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Haastateltavana: Eriisa (22. Huhtikuu 2005)

How old are you?
Gee, I honestly keep losing count these days! 47 (1/2).

Are you married or in a relationship?
I'm in a relationship with the most wonderful guy that I found a 1 years ago. Best move I ever made was hooking up with him!! Too bad I cant convince him to come play backgammon on here.

Where did you get your name from and why the two ii's in your name?
Well, the 2 iis are the silly part of it. I have always loved Star Trek since I was a youngun. A couple of years ago, there was a Yahoo Group that did a Role Playing Game that was Star-Trek based. I wanted my character on there to sound exotic, and definitely alien, and wanted a unique name. So I came up with Eriisa! Then I got to really liking that name and began to use it everywhere as an alias. By the way, if you go to my profile on Yahoo, youll see a picture of Eriisa.

What's an Eriisa anyway?
Just my alter ego. She started out as an Andorian Star Fleet officer.

How many children do you have? Do they live near to you?
Ahh, Panda, I am just not as lucky as you! I have 4 children, and all grown up. (well, physically anyway, maturity is a whole other story!) They are all in the 20s. The youngest one is married to backoff. (poor guy, he deserves a medal some days!) Oh and 3 of them are in Florida, One in Alabama, while I am in Texas. So they are very far away from it. Its a 9-hour drive to the closest one

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Yep, I have 3 half-brothers by my moms previous marriage. They are all way older than me, tho.

Do you own any pets? Can you tell us what they are and their names?
ROFL! I have a million birds now! And I love them all! Lets see, there is 2 Green-wing Macaws, 2 Moluccan Cockatoos, 2 Mealy Amazons, 2 Blue head Pionus, 1 White Cap Pionus, 1 Blue & Green Macaw (shes a feather plucker, and looks bald ALL the time), and about 60 Cockatiels! In case, you havent guessed, its NEVER quiet here during the day. Jim got most of them as Pet Rescues.

From your profile: "I live near Dallas, Texas, but I'm a transplant from Florida". Was the surgery successful? What condition caused the transplantation?
Yep, the transplant was very successful. I always say it was the best move I ever made especially after I met Jim! I guess the condition was that I didnt want to be laid off from my job. Ill explain more on the next question.

What made you move to Texas, and how do you like it here?
I could say it was cause I knew Id meet up with some great BK people, but dang, BK wasnt around then! In 2000, I was looking for a job and got hired by Verizon Wireless just after it formed from the merger with a bunch of cellular and land-line phone companies. About 20 days after I started, they announced that the warehouse that I was working in was going to close in 3 months and all operations move to Dallas. Now the cool thing was that they offered all employees a relocation package if they were willing to move. I had just left a unhappy marriage, the kids were grown, and I thought to myself, Self, its a perfect opportunity to start a new life and get to see something of the USA at the same time. So, I stepped out and took it. As I might have given the impression already, I feel in love with Texas out here. The only thing I miss is the salt air. Food tasted really different to me out here. And for the first time in my life, I have allergies to all the pollen!

Which one is more worthy of a visit? Texas or Florida?
LOL. Well lets see, if you like Disney World and Universal Studios, and like to lay out in the beaches, listening to the surf and sea gulls, then its definitely Florida. If you like to see COUNTRY country, and hear people talk funny, and see lots of historical things like Presidents birthplaces, (Dwight Eisenhower was born about 2 hours north of Dallas) or historical forts etc, then Texas is the fun place. I have to admit that I havent gotten anywhere much around here, tho I still plan too!

What are the good things about living in Texas and what are the bad things?
Gee, there are so many things! Hmmmm. I finally get to see seasons change. You dont get that in south Florida. And you get COLD weather here. Now that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Then you get HEAT in the summer. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. If you do not like the weather, than wait an hour and it will change. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. LOL! People talk funny, and (lol) Im told I talk funny now too! But a definite good thing is that there are wonderfully nice people here in Texas!

"Marilyns Closet" is your ebay store? It mentions that you travel the US looking for overstocked items. What are some of your favorite places in the US?
Its actually Jims business. He calls it our business now, and that gives me a warm feeling down inside. I really am a country type girl at heart. Ive always love nature more then the big city. So that is pretty much my favorite place. Beaches, Countryside stuff like that. One of my favorite cities tho, is New Orleans. Theres such a feeling of history there, that you dont get in big cites, like New York City.

How many states of USA have you visited and which is your favourite and why?
Actually, not that many! I drove up the east coast (from Florida to New York) with my brothers family when I graduated from high school and stayed a month or so with them at West Point. (Its a military academy where he taught) Then Ive spent on week in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And have driven from Dallas to Florida one time. As for favorite/? Hmm that is a tough one. Probably somewhere I havent even been yet!

What is your favourite holiday/vacation destination and why?
ROFL, now that is an easy one! Jim took me to a resort in Jamaica. It was the BEST place I have ever been! It is all-inclusive, so once you go inside, all food, drinks and amenities are no charge. And you are not allowed to tip anyone! When we returned 6 months later, many of the employees actually remembered us! And the weather was beautiful the entire time!

Do you participate in any so-called 'adventure' activities: abseiling, parachute jumping etc? If not, what would it take for you to do a bungee jump?"
Would it bring my friend back? I just might try it for that! As crazy as I am, I dont think I could be crazy enough to jump out of a plane, though I think itd be lots of fun.

If you could have one wish, what would it be?
Dont they say if you tell what your wish it, it wont come true?

If you had a fire at your home (Heaven forbid!) what would be the first three items you would try to save?
The birds, the birds, and . The birds! Ok, I guess I would try to get Jim out of there too. Possessions can always be replaced.

What's the best thing that has ever happened to you and why?
Meeting Jim. My whole life changed after meeting him.

What do you consider to be your worst habit?
Not saying what I really think. Im just too nice when it comes to saying things that need to be said. (99.999999% of the time)

What car(s) do you drive? Does it have a shotgun rack and bullbars? How many bodies can you get in the boot/trunk?
LMAO !!!!! I just got a black 2005 Ford Focus 4 door hatchback. Its become my new baby. Does a picture of the bull bars count? Being a hatchback, I can drop the back seat and add a few more bodies in the back.. I heard also that Welsh bodies fit in better. Can yall come and we can see? Ill put Taliesin in for free!

If you could spend the day with anyone from history who would it be and why?
Oh definitely a certain session guitarist from the UK. I think hes a really fascinating creature. And I heard hes had to associate with real weirdos like Ozzie Ozbourne! And hes older than dirt, so that should qualify as historical! But he sure does play some awesome harmonica!

What was the last CD you bought and what CD will be next?
The last one was Gretchen Wilson, and the next one I want is this duo called Big & Rich. Unless I can get Trace Akins CD first! LOL, I like country music if you havent guessed.

What are your favourite comedy programmes on tv and who are your favourite comedians?
LOL, I love Robin Williams, Bill Cosby and Jeff Foxworthy for current persons. And I love the classic American comedians Milton Burl, Jack Benny, George Burns, and Bob Hope. There just isnt anyone who ever replaced them. As far a programs, hmm.. Most American ones are pretty lame. I always like the Cosby shows when they were being produced, Ive always liked Whos Line is it? but I dont think its being made anymore.

What did you do for entertainment before the invention of television? No, computers. That's what I meant. What did you do for entertainment before you had a computer?
Oh, thats easy. I cood babbled and played with my pacifier. (I forget what you Brits call it, oh yeah, a dummy!) oh, I chewed on my toes too. Gee, I still do all that in my old age too!

Which character from which tv programme would you most like to be and why?
Id be Samantha Carter, from Stargate SG1. Why? Because Id snatch up Jack ONeil in a HEARTBEAT and the military be damned!!! (Youd have to watch it to understand)

Do you play any musical instruments? If so which ones do you play?
Remember that session player I mentioned? Id get him to teach me! As for myself, I love music, but never really got around to learning. I can read music, I can pick plonk one finger at a time on the keyboard. And in high school I could dabble on a trumpet. But thats about it. Oh and I love to sing, but I sure dont sing like an angel that I know.

What is your most embarrassing moment, or the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
Must be when I met this blue-hair person in Florida!

Why do you think you were selected for this interview?
Oh, thats easy! Someone lost their ever-loving mind!!!!

How did you find out about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
Someone on Gold Token mentioned it. I stuck around 1) because I liked the Backgammon board better, and 2) because it WAS such a friendly site, and 3) Fencer is a cool guy and really cares about his site.

What is your favorite thing about Brainking?
Hmmm, the friends I have made on here.

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (if any)
Remember when I said above that I dont say what I really think? Ha! The only change is some peoples attitudes that need changing. As far as the site LOL, can I say the A word, bumble??

When you are playing your games at BK what is going on in the background? Do you play music? Do you have the radio/tv on? Do you play in silence? Are you at work/home? Also, when you are playing your games, do you actually talk to the monitor?
I often have music running. I really do like all genres of music, except extreme stuff. I have a private collection of Welsh folk songs that play a lot, and then I have some instrumental stuff that is absolutely great!

How often do you change your icon :)?
Lol, usually not often. I was changing it to reflect the holidays.

How do you feel about changing your userID to "BIG BAD ERIISA"?
It has occurred to me, but whenever have I been a big bad?

Have you ever met anyone from Brainking....besides your son in law. ;) If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
Ive met 2 or 3. There are lots more Id like to meet. But, dang, I dont think I have room enough here to name them all. I think we should have a BrainKing bash somewhere. Any takers?

How did you feel to be invited to enroll the list of BK staff as a global moderator? How do you feel about it now? Do you have to exercise your powers very often?
Actually, I was shocked to be asked. I dont post often to the boards and Im not a moderator of any board. Then I realized that would make me a perfect impartial witness, so to speak. I think its an important position to be able to help out site wide, and I dont think its as important or power-enabling as some people have made out. The one thing that I do like, is that the global moderators have been united in every decision made.

What question(s) did you hope would be asked, and what would your answer(s) have been?
To be honest, I couldnt think what anyone would think up to ask me. When I was asked, my first thought was, Me? Im not interesting at all! Lol Thanks everyone, tho. You all asked great questions! :::Waving:::

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