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 Chess variants (8x8)

including Amazon, Anti, Atomic, Berolina, Corner, Crazy Screen, Cylinder, Dark, Extinction, Fischer Random, Fortress, Horde, Knight Relay, Legan, Loop, Maharajah, Screen, Three Checks

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- Nasmichael is helping to co-ordinate the Fischer Random Chess Email Chess (FRCEC) Club and can set up quad or trio games if you send him a PM here.

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3. Marzo 2003, 09:33:13
Asunto: Re: Black Improvements
Given that we are experimenting here, probably let's restrict Black from making the extra move with the same pawn. all we want to do here is give Black nearly equal chances of beating White. Re your second point, fine (except that I believe that Black will always have space for an extra move). I suppose in the last stages, Black may be trying for Stalemate.

1. Marzo 2003, 18:30:47
Asunto: Re: Black Improvements
The game is rather long anyway; adding pawns would make it longer. i also like gimli's idea (as well) to speed things up!

1. Marzo 2003, 08:47:49
Asunto: Re:
That's my thinking. I honestly doubt that it would give Black too great an advantage; in fact, I'm not sure it goes far enough to repair the imbalance.

28. Febrero 2003, 11:49:01
Asunto: black's Game
Could we improve Black's chances still further by giving Blkack an extra move, whenever he takes a piece (and not a pawn). So black might get, say, 6 extra moves, which might make all the difference.

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