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Intervjuu isikuga ScarletRose (11. oktoober 2021)

What are your favourite games to play here on Brainking?
Backgammon, battleboats, go moku

Have you met anyone from Brainking in real life?
Yes. Erika, Danoschek, my good friend Nick, and Bwild

favourite flower?

favourite colour?
Baby pink

How did you come up with your name Scarlet Rose?
Scarlet O'Hara from "Gone With the Wind" and my favorite flower.

What would you like to do you've never done?
I would like to go see the Redwood Forest

What would be your last meal?
Hmm.. I love a good steak.. with a loaded baked potato and asparagus. I would want a really good chocolate cake for desert.

Have you ever been outside the US and which country would you like to visit?
I never have had the pleasure of crossing into another country. I suppose if I could I would love to go see Ireland. We have a family castle.. the Galbraith Castle.

On a scale of 10 to 10 how would you rate ketchup? tyia
I use Ketchup on FF, meatloaf and onion rings. So perhaps a 7.. my brother Tom would most likely give a 10. :)

do you knit as well as crocheting?
Yes, my grandmother taught me when i was 7 years old. I can only do the purl stitch. I do enjoy crochet more since there seems to be more stitches. I also enjoy counted cross stitch and needlepoint though it has been years.

What is your favourite song/singer?
'The Rose' by Bette Midler close second is Carrie Underwood 'Jesus Take the Wheel'.

Have you ever played any games in a tournament setting? Backgammon for example.
Only online.. never in a real live tournament other than Softball.
I have played most games offered at Brainking and It's Your Turn. Mostly Backgammon. But I believe I had Go Moku and Battleboats 15 years ago.

Do you have any favourite fast food places?
KFC or Arbys. Yum i like their jalapeno poppers with their bronco berry sauce.

If you were to be sorted into a house at Hogwarts, which would it be?
I honestly don't know but the house called Hufflepuff sounds interesting. I will have to do some research now that I have had to answer this!

which games on BK do you NOT like?
I like regular chess but all the other versions no.. and nowadays even Chess I prefer playing in person. I forget the strategy any more on long drawn out games.

coffee or tea?
Coffee with cream and 2 sugars

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Being lied to. I had a 2 x 4 across my butt as a kid after I stole from the grocery store and tried to lie why I stole. I have a hard time lying now and I don't care to be lied to.

If you could talk to a younger version of yourself what would you say?
Forget boys. Go to college first.. and enjoy life.. travel more and don't be too hard on your body.

Do you believe in UFOs ghosts and demons?
Yes I do. Aliens, UFO's. I believe they live amongst us.. and No, they aren't trying to take over.. just help us.
As for Ghosts and demons. We have an older man with a dark farmers hat living here. And Dan has seen a young woman. They seem to like us. My daughter Brittany and her husband own a bar and there is an evil spirit. It causes fights, depression. Just really dark stuff.

What actress would you want to play you in a movie about your life?
Different actresses for different stages. When I was younger I would have Meg Ryan, then perhaps Debra Winger and now a days a tall Melissa McCarthy.

How do you feel after coming back after all these years?? Love you btw :)
It's definitely different. Grown up more. And enjoy hearing and learning more about the people I used to Fight on the boards with. It's a more quieter time. Was very glad to see they are still here.

Is Brainking your favorite website to online games ?
Yes, when I play against opponents. I have actually been gone for some time do to life events. I still prefer playing Sudoku and solitaire games. Been trying to get in the habit of popping over here regularly. So different using a cell phone. It used to be on my computer.

Have you travel outside USA ? Where if Yes ?
No, unfortunately lack of funds has always been the main reason and the fear of heights with planes. I would have to drive or go by ship.

Have you ever play in real life tournaments ? And which ones if yes ?
Other than Softball tournaments I haven't been in any. I bet they are exciting

East Coast or West Coast ?
I have been on the East coast. Was trying to go up the West Coast back in 2017. I had had a heart attack in February 2017 and decided to take a major road trip. It turned out too exhausting for me.. we made it from Dallas over to Las Vegas then through parts of Utah and Colorado.. but it was wearing me out.

Do you like to cook ? And what is your fav meal to make ?
Yes, up until a few years ago. I enjoy cooking for a group of people. The daily making dinner gets old and is getting harder for me to do. I miss some of the foods I used to make. I have fibromyalgia and since I moved back to Wyoming in 2017 I feel 95% of my days are pain days. Hard to get up and do much when you hurt.
I make an awesome BBQ meatballs for The holidays. I make baked beans and a variety of salads for a great picnic. I love making roasts that just fall off the bone and melt in your mouth. And I enjoy baking breads and desserts.

What is your favorite sweet?
I baked a really good chocolate cake with a fudge icing. I also drizzled Carmel on top and sprinkled Sea salt. It was the best cake I have ever baked. So that I would admit to being my favorite. I live chocolate

What is your favorite alcoholic drink ?
I used to drink all the time with my friends at the nightclub. Rarely do anymore. I have a son who is an alcoholic and I divorced his dad in 2000. However, I have always favored a good long island iced tea. I have enjoyed tequila shots, Miller genuine drafts, commaquazi, fuzzy navels and other. Not sure about the new stuff out there. I rarely drink now since I have diabetes. My gawd I sound old and boring! My daughter in Dallas got me a Painkiller Drink. I liked that. I wasn't driving. Lol

Where you were born? do you still live on same place where you were born ?
In Cincinnati Ohio USA was where I was born. Moved from there when I was a toddler. Never been back other than driving through.

Sea or Mountain ?
Mountains.. although I like to go to the beach at times. I can see myself in a cabin up in the high country.

Swimming or Skying ?
Definitely Swimming.

You have any pets ?
Gizmo my 11 year old Pomeranian.
Miss Priss 10 year old American Ring Tail cat
Cotty my orange tabby that we adopted last year at this time. We also have a little 2 year old Tuxedo cat.

My son James has a bearded dragon it's 4 year
Old. We have a mini zoo LOL

What is your fav sport either to watch or to play ?
I understand baseball, so if I sit to watch any of the sports it would be that.

Do you speak other languages beside English ?
No, I have tried.. my brain just doesn't grab on it.
Not sure how many attempts at Spanish. I know some simple chat and the numbers as well as colors but am not fluent.

Coffee or Tea ?
Coffee cream and sugar.

What's your favorite Holiday ?
Christmas.. I love the family part of it. The traditions and the quality time. Not into the commercial part of it.
We put up a memory jar where everyone writes in their own favorite memory of the year and then on New Years Eve you read the memories out loud. We hold on and keep building on them.

There are other family members that play on BK (i know there are !) ?
Oh yes. My mom used to play here she was Robinlove1 or similar and Dan (my husband) after we met and married. His ID was either Ghostelk Jones or Dinodan. I will have to look. We met in Oct of 2006 and got married June 18th 2007. Still together.
I think my brother Chuck also played but he mostly was trying to figure out who some of the Other Gamers were.. lol

Are we( all the eternal Black rooks !) going to be here until BK is gonna be working ?
Either that or until we die! LOL

Have you missed anyone that is not playing anymore on BK ?
Foxy lady.. she was a good friend and had passed away years ago from cancer..

What's your fav cartoon ?
Hmmm... I loved watching Sylvester and Tweety.. Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner.. so it would be one of those. :)

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