personal attacks, arguing or baiting will not be tolerated on this board. If you have, or see a problem or something you are not happy about or think is wrong, please contact one of the above Moderators OR contact a Global Moderator HERE (модерировать MadMonkey)

  •  Fellowships - 3 сообщения - BrainKing.com fellowships - questions, answers, discussion.

    Join or start a Fellowship that fits your gaming style, friendships, and interests....

    Join Fellowship Teams to participate in Team Tournaments

    Also - Fellowship vs. Fellowship Challenges. Check out the Team BKR Ratings (модерировать alilsassy, rod03801)

  •  Members only - 2 сообщения - This discussion board is available for paying members only - anybody with the membership level Brain Bishop or higher. (модерировать rod03801)

  •  Computers - 1 сообщение - Have computer questions, hints, or tips? (модерировать toedder)

  •  World of Sport - 9 сообщений - Most of us have Sports we follow or play. Here is a place we can discuss any Sport from any country in the world. (модерировать MadMonkey, Walter Montego)

  •  Black Rooks - 2 сообщения - Lifetime members only. (модерировать Fencer)

  •  Missing people - 3 сообщения - This board can be used as a missing folks board for people who are away from the site for a period of time. This rpobably would mean a month or longer. (модерировать Purple, alexlee, pattypoo)

  •  Stairs - 4 сообщения - Discuss about the BrainKing Stairs. (модерировать Fencer)

  •  Languages - 18 сообщений - Ask questions or just talk about different languages. Since BrainKing is an international game site supporting many languages, this board can be kind of useful. (модерировать Walter Montego, Pedro Martínez)

  •  Interviews - 1 сообщение - A place to learn about new interviews, suggest someone for one and ask questions about the interview process. (модерировать furbster)

  •  Opinion polls - 3 сообщения - This board is for:
  • Discussion of current or past polls
  • Suggestions for future polls
  • (модерировать coan.net)

  •  Achievements - 19 сообщений - Achievements. (модерировать Fencer)

  •  BrainKing for Android - 4 сообщения - Discuss the development of our Android application. (модерировать Fencer)

Шахматы и их виды
  •  Chess - 2 сообщения - Chess Discussion (модерировать Walter Montego)

  •  Chess variants (8x8) - 1 сообщение - including Amazon, Anti, Atomic, Berolina, Corner, Crazy Screen, Cylinder, Dark, Extinction, Fischer Random, Fortress, Horde, Knight Relay, Legan, Loop, Maharajah, Screen, Three Checks (модерировать WhisperzQ, Mort, Bwild)

Шашки и их виды
  •  Checkers - 1 сообщение - Discuss about checkers game or find new opponents. No insulting, baiting or flaming other players. Off topic posts are subject to deletion and if it persists the poster faces sanctions. This board is for checkers. (модерировать Gabriel Almeida, david upshaw)

  •  Checkers variants (8x8) - 1 сообщение - Checkers variants (8x8). (модерировать rod03801)

  •  Dama - 1 сообщение - Dama (Czech Checkers). (модерировать Purple)

  •  Alquerque - 1 сообщение - Discussion board for the game Alquerque. (модерировать Fencer)

Реверси и их виды
  •  Reversi - 1 сообщение - Reversi (Othello) and variants. (модерировать sarok)

Четыре в ряд и их варианты
  •  Five in Line - 2 сообщения - Discuss about five in line game or find new opponents. (Also Pro and Swap five in line discussion.) (модерировать Jason)

  •  Line4 - 11 сообщений - Line4 and variants. (модерировать rod03801, Chimera)

  •  Pente - 7 сообщений -

    Pente & its variants.

    Here are the Pente rules for beginners
    (модерировать Cheri)

  •  Hasami Shogi - 1 сообщение - Hasami Shogi (модерировать SueQ, pattypoo)

  •  Go - 2 сообщения - Discuss about the game of Go or find new opponents. (модерировать hexkid)

  •  Lines of Action - 6 сообщений - Lines of Action (модерировать Fencer)

Нарды и их виды
Кораблики и их виды
Карта игр
Другие настольные игры
  •  Tablut - 1 сообщение - Discuss about tablut game or find new opponents. (модерировать rod03801)

  •  Tank Battle - 1 сообщение - Discuss about tank battle game or find new opponents. (модерировать Fencer)

  •  Halma - 1 сообщение - Discuss about halma game or find new opponents. (модерировать rod03801)

  •  Amazons - 1 сообщение - Discuss about Amazons game or find new opponents. (модерировать Jason)

  •  Jarmo - 1 сообщение - Discuss about Jarmo game or find new opponents. (модерировать Hrqls, furbster)

  •  Froglet - 1 сообщение - Froglet and variants. (модерировать Fiona, coan.net)

  •  Espionage - 4 сообщения - For all Espionage fans (модерировать Chaos)

  •  Jungle - 3 сообщения - Discuss about Jungle game or find new opponents. (модерировать Baked Alaskan)

  •  Run around the Pond - 7 сообщений - Discuss about this new multiplayer game or comment current runs. (includes all versions of the game) (модерировать Vikings)

  •  Ludo - 9 сообщений - Discuss about the Ludo game or find new opponents. (модерировать rod03801)

  •  Breakthrough - 1 сообщение - Breakthrough (модерировать Fencer)

  •  Ataxx - 1 сообщение - Discuss about the Ataxx game or find new opponents. (модерировать Fencer)

  •  Dice Poker - 5 сообщений - Dice poker and its variants (модерировать Bobes)

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