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Haastateltavana: Foxy Lady (2. Maaliskuu 2008)

Why do you think you were selected for this interview?
I think because i'm sort of a private person,but i do let my hair down with close friends.Some people don't know how to take me and this is a way to get to know someone.

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (if any)
LOL i'm not going to stick my feet in my mouth.

How did you find about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
I followed a few good friends from IYT.Really liked the site and most of my friends are here.

If you could make one person in the world live forever(excluding friends and family)who would it be?
Do pets count?

If you had a close encounter with a UFO alien,and were told what day they were going to make themslves known to all mankind,would you tell anyone?.If yes,how would you go about it?
I'd keep it to myself.

I you had to pick a tv series character(old or new) you are most like,who would it be and why?
Hmmmm i'd say the Mom on Little House cause she's very protective of her family.

How many children do you have?
We have 4,3 girls and 1 boy.

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?
Who said i grew up? lol Really i always wanted to be a Nurse.

How did you meet your husband?
Thru a friend,i thought he was a nerd.lol

What was your first car?
A 1974 Mustang.

Have you ever been to any country outside the United States? Where? And what did you think of them?
Yes i went to Italy with my Grandmother.I really didn't think about how people were at that time.

Having kids and raising them takes time. What hobbies (aside from BrainKing) do you have?
Right now my hobbies are catnapping,and trying to keep up with a 3yr old,and a 1 yr old.lol

are you an animal lover and support any animal charities..what are your views on the world polution problem, and the attitude of BUSH with regard to the keyota talks
We have 2 dogs,a bird and a turtle so yes.Yes we donate to our local Humane Society.I never thought about World Pollution,but have read about it since you asked.I'm not going to comment on Mr.Bush.

If you were to spend a day with Britney Spears and could be completely honest with her, what would you say to her?
It would take more than a day to talk to her.

How did you come up with the name "Foxy Lady"?
I didn't come up with the name,my husband did.

Do you like to cook? If so, would you describe one of your favourite recipies?
I love to cook and bake.I'll post some recipes on the Recipe board.

Of the books you read the past 12 months (assuming any), which one did impress you most, and why?
I read alot on Princess Diana and her life.

Do you work also? What is your occupation?
No having 4 children 2 under 5 ,it wouldn't be worth my paying for day care.

What's your favourite outfit in your wardrobe?
A winter white pantsuit ( thats off white) is just one i can think of right now.

What is your opinion about pogo sticks? Should they be outlawed?
I wouldn't buy one as far as being outlawed i'm not sure.

Where were you born? If you live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I was born in the state of New York.I'd love to live anywhere where it's warm all year,and doesn't have snow.

Is there anything at all in your life you wish you could do over? Or take back?
I think everybody does at least once so yes.

How are your views on aliens, ghosts, and the supernatural? If you believe in any of these beings.. is there a particular reason why?
Yes ghosts,i'm sure there's one in our attic.I'm always hearing someone or thing walking. around

What is the worst event you have ever done and gotten caught at? What was your punishment?
I got a speeding ticket and lied to my Grandfather about it,and he caught me.He took the car away for 6 months.

What was at the top of your list for Santa to bring this past year (2007)? And did he bring it?
I had a wish list with one thing,to go visit family in Florida.Were planning this year to fly out.

What's the most impressive play/musical/ballet/concert/... you saw in a theater?
Madame Butterfly.it's very emotional but i love Opera.

If you were to be abducted by aliens, which aliens do you prefer?
One that is tall,dark and handsome.

If you could put a new game on Brainking what would it be?
Outbreak i played it on Gold Token.

Do you think playing games, increases alertness and awareness?
Yes very much so.

What was your most embarrassing moment in life?
When i was pregnant with Laci i wet my pants laughing at a party .Nobody thought anything of it but i did.

Do you wear white after Labour day?

On your profile you say you stand for women's rights. Would you say that where you live there's still a long where to go on that subject? What would you say have been the biggest progresses in this field and what is still left to do? And what about men's rights?
LOL well we have a woman running for President.That says how far women have come.Women were mens door mats for years the times have changed.Men still have rights or so we make men think.lol

You have lost more than double the number of games you have won. Why do you keep trying? Did you improve your skills since you started playing here?
Here all this time i thought timeouts counted.lol

How do you feel that your husband has joined BK?
I love it but were not playing any games together.

Who is hiding behind that tree, and why is (s)he?
If you see a tree i'd like a glass of whatever your drinking.lol

if you ever got chance to visit Europe which country would you most like to visit
I've been to Italy and i love to go to Greece.

i know you like to garden do you prefer to grow flowers or veggies?
My vegetable garden is my favorite.I love the freshness and knowing it's safe to eat.

Who are your favorite three BrainKing people & why?
My husband ,daughter,and sister in law.

what is the most romantic thing your hubby has done for you?
This is a toughy since i'd like to keep that private .

Do you enjoy traveling with children?
No not really it's hard for them on long trips.

Do you belong to any clubs or organizations? If so, what are they?
Right now i'm in the PTO at the kids school.I really don't hav.e the time like i use to

Besides the ones where you are the "Big Boss", what are your favorite fellowships?
All the ones i belong to.

Have you met Scarlet?
No i haven't but ya never know.

Who from Brainking would you like to meet and who would be fun on a road trip?
Everybody who's on my friends list.

If a Cow, a Crow, a wolf, and a turtle could play poker together - who do you think would win?
Hmmmmmmmmm ok i'm guessing here i'd say the Crow.

Overall did you like or hate school? What did you like best and hate most about it? What was your favorite subject and your worst?
Oh i hated school,hated Math and it was my worse subject.

If you had to choose an animal to be which one would you choose and why?
A skunk and guess why lol.

If you had the oppertunity to go into space would you go?
Sure if you came with me.lol

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Going strawberry picking with my Granmother I loved spending time with her.As a child it meant alot to me.

If you could do "one" thing, anything, before you leave this life, what would it be?
One thing i'd love to do is change the laws on adoption.

Do you consider "leap day" an extra day of work without extra pay, or a free day of rent?
It's Leap Day everyday at my house.We Leap over toys,the kids .dogs etc.Really it's just another day unless it's your Birthday.

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