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3. Juli 2011, 16:36:45
Emne: Adopt a book?

3. Juli 2011, 16:06:35

18. Maj 2011, 23:20:36
Emne: Very good books
Children of the law of one and the lost teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel. And You cannot die by Ian Currie.

14. Januar 2008, 14:22:09
Emne: Re: Bang
MadMonkey: I just got that book on ebay. I had never heard of it before you posted about it. Thanks very much.

8. August 2007, 04:48:25
Emne: Re: Wuthering Heights
The Usurper: Yes! One of my favourites!

21. August 2006, 01:04:10
Emne: Re: New and used
Dolittle: Thanks very much!

20. August 2006, 19:55:32
Emne: Re: Car boot
Tilpasset af Mousetrap (20. August 2006, 19:56:51)
amandalove: They are called car boot sales here and are held in designated places userally a field or a car park. Garage sales at home are not allowed here.
It depends where it is from on e-bay. I bought a book publised in the USA cheaper in spite of pp and delivered within a week. Here they wanted 4 to 6 weeks delivery time and their cut for ordering.
I enjoy the library sales, there is one tomorrow uptown and I,ll be there lol!
I think Amazon is expensive. There is a site called Play.com which sells nearly everything including books and pp is free here I donno if it would be free in the USA.

18. August 2006, 19:49:45
Emne: Re: 50p
amandalove: Noooo lol! 50p is our money like 50c is yours.
I bought a book for 50p off e-bay and was looking for more is what I meant.

6. August 2006, 18:19:46
Emne: Anyone?
Anyone recommend any good non fiction books they have read? I am hooked on trying to get stuff for 50p on e-bay at the moment lol!

24. Juli 2006, 07:36:14
Emne: Re: Re Library
Tilpasset af Mousetrap (24. Juli 2006, 07:36:59)
ajtgirl: My paws won,t reach that far to put it on the shelf but if you mean for the circle you would be lucky if you ever got it from here unless I paid the highest postage which is the resgistered one it would be far cheaper to just buy it or go to the library there lol!

23. Juli 2006, 23:49:56
Emne: Re: have books to pass on
baddessi: LOL! Well they both look good! I never heard of that intergration happening in the USA before and the Songs book reminds me of Catherine Cookson.

23. Juli 2006, 23:31:01
Emne: Re: have books to pass on
baddessi: Thanks! Nice of you to offer but I think One Thousand White Women might be a bit too expensive to keep and I can,t even sing at all never mind Songs in Ordinary time.

23. Juli 2006, 23:10:04
Emne: Re: Re reading
baddessi: Another good one written in an humourous way is The Sex Lives of The Popes by Nigel Cawthorne, he wrote a series of them not sure I can repeat them on here though lol!
Actually he is very good. I know I know I read some strange books!

23. Juli 2006, 18:37:51
Emne: Re: Re reading
ajtgirl: Its by Michael L. Brown and is about the church and the persecution of the Jewish people.
The book is Our Hands Are Stained With Blood.

22. Juli 2006, 20:09:37
Emne: Re reading
I have just finish Our Hands are Stained with Blood, it was very interesting. Anyone read that?

18. Juli 2006, 07:51:08
Emne: Re: "I Am a Cat" (吾輩は猫である) By Natsume Souseki (夏目漱石)
瀬人様: Being a mouse I don,t really like to talk about this err subject but if I must, my favourite cat story is The Cat that Walked by Himself, the further away the better imo but its from the Jungle book.

16. Juli 2006, 22:52:55
Emne: Re: Mind over matter
Dolittle: If I only had a brain!
Unfortunately I don,t!

16. Juli 2006, 16:24:18
Emne: Re: David Copperfield.
Tilpasset af Mousetrap (16. Juli 2006, 16:37:02)
ajtgirl: A Cristmas Carrol was always my favourite by the way. For poetry my favourites are Poe and Longfellow and the Latin version of Virgil,s Aneid, we had to learn that by heart at secondary school. I have always believed that all the best literature was written in Latin. Latin is not taught in secondary schools any more, my class was one of the last to do it, I was lucky! But I canna sew to save me life I,m afraid!

16. Juli 2006, 16:18:36
Emne: Re: David Copperfield.
ajtgirl: They did,nt do it at my school either lol!
My mam bought me all his books, it was to help me speak as I am deaf and it worked because I have never shut up since lol!

15. Juli 2006, 13:08:17
Emne: Re: David Copperfield.
Tilpasset af Mousetrap (15. Juli 2006, 16:38:26)
ajtgirl: Charles Dickens is one of my favourite authors, I read all his books when I was very young, that is how I learned to speak by reading his books out loud every night.
Edited for spelling.

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