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An outlet for players whose creativity extends beyond the board. Post your original works here!

The posting of song lyrics is not the purpose of this board and as such please refrain from doing so. Exceptions can be made to this rule if you are the copyrighted owner of the lyrics and the lyrics are not found offensive by the majority of the population.
This board is a place to post your original works of poetry and prose and also a place for discussion of poetry and related areas.

We have received word from Fencer that other's poetry can be posted to this board. These are the two conditions:
1) When someone posts a known copyrighted poem, he must add the author's name as well
2) If the author is not known, the poem can be posted without problems

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11. April 2019, 19:42:54
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18. Oktober 2018, 03:47:34
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MelissaMarie: thank you ;)

3. Marts 2018, 15:01:40
I miss the girls of Brainking
The ones who liked to chat
Baddessi, Do and Lamby
They always had my back.

Floosie, Rose and Medic
Scarlet, Emma too
Bernice, nirvana, Harley
Just to name a few
Used to come and play here
Mostly for the games
But drama grabbed ahold
And brought us all to fame.
I used to curse the day
I ever heard it uttered
Now I can't resist
Playing undercover
I still get the feeling
When I see a cop
I got on my friends list
When I see Rod.
Now we're all senile in brainking years
We're too tired to fight
To everyone Cheers!

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