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Haastateltavana: Hannelore (26. Marraskuu 2012)

What are your favourite, and least favourite games on Brainking?
favorite are most of them actually. They vary with my mood. Don't care for Go, reversi, most "anti" games, cam, camalot, dameo, checker games in general, are the top most disliked games.

How did you find out about brainking?
From a player on IYT

What countries have you travelled around the world, and which is your favourite?
Was born in Germany, have been to Switzerland, Denmark, Korea, "Nam, and Canada. Love the USA the best.

How much time per day do you spend playing games on Brainking?
Not much over the last couple of years. Having health issues. Used to play hours a day, Now just minutes each day.

Wow, you have been a Brainking member since 2003... do you feel like this is a marriage? :-)
Definatly an affair for sure.

What do you like to do when you are not on-line?
Love to camp, fish, and drink beer.
I like to paint, strum my guitar, take care of my garden during the summer.
I love canning foods, baking, and cooking.
I sew on my machine when the mood strikes.
Give me a saw, hammer, and nails, and portable drills, I will build what ever you want. Always first in line to help.
Love to DJ for parties. Hope to dance again, once I get better.

Where in the USA do you live?
I retired in Pennsylvania where it was more affordable to live. I used to live in California.

Where do you wish you could live?
very happy here in the country, by the lake. Gone from Big City girl to a country girl. Couldn't be happier.

What's your preferred number of games to have running at one time?
Right now keeping in low. Around 10. Don't mind keeping it around 50 to 100. Will get there again. Hopefully this winter. Guess I better get some invites.

Do you play on any other games sites?
I play 8 games on IYT. One game on Bug Cafe. I play three games on Facebook.

How many players do you have on your friends and enemy lists here?
I have 43 friends, and no one on my enemy list.

What makes you happy?
I love doing for others. I guess I get a certain amount of satisfaction of being needed. So I do others all the time. If I make someone smile, it makes me happy. Love watching Football. Very happy when we win too. LOL

Do you have pets?
Yes, I have a Maltese. She is 2 yrs old. Her name is "Snickers" as in snicker doodle. I used to have a lot of aquariams, but gave them up a few yrs ago. They tie you down to much.

Favorite books and movies?
Used to get into Harold Robbins books in the past. I like any books about true stories, insperational stories.
Movies, Love tear jerkers.

Whom from BrainKing woud you like to meet in real life, and why?
Jopie. She took over Power House for me when I got sick. She seems like a real up beat, personable person. She always seems to have a kind word to say. Appears very compationate, and fun loving.

Have you ever been to New Zealand, or do you ever plan to visit New Zealand?
Never been there. If I hit the lottery, or strike it rich, it would be on my list of travels. There is nothing I want for other than to travel, and I just can't afford it. It is the number one thing on my bucket list, and I am sure it will always be there. Retirement sucks when you live payday to payday. I can always keep dreaming.

Do you play any musical instruments? If so which ones?
Pluck at the guitar. Great on a stereo.

What is your favourite sport?
Used to be an avid bowler. 172 average. Used to play food tennis when I was young. Now, I LOVE MY FOOTBALL. Go Steelers. (except today, man did they suck)

You have your membership prolonged until year 2018. Why so? You don't desire to have that nice BLACK rook? :)
I have that date because of won tournaments. Would love to be a black rook. Maybe by 2018 if I am still alive, I can afford it. God willing.

Is Hannelore your real name?
Yes it is. It is pronounced........Hannah Lourie. All one name. Not an uncommon name in Germany. It is a combination of Hannah and Elanore.

Which game would you like to be added to Brainking?
Cribbage or scrabble, or both.

How many Brainking players do you know in real life?
Just one.

Do you have somebody on your blocked user-list?
No not yet. You volunteering? JK

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want to take with you and why?
a hatchet, to build shelter and help start fires.
a knife, to clean my catches, self defense. (of coarse, this is a big knife, not a pen knife)
My fishing gear. (of coarse with an endless supply of line and hooks.)

Answer me maybe---what music do you like?
Love Country, Rock, oldies, some pop, little rap, classical at times. Large variety. NO OPERA

Do you come here often?
Daily. Keep an eye on General Chat and snoop.

Heard any bad lines lately?
No, not really. Too old and ugly for anyone to try to pick me up. But dang, no matter how old you get, guys still check out the chest. LOL

Are you a spy in real life or are you simply good at espionage?
Oh, I am a spy. LOL I'm watching you now.

Which would you rather do, make war or false dichotomies?

How old are you?
I am 59 going on 70 physically, but still 40 mentally.

What do you think about Pente & other variants?
Love Pente and all variants. Love games that challenge the brain. Got to keep that thing active you know.

What do you think about the ACHIEVEMENTS?
It's ok. Like getting trophies. Gives some people something to shoot for. Used to get into that. Now I just look forward to both feet hitting the ground every morning. Now there is an achievement!

What do you prefer: Fischer's clock, X days per move with vacations or X days per move without vacations & WHY?
Don't care for Fischer clock. Personal thing only. I prefer no vacation. Some of these tourneys are running for years at a time. drags things out tooo long. Skip the vacation. If you can't make it on line, during a given time period that you signed up for, so be it. You loose. It's only a game. Not a life. But to let others drag on for weeks or months before you make a move. Rediculous.

What do you think about our BIG BOSS -> Fencer?
I don't. Can't and refuse to have an opinion of anyone I don't know. Don't believe in uninformed opinions. Seems to do pretty well with this site. Kudos for that.

Do you have "Enemies list"? How long is it?
No one on the list.
Danocheck came close.

What makes you add someone to PUBLIC FRIENDS?
Some one who will chat, open up a little, and seems like someone you would like to get to know more. Interesting people.

You're without "Photo albums" in BK. Why? You don't like this option?
Do like the option. Just not savy using it.

In your opinion - who is the best player in BK & why tenuki? :D
That is hard to say. Not everyone plays all varieties of game. I like to think as myself as pretty good. But the best is hard to say.
I find Tenuki's stats pretty amazing. He ranks pretty high on many "Mind" games. Games that require a thinking process vs. game of luck and minimal stratagey. I am facinated with his numbers for sure. Best, who really knows. Like to see a head on competion. One on one.

How much time do you spend on BK?
Not as much as I would like too. 1 hour a day would be a high est.

What is your favourite sport?

What is your favorite game?
Texas Holdem

Hannelore does not wish to be invited to fellowships. Why? 9 is enough?
No, not that. I just am not able to give attention to the fellowships that I am in now. IE: team tournies and fellowship tournies. I like to actively participate in a fellowship. Just to have my name in there and do nothing is not fair to the fellowship.

Do you like ponds? What do you think about live pounds?
I liked ponds at the beginning. Then I noticed teams developing. Groups of people that would plan their bids togeather and knock others out to advance themselves. No longer became an individual game. So I stopped playing them.

Play for fun or for victory?
Fun mainly. Victory over my previous scores and self improvement. If I can beat someone in chess who is better than me, the victory is within me, not against them. Other words, self improvement.

Your "Top activity": 1363moves. Where is your limit? & what do you think about 10000+ moves per day?
Sure, if my computer was faster. Why not.

What is your favourite book & why?
The Bible. Nothing more to be said there.

Are you married?
Not now.

Who are some of your favourite opponents?
Pioneer54 used to challenge me in chess. Great difficutly winning against him. Favorite, none really. I enjoy who ever I am playing against at the time. Specially if they chat a lilttle.

What is your favourite colour?

What do you think about the quantum of Aaru's questions? :))
Love it. He's cool.

If a dog spoke to you in english, and asked you to help him save the world from disaster, what would you do?
shit..............then help him or her

When was your last ice cream headache?
2 yrs ago.

What would you do if you found 10,000 dollars , and nobody saw you find it
Keep it.

what was the last thing you did, that was totally out of character to your normal behavior
Got drunk and pisssed off a few people. You'll have those days.

do you like to cook? and if so what is your favorite meal to prepare?
Love to cook. Any meal I make is my favorite. Thanksgiving was great. The more people I can feed the happier I am. Love to try new recipes too. Got any for me. I like everything but Peanut butter.

what was your most memorable moment on "general chat?
The Year when I had to ban a lot of players, and one in particular kept coming back with a different user ID. I thinnk he totaled over 23 different ID's. Cussed me out, one end to the other. I think Fencer finally threw him out of this site.

Are there any tournements here that you have been extremely proud of winning?
Not that I remember off hand. I am always pround when I win a tourney that has a lot of players. Ones that go to more than 3 rounds.

Why do you wish to NOT be invited to join fellowships?
answered already. Go back to previous questions. :)

Do you plan to play Brainking on your mobile phone using the new Brainking app?

Do you have any travel goals, such as visiting all 50 US states?
Big time. I have driven across the USA 5 times. Have visited most states. I wish to see them all. Again, I say, wish. Only thing that stops me is finances.

What are some interesting items on your bucket list?
1. Visit my dad's grave in Texas. (I was ill when he died, and I had to send him back to Texas without me and lay next to my mother. I have yet to visit his grave, and my mothers for 15 yrs.
2. Travel, travel, travel.
3. Catch a 3 lb trout.

Will you or did you vote in the 2012 presidential elections? Do you have anything you wish to share about American politics?
Yes I voted. Unfortunately, The last decade or so, I find myself at the polls, not voting for anyone, but voting against others. We need the USA to come together, work together, and stop all the pissing contests.

What are you wearing right now?
white "t"shirt, scrub pants, socks. That's it. Yep, that's it.

What was the last thing you ate and drank?
A small piece of Pumpkin roll that I made. Drinking a Rum and coke right now.

What is your profession?
Retired now. Was an RN. (well, once a nurse, always a nurse.) Worked ICU, CCU, ER, and Trauma team for 30 yrs in Calif. Train in the US Army, acitve duty, Vietnam war. 6 yrs.

What is the furthest you have ran in one stint? What do you think about the marathon?
Used to be a sprinter in my younger days. As I have gotten older, I am now thinging about a marathon. Mind you....thinking. Don't see it as a reality. Love the idea.

Have you ever built a fort out of boxes or blankets? When was the last time?
Yes I did when I was a kid. Helped some kids build one about 30 yrs ago. Last time......geeeeeze, I can't remember that far back....I'm old.

Do you go camping? ...fishing? ...hiking? ...hunting?
Fishing, then camping, then hiking. No hunting. I would probably shoot myself in the foot.

Do you ever wish to be another age again? Would you want to be that age forever?
I would love to be in my 40's again, and of coarse know what I know now. Of coarse I would want to be that age forever. But, only if my friends could stay with me.

You have played Texas Hold'em at BK, do you play in real life or at paying sites as well?
Don't play at paying sites. Do play on FB a lot. Not here, just because of the lack of players, and poor schematics.

Do you think in this interview there are too many questions that you shall answer?
No, not really. I'm flattered just to be asked.

Is unlimited number of games a blessing or a curse?
Neither for me. There are people out there for what ever reason, have the need for unlimited games. Whether that need is because of illness, or isolation, if that allows them their sanity, God bless. It is here for them. I know when I was bed riddent a few years back, these unlimited games became my survival, sanity wise. The outside contact, and stimulation became therapy for me.

Should there be a limit to question somebody is allowed to ask in an interview?
Nah....Nothing I see wrong with it. The challenge for you is to think of a question they haven't asked.

Who should be the next to be interviewed?
You or aaru. You both have been here a long time, active players, and would love to know more about both of you.

Only ~10 active games. Lack of time? Bored & tired?
Sick. Have beat cancer. Am now cancer free. Now spending time trying to live a little more outside of the internet. Getting back to living, but not deserting BK. Just appreciating other things a little more.

I see that you do not take part in STAIRS, why?
I used to. FInd them boring.

ACHIEVEMENTS points in 1700. Are you working on these points or you not pay attention to it?
Don't pay attention to them.

Did furbster get your blessing to be an interview subject, or was this all something of a shock?
I am not sure of any blessing. I was surprised to be asked and accepted gracefully. (actually, did a dance on the living room floor, but don't tell anyone.)
Just feel humbled to be asked. Thank you.

do you like play fast games or "thinking" games ?
Both, depends on my mood, the moon, or my hormones. Sometimes I like fast games of luck just so I don't have to think, and other times I get intense.

do you like the poker room in Brainking ?
It's ok. Just never anything happening there. I like the one at facebook. (Zinga). Only because there is always a game to be played. Here, dead most of the time.

Were you affected by Sandy ?
Very minamal. Had a tree down. Nothing more. Blessed once again.

Do you have kids ? Do they play in BK if yes ?
I was never blessed with the ability to give birth. My husband died in a car accedent 6 wks after we were married, and it was not long after that, that I found out I could not have children. My life became focused on nursing after that. Have a commited relationship now that I have been in over 20 yrs. No complaints here.

anyone close to you play in Brainking ?
Yes, I have a very good friend that plays here, she lives in Florida and visits up me once a year for a week. Her son and his wife and child visit at the same time. Look forward to it every year, but meanwhile we play games here daily, and keep in touch here.

Have you evr played any type of tournaments live (as in person face to face ) ?
Not games, but bowling, tennis and arm wrestling.

Why do you think they choose you for the interview ? :) Are you so beautiful ? :))
Nope, not beautiful, never was. Pretty once, but old now. LOL I don't know why I was asked, doesn't really matter. Just feel honored that I was thought of by at least one person. :)

What do you think about Obama's re-election?
I was happy. But, as you saw by a previous Q&A, I am drinking alcohol right now, so I NEVER discuss religion, or politics when I drink. :)

Most people use aliases on the internet. Is there any alias you ever used instead of your real name?
No. I have nothing to hide...and If I do....it's well hidden. and I am past the point of playing games. I am who I am. Aliases are for the insecure.

Do you play on any other (board)game sites ? What are the cons and pros of each site ?
I play on IYT (It's your turn) and on Bug Cafe.net. I am ok with IYT. Just a player. Bug cafe, only because i like scrabble and cribbage. I like here the best. More user friendly and player control.

Well, if you lack personal questions - what thing do you fear the most?
Ferris Wheels. They scare me to death. (ever notice in movies, murder always happens around the Ferris wheel?) I don't mind hights, just not slow moving hights. Ferris wheels and trams. Give me a roller coaster anytime. Fast........

Who has been the most influential person in your life. Either living or dead.
My dad. He addopted me when I was 9 and truely loved me unconditionally. He was an incredible man. Well liked, smart, and loving.

Using your own name on the internet : do you think your internet actions will influence your real life
No, not really. I don't conduct myself any different here than I do in real life. I am who I am. So I guess, the internet is part of my "real life". It does not influence me any more than I influence it.

what do you think about privacy and the internet ?
I am all for privacy. It is a right that so far we still have a right to........I think the internet steals that, a little more each decade it excists. Privacy is luxary that is taken for granted and one day will be truely missed. Maybe not in my time, but God bless the children of the children.

I see you are a brain rook till at least 2018, did you ever think of becoming a black rook ?
Think,,,,,yes. Reality...no. I have to keep playing tournies to keep that going. Fixed income being what it is. At least I have that option. I have used the Brains to buy memberships for other less fortunate then me. So this is good.

Life is like a game of backgammon .......
because.....you have to make the most of the roll of dice each day. The choice you make could help or hurt you. Never make a move with out thinking it through. Sometimes your just damned no matter what you do. But, be happy you woke to roll the dice another day. 'cause someone didn't.

Who would you like to see interviewed next?
aaru or alterman

What is you're favourite 'series' of books and why?
Harold robbins. Life in the fast lane, Stories believable. Enough sex to be arousing. Hey, i'm old. I need arousal. LOL
Great books.

What is the one thing you regret doing, and why?
I regret being a work-a-holic, which has hurt my personal life. I put so much into my career, that I allienated personal relationships.
Staying in an abusive relationship for 10 yrs, before I finally got enough courage to leave. (ESCAPE)

Which BrainKing achievement are you most proud of and why?
Well, I had to go look at the achievements to answer that. I guess it would have to be the one that I recieved for buying a paid membership for some one else. I was working then and could afford to do so. I remember doing it several times. Just maybe, maybe, I put a smile on some ones face. That has to be a good achievement.

Do you play board games offline? Which ones?
yes, Scrabble. Yahtzee. chess. backgammon. manopoly. and chineese checkers.

What do you consider to be the most difficult game to master on BrainKing?
Go........GO................Go.................need I say more.

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