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Haastateltavana: Good Luck :)FLR (6. Syyskuu 2018)

If you were to be sorted into one of the 4 Hogwarts houses, which do you think you would be in?

Which is your favourite meal of the day?

What do you think of people with extreme hairstyles/colours?
I live in NYC from longtime and work and serve so many of them that i dont care anymore .... i am jealous because i have no more hair !! :)

How much wood, would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
this is something i am not familiar with ... i was born in Italy :)

Where would be your dream holiday location?
i am where i want to be .. NYC :)

How many languages can you speak, and what are they?
Italian English French and Spanish and i can read and say many words in Portuguese

Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

Do you like fishing?
NO and i dont eat fish as well :)

Were your impressions of the U.S. correct?
yes for what i was looking for

how manny friends you got here?
you are NOT one of them

What is your favourite game here at BK?
Checkers and Italian Checkers ( i am Italian ! )

What is your favourite game of all existing games (if not the same as above)?
on the web Checkers and variations .. in real life soccer and pinball

On the average, how many hours a day that you are on Brain King?
few days i stay over 5 hours other few hours

How many countries have you visited?
Italy France Spain and USA where i live now

What question should I ask you?
if i like ketchup ? i would tell you NO ! :)

Have you met any Brainking players in person?
yes Kidgame , Skinny and others briefly . I would love to meet few more :)

How many years have you played checkers?
since i was kid (5 yrs old ! )

Have you found any BK games to have an unfair advantage? Which one(s)?
few of the lines games and few chess variants

Which BK players do you enjoy playing against?
the ones who play fast and dont resign after 1 move ( you know who i am talking about )

What are your hobbies outside of BK?
pinball and comic books

If you could visit any country right now, which one would you pick?

Do you have any pets?
no but i love cats and sometimes i cat sit

What other online gaming sites do you like?
goldtoken and sometimes i go pogo

What do you think is your greatest accomplishment here at BK?
I did a Super tournament with 640 players to win Black Rook

What are you most proud of in your life?
Many things ... but i think next goal accomplished i will be very proud

What do you do for work?
I am waiter /sommelier in the restaurant business

What's your favorite food?
pasta , chocolate and red meat !

Will Italy qualify for the World Cup in 2022?
YES 100%

Do you like coffee?
i cant live without my 6 to 12 espressos a day !

How big is your family?
if you talk in USA i am alone . My family is my sister 9 with her husband and daughter ) and my mom still alive , my brother and dad are not in this world anymore

Where would you like to live?
Where i am ! NYC

If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?
I met many many famous ones in NYC ( since i am a server in NYC is easy ... ) so is not imortant

Do you drive your own car or take public transportation?
take public transportation or bike (often )

If you try to be objective, which wine would you prefer: Italian, French, Californian, other?
Italian ( we have without doubt the best wines in the world !!

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
The egg !

Have you ever visited the UK?

What is your favourite pizza topping?
in the italian one Arugola e prosciutto , in the american style Sausage or pepperoni

What is your favourite TV series at the moment?
i dont watch TV .. i throw it out over 8 yrs ago 1

On your profile, you say you’re a sommelier. What is your favorite french wine ? And why ?
Sorry my dear but NONE of the french wine is my favorite .. why ? because they mostly lack of strong structure ( the ones i like most 0

Since how long do you lived in NYC ?
22 years

What do you think about American food, compared to Italian food ?
There is nothing to compare ...... ;)

What did you find in USA that you didn’t find in Italy ? And the contrary ?
i found jobs (as many i wanted ) .... ..... food so i started to cook a lot and i still do !!

Have you got a family?
No in USA

Do you read? What genre(s)? Which is/are your favourite book(s)?
i read comic books ( X Men and all related but i enjoy all the marvel !)

Which is your favourite music?
Rock (Led zeppelin , pink Floyd rolling stones etc )

Hello! How are you?
I am good 1 and ready for your questions !

whats your fav game here ?

What do you do in your spare time?
brainking :)

What's your hobby?

Do you have a pet?

Do you still play games on Kick Games?
No i i never did

What is your favorite game?

Where do you work?
Blessings Cafe as server sommelier

Do you like to travel?
yes i love it and i have visited 35 of the 50 states in USA already

Which countries did you go to?
France Spain and USA where i live

What is your favorite city?
the one where i live NYC

Where do you dream to go?
i live in my dream

Which movie is your favorite?
Dancing with the wolves

What sports do you like?
Soccer (football ) with Juventus my fav team

What culinary dish is your favorite?
pasta and red meats

Do you like to cook your own food?
all time

What is your goal in life?
many goals ...will see which ones i will get

How did you succeed?
i went away from my own country

Your favorite book?
Any comics

What would you never do in life?
hmmm ... not kill myself !

How did you come up with the idea of ​​giving an interview?
i never did .. Furbster asked me :)

Do you have a motto with which you go through life?
Never surrender

How much time do you devote to your family?
i dont have family in USA , i call or contact them with the media my family in Italy

When did the first success come to you?
Hard to remember ...

Do you like to sing in karaoke?

How did you get into pinball?
i always was into it ..in the USA i have to thank Kidgame who i met in person

Have you ever played in a live backgammon tournament?
Yes as well checkers ,chess and cards etc etc

if you could add one game to the site, which would it be and why?
Restriction Checkers ( is also called 3 moves !)

Which season is your faourite?
in Italy was Winter ( we do not have really winter in Sicily ) .. in here i say spring

Which planet if not earth would you like to live on if possible?
Saturn !

What is your favourite comedian?
maybe someone italian ....

Do you find it easy to imagine yourself in another place?
no i am where i want to be

Do you believe anything lies at the end of the rainbow?

What is the strangest thing anyone has asked you before?
considering i live in NYC and i work with customers i would say sooooo many lol :)

What was your biggest win in the pinball game?
over $500 in Seattle (WA)

How many foreign languages ​​do you know?
french Spanish english (italian is my own language)

What is your favorite music band?
Led Zeppelin and pink floyd

How did you achieve the status of the Black Brain Rook?
i gave money to Fencer :)

What is your best memory from childhood?
so many soccer (football ) games :)

If you had a chance to change something in life, what would you choose?
hard to say ... i know i am missing something but i will find it

Are you married? Do you have children?

If so, how did you meet your wife?
i have girlfriend not wife

What are you most proud of?
everything i do !

If you could only have five things, what would you choose?
flying , health , love , money , visit the universe !

Which schoolteacher influenced you most, and why?
Math and geography so i am great at both

What was the turning point of your life?
leaving home to come in USA

Why did you choose this profession?
i love to serve and interact with customers

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the winnings?
i did it before but wasnt that much money .. i used to travel !

Who do you admire?
anyone who i think does great things

What do you mean by the word "love"?
putting the other one above yourself

What are your strongest qualities?
i am very funny

Can you remember the most embarrassing moment?

If you became president, what would you do first?
trying to help immigrants

At what age do you feel now, and why?
mid 40 .. but i am 52 !

If you could witness any event from the past, present or future, what would you choose?
other lifeforms in another universe

What skill would you like to master and why?
pinball since i love it so much

How do you imagine a perfect day?
stay with friends , cooking , playing :)

How would your friends describe you?
very funny and crazy

Do you like to go fishing with your friends?

Do you like to go hunting with friends?
i wish i could do more but no time

If you could become a character in a book or a movie, then how?
i think you meant who ? if is the case then wolverine !

If you had a superpower, which one?

Who was your hero in childhood?
all marvel and dc characters

Would you buy a one way ticket to Mars?

What makes you truly happy?
staying with my friends and eating good and drinking good !

If you caught a goldfish, what would three wishes mean?
i dont believe in this

When was the last time you cried?
My brother died in Italy a month ago

Would you be friends with your double? Why?
not sure what you mean by double ? twins ? wife ? girfriend ? if that what you asked of course you must be friend as well

Do you consider yourself an example to follow? Why?
yes i am a leader by nature !

They say that in life you need to try everything. Are there things you will never try?
yes because i will never had chance to

Describe what you see your life in 20 years?
not sure i will be alive then ... :)

What would you do on the last day of your life?
if i know when is it i will tell you

what question would you like to answer yourself, but you are never asked?
i Love nature as trees more than the sea .....

What childhood dreams have you paid into your life?
hmm unclear question .......

What could you do for a loved one?

Who can you consider your enemy? why?
whoever does wrong things to me or my friend/family is my enemy ! and eventually will pay for !

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman?
Absolutely YES

Could you forgive treason?
no really

Do you think the truth is that pets look like their owners?

How do you feel about people with non-traditional orientation?
if you talk about sexual i lived with gay , lesbians . ethero and many races and i accepted ANY humans beings

Which of your parents was the main authority for you?

How do you perceive criticism in your address?
i dont care much ...

If you could be invisible, where would you go?
anywhere i cant now

Having at his disposal an hour of audience with the president, what topics would you raise and what were they talking about?
immigrants and stop making weapons

What was the best, most significant gift in your life?
had the chance to come in USA and start a totally different life

How hopeless is the situation that you violate the law?
i dont violate the law ....

With whom of the great boxers, would you like to meet in the ring, fight?
i met Cassius Clay in person not sure i wanna fight him lol

Would you like a different life for your children than yours? Why?
i would want them to have more than me !

Would you like to be written about you? And did you live your life so that it was interesting to read a large audience?
i have been in many famous newspapers in NYC for the pinball , even on TV and i dont care much :)

When you are facing God, what do you say to him?
not sure i will be able to talk :)

How do you feel about the death penalty?
i think is hard to answer but i do not disagree totally with it

Did you have such that your dream came true?
yes i worked hard for it and i came in USA

Which holiday is your favorite?
Christmas in NYC is outstanding

What is the most interesting compliment you have ever done in your life?
many !!

Do you believe in the end of the world?
yes but NOT as religiious thing

The best, valuable advice that you have been given? Who was that?
my father .. be honest and never be afraid to talk , speak yourself out !

Your idol, the person from whom you learned a lot?

Are you motivating yourself? If so, how?
i live in a city that you MUST do so or you would fail !

What kind of cuisine do you prefer?
Italian /// but i love the churrascaria (Brasilian )

How can you tell a good person from a bad person?
by their deeds and eyes

What helps you make the right decision in difficult situations?
education i received

How many days can I make a round-the-world trip? Which route would you choose?
month and i would love to visit all continents !

Which website do you open the very first in the morning?

What clothes do you prefer to wear to work?
i must use uniform ....

How would you live if you knew that there was no death?
i am not sure ... we are life and death so i accepted it

what great quotation would you describe your life?
living outside the box

What is your favorite cartoon?
Tom and Jerry !

What do you think are the negative qualities you have?
stubborn and too proud of myself

How often do you lie?
almost never

What will you do when the meteorite falls?
I will watch them

The craziest thing in your life?
havent done yet but leaving my country was the biggest one

Yes? What is happiness for you?
not having problems :)

In which city did you spend your happiest moments of your childhood?
palermo my hometown

Will you free the wolf trapped in the trap? Do you believe that the animal can understand what you want to help him?
Yes to both

What do you think every man should do in his life?
the best he/she can

Will you answer all my questions?
i think i did my friend and if i did not i apologize :)

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