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Haastateltavana: Czuch (6. Huhtikuu 2007)

What's your real name and how old are you?
My real name is Charles. I am 40 years old. Born on June 9th.

What does your nick mean?
My real name is Charles, and Chuck is the nickname I have used my whole life, since my dad was also Charles, even though he is called Charlie. Anyway, my nik is a play on the name Czech Checkers.... I thought it was creative, and fun.

Where did you get your name from? When did you get it and what were the circumstances? Was it your first alias online anywhere?
My first alias here was ImupChucKing, like, I'm upchucking, playing on my name, chuck, and the BrainKing name...It seemed creative at the time, but I don't think anyone really got it! Most of my other online aliases have something to do with the State that I live in, Maine, something like "Maineiac" and the like.

Why that image as your avatar?
That image of Bill Clinton started because in my early days on this site (and still today) I am an avid supporter of conservative ideals politically speaking. Most of the members here were staunch Clinton supporters, and people seemed to love this man. So I thought it would be fun to throw people off a bit, and make them think that I must be a liberal and Clinton supporter when they first met me, to kind of lull them into liking me, just like everyone likes Clinton!

Why does a republican like you, and being a hard supporter of Bush and his team, uses the picture of a democrat and decent president like Clinton?
Well, I have answered this already.... but I can say that I don't agree with you about Clinton being decent. Although I don't have much against the man. He is very charismatic, and I think an intelligent man. I just don't like his policies, especially how he did not take terrorism against the US very seriously. But there are a long list of democrats that I loath far more than him, including his wife, Hillary.

Why are you so stubborn?
HAHA!!! I think it is part of my roots that makes me stubborn. I am from New England (north east US) and we are known for being independent minded and strong willed, among other traits like not being able to pronounce the letter "r" LOL! But I think that is where my stubbornness comes from, and I happen to believe it is a good trait although it can tend to get one into trouble sometimes as well!

Who would you take to the prom if you had it to do over again; Jennifer, Paula, Monica or Hilary? Have I missed anyone? ;)
You missed quite a few!! I wouldn't touch Hillary with a ten foot pole (and still don't today) if I had it all to do again! Monica was fun, but not really the kind of gal you take out in public. Actually none of the girls are the kind I want to be seen in public with, but if I have to choose one, it will have to be Jennifer, but I can't tell you why on here.

Why do you think you were selected for this interview?
There are a couple of reasons that I think I was selected for this interview. First because 4 or 5 people were interested in me, compared to only one or two who were interested in somebody else. But I think some people were interested in an interview with me because they believe that I may be misunderstood by many people, and because I am mostly unknown to people on a personal level, and they want to know maybe who the "real" person is behind the online persona. I wasn't sure at first if I was going to give you a glimpse of the true me, since the Internet is the land of make believe, where we can be anyone we want to pretend to be, or who we want others to believe we are. But, since I was so upset when Bumble used his interview to pull the wool over peoples eyes about his true self, I have decided to let you all in on who the "true" me really is. BTW, I was flattered and somewhat shocked when I learned that I was to be the next person interviewed. I guess all the really interesting people have done one already!

How did you find about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
I found out about BrainKing when I started to learn the Game Othello, or Reversi on this site. I found a web site that played the game against a computer program, and I soon got bored beating it when an online friend of mine at the time told me about this site to try. Its funny, but I don't even play that game anymore! I have been thinking about getting back into it, and I am not sure why I ever stopped. I think I got hooked on the discussion boards. That's what kept me here. It was around the time of the first Bush presidential election, and the boards were very active with political discussions. But I will get into that more in depth later in this interview.

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (If any)
I love this site, and I think Fencer does a job unparalleled! I guess you might want me to say that I would get rid of some certain global moderator, or something along those lines. But there really is nothing that I sit at home and think to myself, "Gee, if it were my site... things sure would be different". If I thought like that, I would simply go out and make my own site! I guess if you must.... I would add the 'auto pass' feature!

Do you vote for the presidential elections? Do you vote for other elections? (State, community, etc.)
I vote for every election. I used to vote democrat, when I was younger and naive about politics, like most young naive people. But after listening to libertarians and their ideals and point of view, I really found myself agreeing with most of what they had to say. They are pretty much against big government, or even any government that is not completely necessary IE military and infrastructure. I am not really as radical as some libertarians, nor some Conservatives, but when compared to liberals, I definitely lean to the right than the left anymore.

Who's your favourite president of the United States of all times?
I think it would have to be JFK. But I am not sure why.... I didn't like Reagan much when he first became president. But the more I learn about conservatism and his ideals, the more I find that he really was a very good leader too.

What do you think makes America different from the rest of the world?
The biggest difference I see is that most countries are homogeneous, where the US is a diverse melting pot made up of people from every culture. For example, in Iran, 99% of the people are of the same religion. There are not too many blondes there as far as I have seen. But in the US you will find people of all religions and of all different cultures etc... I think there are advantages to both. But to me diversity is a very fruitful component.

Do you think it's fair that Americans are considered as ignorants, idiots and corrupts by most of the Europeans and world population in general? In your opinion we're only jealous of America, or is it the result of having an idiot as a president?
I think it is a somewhat fair assessment, in some perverse regards. I think that in general Americans are ignorant. Or maybe more accurate, we are naive. We are definitely not idiots though! We are naive partly because we are a relatively young nation. Also recent generations have been born into a relatively prosperous carefree life. We don't understand, really anything else. We, by far, have more immigrants than any other country on earth. So we believe that we must have a pretty good country. We honestly do not believe that we are corrupt. We honestly try to do what is best and right, not only for us, but for others as well. Sometimes we come across as selfish, I admit that, but what country, really, isn't? Anyway, I think we have a relatively sheltered safe and prosperous life, and that leads to our ignorance. I also believe that Europeans and others have a very skewed and misinformed view of US. And I do believe that part of the reason for that is because "you" see us as abusing our powerful status in the world community. That's where the "Jealousy" part comes into play. But I do believe that we are misunderstood, and the resentment against us is misplaced. Also, the part about our idiot president makes no sense. There are plenty of idiot liticians in this world. Bush may or may not be one of them. But I can guarantee you, he is not corrupt, he is only doing what he believes is the best things for our country, and you would see an even bigger idiot if Kerry were elected, that is for sure. I also don't believe that the definition of idiot is when Europeans don't agree with what you do!

Why, in your opinion, has the general opinion turned against Americans in recent years?
I think that America is largely misunderstood by many on this globe. I frustrate many people here. We think we are trying to do well in this world. Trying to help free people from oppression. Trying to spread our prosperity to others to enjoy. We are a very giving and caring country. But I think the perception we have created is one where others think we are selfish, and that we only want to do things that benefit us, and that we want to destroy anything that does not agree with us. But that could not be further from the Truth don't really understand why we are so resented? We have more people moving here and trying to come here, and even sneaking in here, than another country in the world. We are more diverse than most other countries in the world. I don't understand why, really, that we are thought of so bad? We have people from all other cultures or religions etc. Why would we do anything malicious toward anyone?

If you could fire an important person in the U.S who would it be and what for?
I guess you mean some politician? I would probably want to fire any politician who is in politics for their own personal gain, and does not act to represent the people... this would include members from every party!

If you'd give a medal to an important person in your country, who would it be and what would the medal be for?
I would give a medal to every person who volunteers their life to fight for the freedom of all people on this planet! That is far more noble an effort than to volunteer ones life in the pursuit of making us all stuck in a freedom less homogeneous clone like existence.

As an American, how would you rate USA's presence at the World Cup in Germany?
The US had a good team, I thought, and I think they played below their potential. But it is a tough tournament, with many factors including some luck determining how well you do. It didn't surprise me Portugal played as well as they did though, nor that they did better than the US. I still think it is a good accomplishment for the US to even make the world cup, since we are relatively new to the sport.

So what do you think the Red Sox chances are for next year's World Series? Also, are the Patriots going to be at the Super Bowl this year?
The Red Sox don't have much of a chance next year, but I think we have a good young team and will be exceptionally competitive in the near future! The Patriots have a great chance to win the Super Bowl again though!!!! Now that it has taken me so long to finish this interview, the Pats have already won one playoff game and are set to play the best team from the regular season! We will need some luck! Addendum... well, we just won that game against the Chargers, the "best team in football this year"!!!! Now we play Indy at their home field this weekend, and if that is a win we will be back in the superbowl again for the 4th time in 6 years!!!! GO PATS!!!

Have you ever been to other countries? Which ones? What did you like/dislike about them?
I have been to Canada and Mexico, of course. Also, Costa Rice and a few countries in Central America. I have lived in the Caribbean, and been to several foreign islands down there. I have also been to the Philippines. My most memorable trip though was the year I spent backpacking through South East Asia and Indo China!! I started in Baliand traveled up through Indonesia into Malaysia and Singapore, then Thailand and Vietnam and Cambodia, then to Australia, and back to Thailand etc... It was an awesome experience, and I could talk for hours relating some of my stories. The thing I liked the most, probably, was the friendly nature of the people. So very poor monetarily compared to the US, yet very rich in spirit, and they always have a smile for you when we met. I did not really dislike anything in my travels, which I can remember. If there is any one thing, it would have to be the poverty and lack of prosperity that I witnessed.

If you would move to another country, where you would like to live best? Why?
That is a great question; I have never really considered it much before. New Zealand is a great place. I like the geography, where you can go skiing and surfing in such a close proximity to each other. Also all of the people I have met from there seem to have a great attitude and are friendly as well.

Have there been any major influences in your life to mold your character to who it is now? A celebrity or musician, maybe even a family member... perhaps a political figure? If so... who and what meaning did that person have for you?
The major influence in my life has been my family. I have been very fortunate to have two parents who love each other. My mothers parents are still alive and in their 90s and have been married almost 75 years! My family life has been mostly stable and supportive. I have always been accepted by them for whatever I have done in my life. They do not put guilt on me or make me live by their expectations. I have always felt loved and supported no matter what I have done or wanted to do. I believe that unconditional love is important for everyone to enjoy from somewhere in their lives. My mother was that person for me. And my father always supported my mother. And I always looked up to my father. Looking back on things, he was not always perfect. But to me he always was! As far as sports or politicians or other celebrities... no one really stands out. I have only recently (the past 7 or 8 years) started to follow politics. I have always loved sports. And there are many "sports heroes" that I admire. But none of them inspired me to the point where they influenced my life in any meaningful way. Although I did go through my Grateful Dead stage. I saw over 50 shows. And I always admired Jerry Garcia, if that means anything.

If you were forced to choose a religion, which one would you choose? Why?
I would probably choose the religion of the person who was doing the forcing!!! Other than that, I would have to say Christianity, since I am most familiar with it, and was baptised into it already.

Which one do you prefer and why? To be a Muslim and die and figure out Muslims are wrong in what they believe, or a non-Muslim and die and figure out they are right?
Neither one sounds like a very good choice to me. But I don't believe in any afterlife... I just think we die and that is the end of our consciousness.

If you were given the chance to donate half of your life, would you do it? Whom would you choose to donate it to, if your answer is 'Yes,' and why you wouldn't do it if it is 'No?'
I am a selfish person, therefore I wouldn't relish giving away half of my life. But If I were going to do it, it would have to be for a family member!

If you ever need to risk your life to save an other's, will you do it? Explain :D
Sure, is the simple answer.... I would risk my life in an operation to donate a kidney to my sister, for example. I have risked my own life saving my girlfriends father from drowning. Other times and situations I think we have to experience before we know the answer! Sometimes we act out of pure instinct, like when a grenade is thrown into a tent, and someone throws their body to cover it. Or a man the other day, jumped on to train tracks to help a person with convulsions from an approaching train!

How much do you value what people think about you?
Like anyone, of course we value the opinion of others. How much? Not very much at all. The more secure we are with ourselves, the less the opinion of others matters. But on the other hand, I do value the opinion of others in so much as it is always good to hear opinions of all kinds in helping us make evaluations about things.

Have you ever tried to change what others think about you? I mean explaining to them that they have the wrong opinion about you and you're not the way they think you are?
Sometimes I have. I have often been misperceived throughout my life. Sometimes it is our own fault, sometimes it is the fault of the perceiver for misperceiving. For example, I used to be quite shy. (and am still a bit). And because of this, I wasnt very social with people in new situations or if I wasnt familiar with them yet. Unbeknownst to me at the time, some people thought that I was arrogant and standoffish, and they did not like me because of this mis perceprtion, yet I had no idea, and it was al just a misunderstanding because I was too shy to make new friends! I was shocked when I first learned that people thought that I was a jack ass, and it was a totally wrong perception on their part, and it really hurt me! I think it is really important not to make too many assumptions in our lives, as you know that when we assume, we make an ASS of U and ME!

What is it that in your opinion women like most?
Women like to be loved and admired and respected!

If Bill Gates would give you all the money he has, what would you do with it?
I would quit working, and travel extensively. After I got bored with that, I would probably want to create something that I could enjoy doing for the rest of my life. Something that would keep me active and interested and eager to get up everyday... maybe a game playing website? ;)

If you were to choose among wealth, health, and safety, which would you choose?
Safety is obviously number one. Without safety, health and wealth don't matter. Same with health over wealth. If you do not have your health, then what good is wealth?

To what extent do you agree with the following sentence? "One should give anything a go at least once."
I strongly agree with this sentiment! I have always been a curious sort. And have never shied away from new adventures.

What question were you secretly hoping that nobody would ask?
There really weren't any questions that I didn't want to be asked. There were a few questions that I thought I would get asked, but didn't! I guess if there were one, it would be "What is your address and phone number because I want to come there and kill you, you stupid idiot!!!" Thanks, this was fun! I hope I didn't bore anyone too much. Lets do it again sometime.

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