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Haastateltavana: sandra... (13. Helmikuu 2004)

What is your real name?

How old are you?
48 .. but don't go telling everyone.. they might think I am old!!!! ha ha

Where did the nickname ChattyTea come from?
I joined some site somewhere and couldn't think of a name.. they had a bit where you could browse different names.. as soon as I saw this one, I knew it suited me!

What is your employment? What kind of business are you in?
At the moment I am not working, I had to leave my last job due to a health problem, but I hope to go back to work soon, I get so bored at home !! As to my emplyment when I do work.. its anything I feel I can do! From when I was young I trained as a sewing machinist, then when the children were young, I went into bar work and waitressing, I felt I could work that round the family life, as I worked 2-3 evenings a week, while the dad looked after the children, and they didn't miss me as they were asleep!

Do you have any children? If so, how many?
I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls, Also 2 grandchildren, a boy and a girl :)

Is there a significant other in your life?
No, I am young???? and fancy free! and quite happy that way, And until my teenage daughter gets older I am not looking either..

Do you have any siblings? Brothers or Sisters, and Older or Younger?
I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers.

Do you own any pets? Can you tell us what they are and their names?
I have 3 cats, 2 black and white ones about 3 years old, called Sapphire and Mitsi, Sapphire came from a cats home along with her sister (ruby) who got run over :( and Mitsi I acquired! someone asked me to look after her for a few weeks.. and about 2 years later she is still here!!! and I have not seen the person since! I also have a ginger and white fluffy cat! He is called Tigger.. and he thinks he is human! He is my baby, he is nearly 2 years old..

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Favorite food, color, perfume etc.
Well about me!!! errmmmm...
Food, I like any food basically.. one of the least fussiest there!! I will try anything edible.. I would say my favourite is pasta though.
I love pastle colours, lilac and lemon being my favourites.
Perfumes, most Estee Lauder ones really.. But I have not got a particular favourite!

What are your hobbies? What do you do when you're not clicking away on BK or cross-stitching?
I read magazines and do crosswords, Go 'girlie' shopping with my younger daughter.
May not spend a lot, but we have fun!
I love cooking for other people...
Play board games and also do the occasional jigsaw puzzle..

What was the last book you bought for yourself?
I have to admit since my husband died, I find it hard to settle down and read a book.. I did buy all of James Herberts again about 4 years ago..(I had read most of them before.. and enjoyed them)

Who are your favourite authors, and why?
Well thats answered above, James Herbert.. as to why I really don't know, I just enoy them!

Are you really a tea addict?
Oh yes!!!! Tea ia my favourite drink! although I do drink quite a bit of coffee!!! But tea has to start my day!!!

Are you really chatty?
Well I have been known to be!!!

What is the best tea to drink?
I don't have a favouite tea, as long as its a good quality tea I dont mind.. that cheap stuff just tastes disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

Apart from taking all that time to provide the Madhouse with breakfast on Sundays, what do you cook your family for breakfast?
Oh I dont cook breakfast!!! lol.. If we all got up around the same time I would.. but Sunday is our lazy day!!

What is your favourite meal?
I would say my favourite meal is lasagna and salad.

If you appeared on 'Mastermind', what would be your specialist subject?
Ha ha ha ha!!! Me on Mastermind!!
If I had to choose.. I think possibly Music from the 70's..

What was the last CD you bought for yourself?
I normally buy the compilation albums like Now etc... that was probably the last one I bought.

What kind of music do you prefer to listen to?
I like all different types of music, from silly dancing songs (which me and my daughter quite often have a dance to!) some country, some modern, some soppy sentimental, all depends on my mood! My all time favourite is old Motown though :)

What was your most embarrassing moment?
Ha ha ha ha!!! Well my most embarressing moment.. well I dont think I had better say on here....

What do you consider to be your worst habit?
Worst habit??? I really don't know!!! Apparently I shake or nod my head a lot.. or used to anyway!! Perhaps someone who knows me is better asking that too!!!!

What cartoon character are you most like?
Although not quite cartoon, Miss Piggy from the Muppets used to be my nickname when I was younger. Now I would have to say Mutley as I tend to laugh a bit like him!!

Have you ever been to Wales and if so, where?
The only places I have been to in Wales is Snowdon.. And it was so beautiful..and Rhyl a couple of times..

Of the places you have visited on vacation, what is your most favourite or memorable?
My favourite vacation/holiday was in Tunisia, North Africa, The main reason for that being that my friend had married a Tunisian, and I used to visit her family a lot and learn their ways and some of the language, so it wasn't just a 'normal' vacation/holiday.. I don't like the touristy type things..

What made you decide to get involved with BrainKing?
Someone (who has since left) recommended the site to me, that was when it first started up.. I joined, took a look around. saw mainly chess and checkers so didnt come back for a while as they are not my favourite games...

How long were you here before you went for a paying membership?
A couple of months later someone else said that there was gammon here.. So I came back (with the same name) played for a day and paid my membership the next day I think it was.. (could of been the day after that!)

What is your favorite game?
Backgammon!!!! and any of its variants

Do you play board games with your family? If so, which ones?
I do play Scrabble with my family.. I love the game :)

How did you find BK?
The site was recommended to me.. and I am so pleased it was , There are a great bunch of people here :)

Who do you have on your friends and enemies lists?
I have plenty on my friends list, Some more special than others . Enemies.. what are those????

What question(s) did you hope would be asked, and what would your answer(s) have been?
To be honest, I have been asked a lot more than I thought I would of been asked, so there is no answer to that one...
I just want to say THANK YOU to all who have sent in questions.

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