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Fencer (Filip Rachůnek) - Valge Ajukuningas, 57 Ajusid, 975 saavutuspunkte
Üldskoor: 7701 võitu, 528 viiki, 4784 kaotust, 152 turniirivõitu

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9. september 2019, 05:44:37
16. juuli 2019, 05:36:11
Thank you Fencer for acting on my request.
14. juuli 2019, 16:21:58
Fencer my last request to you is can you please transfer the reminder of my membership to Universal Eyes account. And also please give him 35 vacation days?
At the beginning of the year they paid for 6 months membership. His wife became ill and he was obviously by his wife’s bedside until she died. So his vacation days got used up for that reason alone.
Show some compassion and do the decent thing and honour my request. He is now a widower with a young child to bring up on his own.
9. märts 2019, 06:49:49
Peach Wine 
28. jaanuar 2019, 05:01:23
11. detsember 2018, 00:48:34
12. juuli 2018, 17:01:58
Hello, Fencer, please tell me what to do when I sat down at the poker table
22. juuni 2018, 19:36:30
22. juuni 2018, 19:36:30
10. mai 2018, 17:35:54
hi guys. what s app
9. mai 2018, 07:15:21
hi fencer..please delete a random tournie i messed up in spells and magic potions fellowship..it is froze and didnt start as i messed it up when setting it up thank you
27. detsember 2017, 06:52:43
11. juuni 2017, 07:44:31
9. juuni 2017, 08:41:39
1. jaanuar 2017, 18:29:04
klobouk dolů za tuto dlouhou práci ! peklo
19. august 2015, 20:22:08
1. jaanuar 2014, 10:38:46
Happy New Year 2014
1. jaanuar 2014, 04:07:11
Papa Zoom 
Happy New Year
25. detsember 2013, 17:37:34
Papa Zoom 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
12. oktoober 2013, 02:04:36
never mind I'm everywhere anyway hehehe
12. oktoober 2013, 01:40:33
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[England, 611 players]
From: [Mousetrap, England, Brain Rook (forever), Male] Mousetrap (show this user's messages)
Date and time: 26. September 2013, 01:12:08
Subject: Hiya

Are you both well?


Hey Fencer why can't you let things go and "forgive" me and let me reply? You always do for the Men on here.

Why is that?
14. juuni 2013, 15:17:26
Is this a "Room"? There's me thinking it was a Wall LOL

byzie byeeee :)
12. juuni 2013, 21:38:36
Talking to yourself again Emma? *Looks strangely around room and walks off* Toodles..

11. juuni 2013, 19:27:53
You should sell bk to someone that gives a shit and can make this site bigger and better and how costumers want it.

I'll give you 50p for it LMAO
28. aprill 2013, 01:14:49
Ooooops the women are not impressed with your posts LOL Now Women Fencer are not easy to control lol it's more easy for you to have the men to back you up hehe

28. April 2013, 00:31:07
[speachless, Switzerland, Brain Rook, Female] speachless
show this user posts | link
well, i always get in without www, just using brainking.com - today the site works well, but yesterday it was a crap. and people who were affected were from different locations... it doesn't hurt anybody and doesn't give to much to do by restarting the brainking webserver, when many users are affected.... but my only right here is to pay and play, so i don't give a shit anymore about

27. aprill 2013, 22:32:20
This is so funny Fencer you've pissed her right off on the brainking board, I've never laughed so much. :))))

You have the old ladies after your arse LMFAO

Funny. ;)
22. aprill 2013, 14:34:22
The white screen problems one certain person in particular on the bk board, that keeps moaning about your site is bullshitting you.

She is bored and when she's bored she loves to moan and complain about anything.
There are NO problems with your site here in the UK.

None whatsoever.

Just thought I''d let you know.
7. aprill 2013, 10:27:51
Please Fencer as I can't PM him to stop! can you tell Rod to stop hounding my friends to drop me, it's getting really very childish and creepy knowing some strange guy I don't really know and is on your staff is doing this.


I haven't spoken to Rod in a long time so I don't get this crap


I have been informed that apparently this ID I'm using right now is under threat by Rod.... WTF??? This is not fair or right, it's dead Wrong. Anyone out there could try and imitate me now on the public boards and it will be "heavelyemma" that gets the chop for it.

Very classy, Not!!!

(news)From: rod03801 (show this user's messages)
Date and time: 27. March 2013, 23:18:37
Subject: <no subject>

I know who you are, and that post on General Chat is most likely the last straw before you get the bans on your "main" account. Emma.


28. veebruar 2013, 14:00:39
The white screen problems one certain person in particular on the bk board, that keeps moaning about your site is bullshitting you.

She is bored and when she's bored she loves to moan and complain about anything.
There are NO problems with your site here in the UK.

None whatsoever.

Just thought I''d let you know.
7. november 2012, 14:26:16
I don't usually give up when I want something bad enough But now is time to give up, No amount of sorry's will ever get you to change your mind :(

I get that now.

I f****d up and I'm sorry.
If I could go back in Time (like Doctor Who) and change that day I would, but I can't.
31. oktoober 2012, 21:24:38
Been here since 2002
31. oktoober 2012, 21:21:11
.... Just 1 chance?

23. oktoober 2012, 18:50:39
"Write new message
You are not allowed to send private message"


I swear to God I'll behave myself. Please may I have a second chance? when it comes down to PM'ing.

I'm really sorry Filip.
18. oktoober 2012, 15:36:42
Pretty please with a cherry on top ;)
17. oktoober 2012, 16:00:50
I don't give up.

Please can I have my PM'ing back :'(
26. september 2012, 06:18:07
"Warning! Your Brain Rook membership level will expire on 9. October 2012. You have 13 days left to renew your membership."

Dear Fencer,

If I'm going to renew my membership can you please lift the ban so I can pm again please?

I'm sorry about those 2 PM's I sent you, I really am I shouldn't of got involved I know that now Fencer, I was a stupid idiot and it wont happen again, I promise.

23. aprill 2012, 22:13:41
14. aprill 2012, 20:14:39
Yes,Yes,Yes redfrog is BACK on bk!!! He's one of the best globs you ever had do you know that.
10. märts 2012, 21:35:46
I guess you need all your time to keep an eye on the Aussies hehehehehe LOL well you did say in the past they were "Assholes" I say arseholes myself "giggle"

oh well LMFAO
10. märts 2012, 21:30:36
Hey Fencer I guess "Sorry" doesn't work for you :((

I tried that's all that matters.

Cheers thanks alot.
31. jaanuar 2012, 21:11:48
Fencer you might not think I'm real but I am very sorry for the way I treated you, I really am. I'm sorry for messing you about and being an arsehole I'm sorry.

I hope you forgive me as I really am sorry.
10. november 2011, 09:17:43
29. märts 2011, 22:48:48
merci d'avoir crée brainking =)
22. märts 2011, 19:03:00
5. aprill 2010, 05:07:14
Good Attitude 
I am glad to see that you and Pay Pal have worked out the problems you two had and that it is again a way to pay for memberships on here
2. aprill 2010, 03:50:21
Good Attitude 
If I buy a lifetime membership with a Easter egg bonus, what is the bonus?
24. märts 2010, 03:30:15
tis March, God Bless
19. märts 2010, 17:41:44
Na hrad patří bílá paní .Kde se skrývá? Určitě tam někde je...
22. veebruar 2010, 18:10:01
Good Attitude 
Why did you do this?

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(news)From: raraschek (show this user's messages)
Date and time: 22. February 2010, 02:39:10
Subject: Game was finished by administrator (black wins) (Linetris) (show game)
18. veebruar 2010, 20:43:50
Good Attitude 
How is Fencer doing these days?
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