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There are several options how to set a time control for games:
  • Days per move and Hours per move - defines a number of days and/or hours for every game move before a timeout would occur. The time counter starts after the opponent's last move and can be extended by vacation or weekend days (see below).
    If you set both days per move and hours per move to 0, the time will be disabled for this game and no timeout can ever occur.
  • Vacation and weekend days
    • Standard vacation - the vacation and weekend days can be set on the Calendar page and make the time left value longer when the time range crosses them. In other words, no timeout can happen during the day which is set as a vacation or a weekend. A "day" means the time range 0:00 a.m. - 24:00 p.m. in GMT+01:00 time zone.
    • Fixed weekends only - if a game is created with this option, the player's weekend settings are ignored and the standard Saturday-Sunday weekend is used. Moreover, no other vacation days are calculated for this game time. Such game invitations or tournaments are marked by a green dot.
    • No days off - this game is played with absolutely no days off and the time range between moves is never longer than the defined days/hours per move value. Such game invitations or tournaments are marked by a red dot.
  • Time for game - this option sets a time limit for the whole game (also called Fischer's clock). It is defined by three parameters:
    • Time - specifies a time for all game moves in days and hours which is set for each player when the game starts. When a player makes a move, the elapsed time from the last move of the opponent is subtracted from this value. If the time drops to a zero, the player loses by a timeout.
    • Bonus - the number of days and hours which is added to the player's time left value each time he makes a move.
    • Limit - the maximum time left value for this game which cannot be exceeded using the Bonus feature.
    This time control is usually displayed in a short numeric format. For example, 7/1.4/15.2 means that initial time left value is set to 7 days, a player gets a bonus of 1 day and 4 hours for every move he performs and the maximum time left value can be 15 days and 2 hours.
    IMPORTANT! If the Fischer's clock is used, there are no vacation or weekend days!

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