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Haastateltavana: Marfitalu (20. Heinäkuu 2009)

How did you find about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
I really don't remember, but I think that I was just looking for game sites on the web when I found this one.

Why did you choose that username
Because I like the way it sounds.

Do you play on other game sites?
From time to time I play on Ludoteka and Wordbiz.

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (if any)
I would try to make this site more friendly by thinking about the design, the games and their rules, the discussion boards, the competitions as well.

What is your favourite game here in Brainking?
Even if I'm not good at it, I enjoy Ambiguous Chess.

What do you think about Pente & other variants?
Pente is a good game, but I think that I prefer Connect6 in this family of games.

Will you suggest a new game for Brainking that you think all people will like ??
No I will not suggest any game now.

You have a great average BKR. How are you doing this?
Other players have a better average BKR than mine, and I ask to myself "How are they doing this ?"

How do you feel about being the player with the biggest sum of BKR on the whole site?
It was just a goal to reach when I started to log on Brainking. Now I've decided to let it down cause it makes me feel there is no interest.

What do you think about the ACHIEVEMENTS?
At the begining, I thought it was a good idea, but right now, I think that the concept is not well "achieved".

Have you ever played a live tournament of any " mind games " ??
Yes, I've played various live tournaments at backgammon, chess, reversi, pente, jarnac...

What do you prefer: Fischer's clock, X days per move with vacations or X days per move without vacations & WHY?
I prefer real time games.

What do you think about our BIG BOS -> Fencer?
Actually, I have other people to think about so maybe you could ask me about some aspect of him ?

Do you like the system of Brainking about fellowships ? ( you can be big boss of 3 and belong to all )Should put limit to the players on how many fellowships they can join ?
Definitely not, and this is the main reason I've decided to not play in any fellowship for now. I think the way the fellowships runs divide more the players than it should be supposed to do. In my opinion, I would say each player could join just one fellowship, and each fellowship should be limited in the number of members.

Forums are without your comments. Do you read "Discusion Boards"? If YES - why without your comments?
No I don't read discussion boards anymore.

Do you have "Enemies list"? How long is it?
Since I don't plan to play any new games, I don't need enemy list for now.

What makes you add someone to PUBLIC FRIENDS?
My idea was to let other people know the players I really like to play with.

Have you ever met in really life anyone from Brainking ??
Yes I did.

Who are your favourite players in Brainking and why ?
My favourite players are those that play anything and not just a couple of kind of games.
I also prefer the players that try to play balanced games.

In your opinion - who is the best player in BK & why tenuki? :D
Maybe because he is very strong at every type of games ?

How much time do you spend on BK?
Since my last opponents are very slow, I spend about half an hour or less in the week on Brainking.

Do you use "Rules for security at work"? :-D
Well, I usually try to do so :-D

What do you like to do when you're not playing online games (on Brainking)?
When I'm not playing on BrainKing, I usually spend my time with people I like to be with.

How old are you?
I'm 43 years old.

What is your career?
I work as a mechanical.

is that really your picture?
Yes it is.

From the pic on your profile you smoke .. have you ever tought to quit ?
Yes I did, and as you're asking me, I think that will help me to quit smoking from now. Thanks Francesco !

What's your fav foods?
The "moqueca de mariscos" is a tipical food in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) that I enjoy.

What is your favourite drink ?
I enjoy wine and beer mainly depending of the moment.

What is your favourite sport?
To practise myself, I enjoy Kayak and riding my bicycle.

Are you interesting Snooker? In your opinion is Ronnie O'Sullivan is the best snooker player? If yes or not - why?
Snooker is my favourite kind of pool game. I don't really follow the news about this game, but I've watched some games of Ronnie "The Rocket" and he is really impressive. John Higgins is good as well.

What is your favorite game?
I don't have one favorite game. I mainly enjoy the time spent playing with nice people, more than the game itself.

What is your favorite time of year?
I like the springtime and wintertime.

Where do you live? What region / city in France?
I live in Toulouse, in the south of France.

Have you always lived in France?
No, I've also lived in South America (Peru, Chili, French Guyana) during three years, and half a year in Canada (Ontario).

What is your favourite country apart from where you live?
I like Canada.

Have you visited other countries?
Yes, I have visited Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Italy.

Where in the world are you going next?
I don't plan any travel for now.

Where in the world would you like to travel and why?
I would like to go to Cabo Verde and Greece for food, music and civilization.

Where would you like to be if not your home
I don't understand this question, sorry.

Is Carla Bruni the best first lady?
Since we just have one first lady at once, I suppose she is.

If you could go back 30 yrs and change something, what would you change?
I would change nothing.

Do you like ponds? Or is it only the way to have established ranking in all games?
I like the game but not the way it runs. It takes too long time to me.

You created the bigest tournaments on BK (296 players). Great! Maybe you should try again? 500 this time?
Fencer can do that if he wants. I just wanted to see if people would join such big tournaments, and I selected mainly pretty fast players avoiding the very slow ones.

Every moment of our live is important to live so I just want to live my life time after time, years after years.

What do you think about France compared to other countries in Europe ?
France is one of the few countries at the west of the union.

Wine or Beer ? ;)
I enjoy both drinks, it just depends on the mood and the moment of the day.

The best to eat on a baquette would be .... ?
I enjoy a simple "jambon-beurre" sandwich, with butter, ham and pickles.

Whats your favourite french food ? (for dinner)
I enjoy to do some barbecues at home with my friends in the summertime.

What other Chess variants would you like to see on Brainking?
If I could choose, I would take the "Tempête sur l'échiquier" game, wich is a really funny game that combines many aspect of the variations already present on BrainKing.

Which Chess variant is your favorite?
I enjoy Ambiguous Chess.

What are your least favorite games on Brainking?
Maharajah and Horde Chess, cause they are really not balanced.
Go variatons because the missing of the automatic handicap system is not present.
But here is some others cause their rules are incomplete and you always have to look at other rules to understand a game.

Where else have you played games online?
My first online game server was on the french "Minitel" 20 years ago. On the web, my first online game server was Yahoo Games, and then I've tried a lot of sites (WordBiz, Petanque52, ludoteka, truemoneygames, Kurnik...).

Play for fun or for victory?
I have fun when both players play for victory.

que pense tu des points de "réalisations" ?
I think that this new system brings people like you to cheat more and more and desserves each time more this site.

Are you Married?
No, I'm not.

What is your favorite Ice Cream?
My favorite is the "soft ice cream". Here we use to call it "italian ice cream" or "glace italienne".

I hit Google for "Marfitalu" and I've obtained about 6410 answers. Are all about you?
I've tried as well but I just obtained 6210 results. I'm so lazy to check them all so I can't tell you if all are mine or not, sorry.

What is your favorite color and what it represents to you?
I don't think any color is my favorite one, I almost like the mix of the colours whatever they are.

If you could add/create any Chess variant for inclusion at Brainking. What Chess variant would it be?
I have yet answered your question. "Tempête sur l'échiquier" should be my option.

What most distinguishes Brainking from other sites?
The design.

Do you play at the Poker Tables here on BK? What are your thoughts about them?
I don't play often there. It is fun to discover the game, but it is incomplete. BrainKing allows draws sometimes, and there is never draw in real poker.
There is other places more attractive to play this game. I think it has been lot of work for a poor result, but if it will be improved one day.

fais tu parti d'un club de jeux ?
No I don't.

quelle es ton jeu de societé favori ?
I like Cranium.

as tu deja joué à "age of empire III' ?

what type of game would you like to see added on BK?
I would like a Quarto kind.

et que pense tu de ce jeu ("age of empire III' ) ?
No idea.

tu es moins present sur le site pourquoi ?
Because I'm preparing my holidays and I'm not really motivated to play more here.

y a t- il tjrs un "festival" des jeux de plateau vers chez toi ?
There are various game festivals in my area or very close.

est ce que tu t'occupe tjrs des traductions pour les Francophones ?
Well, in this moment I haven't time for them.

est ce que les "réalisations" vont etre traduites ?
Yes probably, they wiil be done.

What is your preferred time limit?
I enjoy blitz, 5 minutes for each player.

What sports do you like to watch ? Any major sport events that you follow closely on tv or in the newspapers ?
I don't have TV at home, but when I have opportunity I like to watch snooker and darts.

Which sport(s) do you participate in ? Do you participate in any sport competitions ? With any succes (past or present or future) ? ;)
I don't really practise any sport competitions. I did it years before in cycling.

What is your favourite kind of tree?
I enjoy magnolias for their smell.

Which colour trains do you prefer?
I prefer the Duke Ellington A-Train.

Should the speed limit be applied to you, or only to other people?
For everybody of course.

Who will win this years Tour de France?
Louis Armstrong maybe ?

If you see a cow, do you think "Milk!" of "Beef!"? Where does tofu fit in?
It depends of the moment of the day. Milk in the morning and beef in the rest of the day.

Is "Disneyland Paris" one of the great attractions of France?
This is so they say.

How about those Pittsburgh Penguins?
I don't like Hockey.

You are only playing 2 games at the moment. How come?
Well, to be exact I'm just playing one game cause I'm not in the mood to play more.

57 won tournaments. Does that mean that you don't like tournaments or you just prefer certain types of tournaments or other?
Very often, the tournaments take too long to finish so I avoid them, or when I'm in the mood, I create fast ones selecting pretty fast players.
On the other hand, I think there is too much created tournaments, so I think that too much competition kills the competion.

If Fencer would implement one wish for you, what would you wish for?
I think there is not really any compatibility between my wishes and the way Fencer wants to drive BrainKing, then please forget my eventual wishes.

Is having a rook membership with unlimited games in your opinion a blessing or a curse?
Actually, I'm not able to play hundreds games at once so I can't pronounce on "blessing or cursing". I just think that just the internet is one of our modern addictions.

Do you have any pets?
No I don't.

Do you like the beach, mountains, both, or neither?
Yes of course, I feel closest to the nature than the city.

What you think about the refund money of banned players ? Should they deserve the money back or not? (just happen that 1 loved player got banned ahhahahahahah )
I didn't know that a member with a paid membership has been banned. About the money, I really don't care since it is not my business. I would say that the money should be given back, or the membership shouldn't be saled to an unwishible player. Anyway, I think that the case should be describibed in the policy so everybody could be notified about the issue of their comportment.

what is your part of France like?
The South.

Have you learned to lose? Are there losses you can hardly accept? (both in life and BK)
Yes I did. The losses I hardly accept are those for which I consider I played badly.

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