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19.1) Poker

Online poker is the first real-time multiplayer game at BrainKing. The list of poker tables can be found at the left menu column of all pages, Poker tables link. This page contains all available poker tables and is refreshed every second, so it always reflects the current status of tables. This function should make easier to decide which poker table to join, regarding its parameters and number of free seats.

The online poker client is written in JavaScript, which means that your web browser must support this technology, in order to join a poker table and play. BrainKing's online poker was successfully tested with the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome, but it is very likely that it would work with many other web browsers which do not have problems to process JavaScript applications.

It is important to say that all poker games at BrainKing are played with chips which are given to every player for free, so there is no risk of gambling and everyone can enjoy this great and popular card game without losing any real money. The current amount of chips of each player can be found at their profile pages.

How to play | Texas Hold'em
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