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How old are you?
29 (30 in July - all cash gifts welcome).

Your profile says you're English. From what part of England are you? Is it worth a visit?
North West (Near Bury and Bolton) No I wouldn't recommend a visit! You're not missing much.

What do you do in real life?
In real life I deal with Personal Injury Claims for Public Liability, Employers Liability and Industrial Disease claims.

Are you married or in a relationship? (Or looking!) And do you have any children?
In a relationship. Not married yet, but we do own a house together. No children in this relationship but I have one to a past relationship.

What is your favorite breakfast, how often do you get it, and who prepares it?
Full English (of course). Prepared by my partner (of course !! LOL) usually either Saturday or Sunday morning.

Do you have any siblings? Brothers or Sisters, and Older or Younger?
I have 3 sisters, all older than me.

Do you own any pets? Can you tell us what they are and their names?
I have a little black cat, called Neeo. He's 1 year old in June 2005.

What do you like to do for fun when you're not on Brainking?
For fun I play football, and love to watch football. Of course I like my lager too and enjoy occupying the public houses at weekends.

What do you consider to be your worst habit?
Worst habit is probably drinking too much at weekends. I try not to drink in the week so usually make up for it at weekend !!

Bry, have you ever been on holiday abroad, if so where & which was your favourite and why?
Yes, I've been to Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Crete, Amsterdam (2), Corfu, Rhodes, Majorca, Ibiza, Tunisia (2), and Palamos(near Barcelona). I'm going to Bulgaria in May 2005 and back to Corfu in July for my 30th Birthday present. Corfu was the one I probably enjoyed the most, it was very hot and very relaxing. It's the reason why I chose to go back there for my 30th.

What is your favorite mode of transportation?
Car. Hate public transport. I like flying too - particularily take off and landing.

Why such a long nickname?
LOL - short and sweet. Couldnt think of anything interesting.

Can you tell us something about your icon?
There's nothing behind it. Fencer asked me to have an Icon as he wanted all Global Mods to have one (for the staff page), so he directed me to a webpage that had some. I originally had a black cat with glowing eye's but changed to this one. No reason behind it other than I thought it was quite scary.

love the avatar (pic) How did you decide on it and does it show the inner or true you?
LOL - I usually say it does look like me in the mornings.

How did you find about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
I used to play on IYT, and P257 told me about this site so I joined. I much preferred it as there was more interaction that IYT. I initially liked the idea of BKR (which they didnt have on IYT at the time) so decided to pay membership here when my IYT membership ran out. I've not seen a better site yet so I am quite happy here.

What is your least favorite game on BK?
Probably Anti-Games.If you check my profile out it'll be the games I've not played, or not played much of.

What was the particular game at BK that you enjoyed the most? (Not game type, an actual match against someone)
I cant think of a particular game. Perhaps the game that clinched my first tournament win. I have 3 good mates who I see/play football with who play on here too, so any victory against them is nice and sweet. We are very competitive - whatever we do against each other.

Who are some of your favourite opponents?
In addition to my mates, I have some good games going with Harley at the moment (for a side bet !) I've played lots of BG against Arpa too recently which is very challenging.

Putting aside like or dislke; who do you consider the most interesting "character" on Brainking?
Characters - Slam is interesting - in particular how he has been a reformed character since his return.

Who do you have on your friends and enemies lists?
I have quite a few on my friends list. Some are tactical (for Modding reasons) and some are just to be nosey to see if people I chat too are online. Fencer is on there too - so I can pester him with PM's when he's online....

Why do you think you were selected for this interview?
Other than the fact Harley has hounded me to do an interview - I am lead to believe fencer wanted all the GM's to be done so Harley got on the case.

How did you feel to be invited to enroll the list of BK staff as a global moderator? How do you feel about it now?
I didnt really think much of it when Fencer asked me, and dont think a great deal about it now. I know some people think some or all of the GM's have allowed "power" to get to their head. I dont agree with this but know it's certainly not the case for me. It was flattering to be selected I suppose, as Fencer had carefully selected people, but I dont see it as a big deal or that I am better than anyone on here. I'm quite a modest guy I suppose and just do what needs to be done.

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (if any)
I'd pay the GM's a salary to start with. To be honest, I'd probably cut right down on chat boards - even more than what is proposed already at this moment, and concentrate everything on games.

What question(s) did you hope would be asked, and what would your answer(s) have been?
None, and No Comment.

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